Written by John-cummer

10 May 2010

Thought I would post an update on my fucking of both Mandy and Wendy after an unbelievable experiance on Saturday night.

Just to remind everyone, I have been fucking both Mandy and Wendy for sometime now, they are work mates who I meet on their nights out and sometimes shag them both or just one of them but I have never had them in a 3 some.

They are both married, age 38, Mandy has 2 teenage children but Wendy has no children. I have sent them home to their hubbies many times filled with my seed. I am 24.

Just one further little twist Mandy's hubby (who is black) is also shagging Wendy and Mandy has no idea. According to Wendy he is hung like a donkey and as she has no children she struggles to get his massive dick all the way into her.

Anyway back to Saturday, I was in town during the afternoon and went into a bar around 6 where I saw Mandy with 3 of her other friends having a good drinking do. Looks like they had been at it a little while as all 4 were very merry, I did not know any of her other friends but Mandy introduced me as just a friend and we all had some more drinks together.

Around 8.30 her 3 friends said their hubbies were collecting them and left leaving just Mandy and me, I suggested she come back to my flat as we had done many times but she said we could go back to hers as hubby was away on a stag do for the night and the children were at her mothers. The thought of fucking Mandy in the marital bed was to good to miss and I called a taxi. Mandy was well hammered and I strugled to get her into the taxi but I managed it and we were on our way, she soon had my had my cock out of my trousers and started to give me a blowjob in the back of the taxi ( hope the driver could not see ) I was struggling not to cum down her throat, I wanted to make sure my first load was up her cunt but Mandy is a good cock sucker.

Anyway we got to Mandy's without me unloading down her throat, I paid the driver and managed to get the key off Mandy and get the front door open. Once inside we were all over each other snogging and feeling each other up, I managed to get her into the kitchen, I was desperate to fuck her and bent her over the kitchen table, lifted her tight skirt above her waist to expose a white thong.

Mandy was so pissed she just lay across the table as I dropped my trousers and pants to releaase my rampant cock, I pulled her thong to one side and slide my complete length into her soaking wet cunt up to the hilt and started fucking her like a train. I only lasted about a couple of minutes before I shot my full load of spunk into her fully aroused cunt, 4 good spurts, her cunt was well filled.

Mandy by now had passed out due to the drink but I managed to get her upstairs and lay her on the bed and removed her clothes including her cum stained thong and crisp white bra exposing a big pair of tits.

What a sight, Mandy spreadeagle on the bed, legs apart with my cum running out of her well fucked cunt. This sight was to much for me and I went down and licked her out tasting my own spunk mixed with with her juices, this had me hard again and I soon had my cock into her fucking a limp Mandy as she was still out of it pissed. Lasted a bit longer this time before I gave her the second filling of spunk in half an hour.

I looked in her bedside draw and found her vibrator, could not resist useing this on her and I soon had it up to the hilt in her spunk filled cunt, also could not resist useing the mobile phone to video me useing the vibro, Mandy was so out of it she had no idea what I was doing but what a video.

Anyway, climbed into bed with Mandy and fucked her a couple of more times before morning this time when she had come round but Mandy has no idea I have a video of me fucking her with her own vibrator.

What a night, fucking, sucking and useing a vibrator on a 28 year married woman in the marital bed with hubby returning home the next day to his spunk filled wife.