7 Sep 2017

See 1 and 2...... 1st April and 6th July 17

Carol and I had just had our first MFF, with Fiona from Dover who had just left our apartment ,in El Caliton north of El Caltilo village. Fuertaventura.

Carol was fast asleep, in the bedroom and I was cooling down having just fucked and come in Fee again, just before she left to join her friends downstairs. I was now watching her in No 1, standing at there open window still in Carols sexy stockings with her friends fondling her come filled pussy.

I heard a giggle from the dark balcony to the right, then a female voice "That was nice" and then a mans voice "And she is still enjoying it" Into the dark I said "It was fun" more giggles from next door then I heard the patio door slide shut.

I went in and checked on Carol who was still fast asleep curled up under a sheet still in her white basque and stockings, covered all over with still slightly sticky come. She had been very drunk. I carefully undressed her and went to bed. She was ill during the night and the next day stayed in bed all day very hung over. I stayed with her until the early afternoon then about 2.00 headed out to the beaches up by the lagoons.

I found a nice wee rock shelter and dumping my towel and book headed for a swim, then some sun then another swim to cool down, as I was relaxing in the sea Fiona appeared and swam towards me, we stood together smiled at each other and kissed. "I thought you were not going to come, and where is Carol??" said Fee. I explained that Carol was still hungover and had gone back to bed to sleep. "Come and meet Peter and Suesanne we are along at the end of the beach" I collected my stuff and walked along to find them in one of the bigger rock shelters, with wind break and parasol. Susanna was small and slim with pert pointy breasts with very dark brown nipples and a dark dusky skin colour. with a smooth mound over a dark pink glistening pussy. Peter was about the same size and build as me. Fee had made a space for me between her on the left and Sue on the right with a grinning Peter just beside her. Introductions made we chatted away for a while. Peter and Sue who were both in there 40s spoke very good english and Fee has a very sexy voice... was well as I said before just posh..

We chatted about the evening before, with Peter and Sue telling me how much they had enjoyed Fee coming back with a come filled pussy to lick, Sue was now stroking Peters cock which was like mine stiff, Fee started on mine....

"We all like watching and being watched the closer the better" said Sue, "I love watching Fee and Peter fuck" Fee got up and moved over to straddle Peter who was now lying flat on his back, sliding slowly down onto his stiff cock, It was fantastic to watch and the sticky sound and sexy smell were just heaven. Sue was stroking me as she watched and then moved to kiss Fee, Sue kneeling with her sexy dark brown bottom in the air, Peter said "Come I want to watch you fuck Sue" I knelt behind her and slid in bit by bit, Wow she was tight but very slippery, "OMG you are so wet" i said "That was me, just before you arrived " said Peter "and I licked and tidied up" said Fee.

It was so so sexy fucking this amazing lady with a come filled pussy who I had just met, while watching her partner and friend fucking beside us, while being watched by them, outside on the beach, with the hot sun and the sounds of the sea.

I knew I would not last long and Sue started to push back against me, to get all of me in. We got faster and Peter and Fee stopped to just watch us come together. "Come in me come in me come in me" cried Sue as I filled her up.

Fee was again riding Peter and as I slipped out of Sue I could see our combined come dribbling from her pink wet puffy pussy. I slipped two fingers in coating them in the sticky goo and then sucked them clean. I fed the next lot to Fee and she sucked my fingers as Sue straddled Peters face. I sat back and watched this very erotic scene, all three of them seemed to come at the same time.

They collapsed apart with Fee sitting down next to me, she started to finger herself and then offered me two sticky fingers then in her sexy posh voice said "Would you like to taste??" "Why not ... its not the first time I have tasted someone else's come straight from a sticky pussy" We all laughed and relaxed as fee continued to scoop up the sticky come mix and feed us all.

We talked about all sorts especially how much they loved sharing sex with others and we all agreed it was a shame Carol was still not well, and hung over.

I explained that Carol had told me before I came out to the beach how much she had enjoyed being with Fee, last night, and we had talked about how Fee had invited us both to join them today on the beach.I explained how we agreed I would tell her all when I returned if I got lucky this afternoon with them.

I then mentioned the voices in the dark. They all started laughing. Fee explained that the first day she watched Carol and I fucking they had all... all... been enjoying a sexy afternoon on the beach and were heading back to the apartment building when they all watched Carol and me. "But I could see only Fee!!" "But Carol could and did see us all" said Sue with a giggle.

We all swam together and again being randy we retired to the shelter for seconds, this time I got to come in Fee while sucking and emptying exotic Sue's freshly filled pussy which was fantastic.

After a final swim we all packed up. Said our final farewell swapped addresses and phone numbers. It was very sadly there last day and having already checked out of No1 they only had to go to above the beach where there pre packed car was parked, then on to a late evening flight at the airport .

Now about 5.30 I walked back to the apartment block along the beach.

As I was going in the gate a couple were unloading beach stuff from a car just beside it. I said Hi..... They waved and he said "I hope you had a good day on the beach" "Yes" i said smiling "Very". Then she commented casually"It's a shame the people in No 1 have left today they were great fun" I was just opening the gate, all three of us started up the stairs to the landing shared by the two apartments ....

At the top we stopped "You and your wife are in No 10, we are in No 11" and smiling she continued "Perhaps you can be our new friends on the beach!!"

The voices in the dark. !!!