Written by John-cummer

22 Feb 2010

Following story yesterday I thought I would add a little more detail as to how my relationship with Mandy and Wendy was going.

After Mandy went on the pill without her hubby knowing it ment I was now able to fuck both these randy married 38 year old ladies bareback with no fear of getting either of them preggers. If you remember Wendy was always on the pill but Mandy's hubby had just had the snip so I had to use condoms during the early part of our relationship.

Mandy had one hell of a sexy body, as she had two children she had big tits and her tummy was a little puffy but she was the best cock sucker I have ever had and the real turn on is when I fuck her doggie the sight of those tits swinging to the rythem of my fucking is always to much for me and I soon empy my balls into her soaking aroused cunt.

Her hubby has no ides she is on the pill or that his mrs is getting fucked by a 24 year stud, she recons that she always get him to fuck her when she gets home from me and add his load on top of mine, really turns me on that as his is jaffa black man spunk and mine is fertile white man spunk. She told me that mine is the first white man cum she has hed in her since she was 20, although she has had a couple of flings both used condoms.

I have also been fucking Wendy a few times as well, as she has no children her body is slim with an arse that would crack a walnut. When I slide me bare cock into her it is like being milked as her cunt is so tight.

She is still a good cock sucker and I love firing my cum down the back of her throat.

She told me she also gets her hubby to fuck her after a visit to me and he has made a comment that she is always so wet after her nights out. Pity he dont lick her out then he would be able to taste my spunk as well as add his on top of mine.

So there it is, I have a perfect thing going here fucking, stretching the cunts and filling with spunk two randy 38 year old married ladies without their hubbies having any idea. They can't get enough of me.

Lets see how this goes.