Written by M

24 Nov 2008

I have posted many times on here. All of which are true events. We have never been hardened swingers in the sense. We don\'t advertise for meets. We live with an open mind and wait for genuine opportunities to present themselves. We find this much more exciting. This had led to my wife R fucking 16 men in around 16 months. We recently had a full swap with some friends. I have watched my wife getting fucked numerous time and I love it. Our most recent experience was a little different. This time I did the fucking.

Before we were married I was with a girl called Jenny. Jenny was very thin and pretty. We dated for around a year, the sex was always great with her as she was always quite adventurous. After a year the only thing we had left was the sex. We had grown apart and decided to call it a day. That was 12 years ago when we were only 18 maybe 19. When we split up we had no more contact with each other. I met my wife and married. Had children, the usual stuff.

Recently I had a friend request on Facebook, it was Jenny. She had found me and thought it be nice to catch up. We have chatted via Email a couple of times. She too is now married with a son and lives in Nottingham. After various chats we seemed to lose contact a bit. A few weeks went by and neither of us had contacted the other. Mainly due to my busy work load I just didn\'t have the time.

I attended an exhibition in Birmingham a few weeks later. Whilst I was walking around I got a nudge on the arm, when I looked around I saw Jenny. She was smiling. I was very surprised to see her. We had a brief hug and started asking the usual questions. Turns out Jenny runs her own business with her husband and was exhibiting there. We decided to go for a coffee. Jenny looked stunning. She had put on a bit of weight with having a baby but it was in the right places. She was curvy and very sexy. We had a coffee and chatted. We laughed and talked about the old days. Before long she had to go back to work. She gave me her number and told me if I was ever down her way I should call her. That was a few weeks ago now.

Last Thursday I had to attend to a client who was having problems. It was on the outskirts of Nottingham. I set of from Leeds and arrived first thing, the problem was easy to sort and I left around 11am. I got into my car and I thought about ringing Jenny, I decided to. She answered her phone and seemed pleased to hear from me. We chatted and after a while I told her I was in Nottingham, she agreed to meet me for lunch. She told me about a country pub she knew and we agreed to meet at 12. I arrived at the pub. It was far out on the way towards the A1. Surrounded by fields and farms and little else. I got a coffee and found a table. A short while later Jenny walked in. She looked stunning. She was wearing a black skirt that ended just above the knee. It was quite tight fitting. A black blouse and jacket. Black tights and high heeled sandals with straps around the ankles. She looked very professional and very sexy. She ordered a drink and joined me.

We chatted for a long time, she seemed to be moving closer to me. The old chemistry was definitely still present. After a while she placed her hand on my thigh. I didn\'t object. The pub was quiet and we were both far from home so we wouldn\'t get spotted. I responded by placing my hand on her inner thigh. She smiled and lent in to kiss me, I responded. It was gently and first but soon became passionate. She was forcing her tongue into my mouth and we kissed for ages. My hand went up her skirt and I felt flesh. I realised she was wearing stockings, not tights. I could feel the lace-tops. I rubbed higher between her legs. Her legs parted slightly and I rubbed her knicker gusset. She groaned. Then suddenly she grabbed my arm and said NO. I thought that she had second thoughts and changed her mind. I was wrong, she didn\'t want to stay in the pub. We left and got into my car together. I asked her where she wanted to go. We had no idea when we left the car park. We drove around some country lanes for a while. We saw a sign which said picnic area. We turned into a large car park. There were loads of trees and we parked up in a quiet secluded corner. She got out and climbed in the back. I joined her.

We were soon kissing again, she took off her jacket and I was rubbing her tits through the thin blouse. I unbuttoned it and started kissing her chest. Her tits were falling out of the 1/4 cup black bra she was wearing. Didn\'t take much and I was sucking her nipples. She was groaning and grabbing at me. I put my hand up her skirt. I rubbed her fanny through her knickers, she was soaking. I pulled the thin material to the side and plunged 2 fingers up her. She gripped me hard and started to bite my neck. I finger fucked her hard, she started to cum. Then she let out cries as I fingered her and rubbed her clit as her orgasm ripped through her. She then pushed me back, undid my trouser and grabbed at my cock. She wanked it for a while then went down and started to suck me. I reached past and started to rub her tits again. After a while I pushed her back. I laid her down on the back seat. She pulled her skirt right up around her waste. I grabbed her knickers and pulled them down her legs. She lifted her bum to allow me to do this. She was laid there, top open, tits out over the top of her bra. Skirt around her waste, lace top stockings and no knickers. I was so turned on. I dived between her legs and started to eat her pussy. She was soaking and was soon starting to cum again. I dropped my trousers to my knees and climbed on her. She laid there as I pushed my cock up her. She took it easy. I fucked her hard and fast. I could hear the squelching as my cock pumped in and out. She had her legs around me. We both started to cum. Jenny started screaming just as I emptied my cock all up her. I kept going and she clung to me crying out. After she had cum we kissed for a while. When I pulled out spunk ran from her. Her pubes had spunk on them. She smiled and said she needed to get back.

She put her knickers back on and pulled her skirt down. Tidied up her top and got back in the front of the car. I sorted myself and joined her in the front. We headed back to the pub to get Jenny\'s car. We agreed to meet again when I\'m down there. She kissed me when she got out of the car. She climbed into hers, started the engine and was gone. When I arrived home I told R what had happened. She was a little shocked but couldn\'t really say anything. She got turned on when we talked about it. We ended up fucking that night. She has even hinted at a possible threesome. I\'m not so sure about that. Looking forward to my next trip to Nottingham though, either way.