5 Jan 2019

The naked german couple chatting to my wife and I when nude sun bathing on the ElColtilo beach, had just asked us/me if I/we would like to join them for some more wet sex??? my wife stared at me and said"What???" The woman said something to her partner and he translated "So you didn't tell her??? Opps, well we will be along the beach if you want to join us, we love to be watched"

As they walked away it was clear she was holding his cock..... My wife Carol turned to me "what the fuck have you been up to?" I had to explain how a few days earlier I had watched them fucking and had been invited to join in then confessing I had. After ten minutes or so of hard talking we decided that as we had never done anything wild as a couple and we were on holiday, we could go and see if we enjoyed watching a couple fuck. Now Carol and I had been married for ten years and had never done anything like this, so it was a surprise to me that she was up for it,she was clearly feeling randy. She is tall at six feet, all leg, neat trimed pussy, and 36c.

It was getting on to late afternoon so we packed up our stuff and with towels over our shoulders we headed towards the end of the beach, like the couple Carol had a hold of my now stiff cock. As we walked across the rocks we say them in almost the same spot where I had seen them a few days earlier. We stopped to take in the view!! She was on all fours and he was behind he's slowly stroking in and out.

They where both smiling at us and she lifting one hand patted the big empty towel beside her, I whispered to Carol "I want you" and Carol replied "I want you to fuck me like that". We stood beside them for a few seconds watching his wet slippery cock sliding into her, still smiling he said "Hi Im Peat and this is Jo, do you like watching us??" Carol now moved to kneel on the towel with her head next to the action , watching closely "Oh I love it, Im Carol this is Lorn" I knelt behind Carol and slipped in to her wet pussy.

We fucked like this for about five minuets watching each other. Peat lent towards me and as I hoped he would said "Swap?" I lent down over Carol and said "Do you want to swap? do you want Peat to fuck you?" "Oh hell yes" was Carols reply. We swapped and very quickly Carol started coming moaning and crying out "Fuck me fuck me hard" Peat started going faster and Jo said something to him, he indicated yes and Jo pulled forward of my cock and turned to me and in sort of english said " You take turns, I lick" She squiggled under Carol until she could lick Peats cock and Carols clit. Peat pulled out and as I was about to slip in Jo pulled her self up to lick and suck hard at Carols wet pussy making her come again. Then I was in hard and fast with Peat watching, Jo by now had her legs wrapped around Carols head forcing her moaning mouth into her pussy.

It was amazing Carol was lost, screaming out every time she came. I only lasted a few minuets until I came, Jo sucked at my dripping come, then Peat fucked her until he filled her up.

Peat and I kept fucking Carol for about thirty minuets both coming twice, Jo licked it up giving Carol a massive come at the end. Smiling from under Carol Jo said "Next time me"

We all relaxed for a bit as Carol, very red and wet faced got her breath back. By now it was getting towards dark the sun having set, we all got dressed, collected our stuff said our goodbyes and headed of to find our cars.

Once back in our villa after a shower Carol and I talked over what had happened, she was a bit tender from the hard fucking but she had loved it, loved us taking turns and never stoping. She was amazed at how much she had liked being sucked by Jo and that she had loved the feeling of almost being trapped by Jo's legs and loved the feeling of licking Jo's smooth wet pussy. After dinner and quite a few drinks and more talk we had another shower together. For the first time but not the last I shaved her pussy.

We did meet Jo and Peat again two evenings later in a bar in town when the new daring Carol flashed her smooth pussy...............