21 Aug 2019

Before my last solo holiday in January to Fuertaventura, I posted an add in the Holiday Personals, but had no replies.

It was the second weekend of the holiday in the Coltilo Bach Hotel in ElColtilo and after dinner I was sitting in the bar with a large G&T, the hotel entertainment that night was a music/film quiz and was quite noisy. It was a mixed bunch in the bar mostly couples German, French and a few from the UK sitting around mostly on the low tables in the middle I was sitting on a stool at one of the high tables to the side. I was not paying much attention as I was reading a book, then I became aware of a couple sitting at the next tall table.

After around five minuets we had started chatting, they Tom and Rose were both in there 60s and were staying for just one night to get away from there family (daughter and grand children) who were staying in a hotel in the south of the island and to see what the North of the island was like. It was just to noisy for chatting so we moved to a quieter area just outside and sat at a low table. I had noticed they were smartly dressed shorts and a smart shirt for Tom and a light summer dress and what I thought were dark stockings for Rose.

I had introduced my self as Sandy, and we chatted away for a while about the Village, the Hotel and the beaches, our work.......all sorts. Just a normal everyday chat with strangers. I offer to show them round the village in the morning which they thought would be a great idea. Tom went to the bar to get a round of drinks.

Rose lent over the table and surprised me as she said " So LornLexy are you having any fun???" Then explaining that they had seen my post and looked at the profile before they left on holiday, not thinking they would get a chance to meet up they had sent no message. They had been on the site for a while and had had some fun in the past, she smiled looked up and winked at Tom who was back with the drinks, "So the cats out of the bag he laughed" putting the drinks down.

We had a good laugh, and Tom asked almost the same question as Rose "Have you had any nude fun on the beach??" I explained that I had during my first week watched for 10 min a couple fucking late one afternoon. Then the next day we had chatted when swimming and the lady said in passing "If you lucky later you can watch us again"

Rose and Tom were enjoying the story Rose sitting on the edge of the low seat had let her dress slide up and I had a wonderful view of a pair of silky blue nickers and yes holdup stockings with blue and black lacy tops, she knew I was looking and smiled. "So what happened?? Tom asked.

I carried on to say that at the end of the day I had watched for them in their rock enclosure which was about 15 yards away from the one I was in. Most people had left the beach by around 5ish. When I noted them packing up, Oh well I thought thats that and lay back down with my book. I looked up and she was standing still naked just inside my wee rock shelter I sat up looking to see him carrying there stuff away from the beach. She lent down between my legs grabbed my stiffening cock and said " He will be 10min then will be back to fuck me"

Very shortly I was stiff and she climbed on top to ride me hard until we both came. Looking up she said "He's coming back, 69" I was licking her creamy pussy as he entered the shelter dropping his shorts he knelt behind her and slid in fucking her really hard until he to came inside her. He pulled out with a wet plop and stood up, she sat back down on my face and started rubbing her dripping wet pussy all over me until she came again... he slapped her bum once and she stood up and then they walked away, her naked and dripping still and him in his shorts. When she got to the car she turned and waved ...

"Wish that was me" said Rose, we chatted a bit about fun they had had, Rose went to the loo and I went for more drinks. When I sat back down I looked over to Rose her nickers had gone and now I was looking at a smooth pussy at the top of stocking clad legs. She smiled and said "We don't have to be back until late tomorrow can you show us the beach, we would love to do what you did.... with you"

I smiled and said yes I think id love to.

"I think we should finish our drinks in our room its 226" said Tom looking at Rose. As they stood up Rose dropped her nickers with a smile beside my drink " Give us 5min, I would like a practice for tomorrow"

With big grins all round they headed of.

I knocked on the door and Tom called "Its open" closing the door behind me I walked into the room lit only by a small bed side light. What a wonderful site Rose was on her knees on the end of the bed and Tom was slowly sliding in and out. Tom was naked and Rose smiling at me said "We know from the profile you like sexy underwear so I changed, do you like??" Oh yes I said as I started to strip, she still had the holdup stockings on but was now waring a silky blue basque that matched the pair of nickers in my pocket.

I joined Rose on the bed and fed her my stiffening cock to suck until hard, Tom and I changed ends and swapped positions until at one point I was 69 with Rose enjoying the feel of the silky material of the basque and Tom was fucking her from behind as fast and as hard as he could until he came deep inside her. "Oh thats what I want tomorrow on the beach" cried Rose, sitting down with her creamy filled pussy over my mouth "Yumyum" I mumbled.

We had a rest and planed the next day, Rose was slowly waking us both I had not yet come and was very hard. So I positioned Rose as she had been when I arrived on the end of the bed with her sexy bum in the air, sliding into her wet pussy I built up a steady rhythm while fondeling her stiff nipples thought the basque then moving my hands to her sexy ass until I slid my thumb into her little tight hole. Tom was standing beside me watching Rose with a huge moan started coming again crying out "Oh MG Tom he has his thumb in my ass...Finger his ass make him come in me....." Which Tom did waking himself with one hand and sliding a finger into me at the same time, I was getting close and I looked over my shoulder at Tom who was behind me now and I smiled thinking"Is he going to fuck my ass that would be a first" Rose was coming and that sent me of as well pumping my come in deep and enjoying the wonderful feeling of a very wet pussy. I felt Toms cock against my ass as he shot his come all over me. I left them 69ing, smiling, "see you tomorrow" said Rose

There is always a tomorrow..........