Written by Tammy

1 Feb 2012

I am a 42 year old divorced mother of 2 twin boys. Me and my husband of 22 years seperated 2 years ago. I've always been a bit on the shy side so despite my many sexual fantasies, I never communicated with my husband about them. We were highscool sweethearts and married only a couple of weeks after finishing school and soon enough I gave birth to a gorgeous set of twins. After 22 years of living together and spending almost every day together, we started to grow apart. Our boys left home for uni and we barely even talked anymore. I tried to get through to him but he seemed to have no desire to be with me. But I always loved the safety of routine and hoped it would all fall into place, I was afraid of ending it and needing to make it on my own. We hadn't made love for over 3 months and I was growing more and more frustrated. Everything was going against us and finally I found several sexually suggestive text messages from his phone. I confronted him about it and he said he had found someone and would be moving out.

I knew it was long coming but was in denial of ever facing the reality of it. It turned out, however, to be a blessing in disguise. I had only ever had sex with my husband and once with another man when me and the hubby were going through a rough patch in my mid 20s. Being free of a stagnant relationship with a man that didn't sexually please me, I realised that this was the perfect opportunity to discover my sexuality, which had always been in me but which I always oppressed due to being afraid of change. I have always had a nice figure and liked to keep myself aesthetically pleasing for myself to feel more confident, but now I decided to really try and look as sexual as I felt. I started to go to the gym 4 times a week, visit the tanning salon (I don't go too frequently, I know it can be unhealthy and bad for the skin) and got a breast enhancement surgery (I had small breasts, which I didn't mind, but the twins really wrecked them, they did not look good and they were the thing I was most insecure about).

After a while, I looked and felt sexier than I ever had since I was 25. I then started to wonder how I could really express my sexuality, experiment and finally fulfill the naughty ideas that I had had stuck in my head for over 10 years. I didn't want to just fuck some random guys, I wanted to make men desire me, drool over me, tease them and then leave them for dead, ready to explode, so close to my hole. I wanted them to have wet dreams about me, thinking there was no way they could have me and then fulfill their desires and ride them to the sunset. I decided to display myself at our local swimming complex. It's slightly unusual, as the men and the women share a large dressing room and there are cabins for changing clothes like at the beach (men and women, however, don't share the showers, unfortunately). I got there and made my way to the dressing room and I was the only one there. I was really disappointed cause I didn't even want to swim, I just wanted to make some guys hard and maybe even get fucked. So I did a some laps in the pool and was ready to go home and get some rest.

I went back to the dressing room and tried to get ready fast as my time was soon up. Then however, a lad walked in that I decided to try and have some fun with. He had just come out of the shower, with a towel around his waist. He was a short guy, I'm 5'7 and he was a good 2 inches shorter than me. Without his slightly hairy chest and a slight stubble, I would have thought he was 16 (I later learned that he was 24). He looked really shy, which gave me even more confidence. He didn't look like someone who had had a lot of experience with women and his face grew red trying to check me out. It was so obvious he was fucking me with his eyes. I then decided to put on a little show. I already had my jeans and a bra on, so there was no explanation to removing my clothes other than to play with him (he obviously knew I was in the process of getting ready and

leaving). I then proceeded to take off my jeans and mind my phone, not even once looking in his direction. I had my smallest white thong on and happily let him stare at my tanned cheeks. I then turned around and noticed he had a raging boner that he was

trying to hide with his towel. I was so turned on by this, I was in control of him. I then made up my mind that I would not leave the complex without him coming cause of me. I simply took off my bra and knickers and stark naked walked up to him and with my tits pointing straight at his face asked him what the time was. He was absolutely startled, one could probably have heard his heart beating from a mile away. He said something, I didn't even care at that point and pulled the towel from his lap, levealing a 5 inch cock, as stiff as a pole. he was uncut and his foreskin was tight around his head. I had never worked a cock like that and I didn't even know if it was possible to be penetrated by it without hurting him or having any rips. I was so excited at that point that I didn't care about anything but having his cum in me. I took his hand and led him to one of the changing booths (I was still a bit scared of doing it right there in the open). He sat down and asked me if he could touch me. I gave him the go ahead and in an instance he was all over my breasts. I got down and took his little pal in my mouth. He said he had never had oral before which turned me on even more. I slipped the tip of my tongue under his foreskin and he enjoyed the hell out of it. I then went up a few gears and started to really polish his cock, gently pulling my finger nails down his thighs. In less then 20 seconds I tasted a small amount of semen and could feel his cock pulsating. I stopped right there, not wanting him to come before he's been inside me. I was so into it, never mind him, that I decided not to go out and search for a condom in my purse. I got up, grabbed his head and squeezed it against my vagina, giving him some time for his cock to relax a bit, I wanted to get fucked not just inseminated. He was all over my pussy, eating it like he hadn't been fed for weeks. He wasn't exactly skilled though but cause I was so aroused I still enjoyed it. He then grabbed my cheeks and sat me down on his lap. I inserted his unit inside me and slowly started to ride him, still a bit afraid of hurting his tight foreskin. In a blink of an eye every sign was pointing towards him being about to explode. Knowing that this ride was bound to not last long, I slammed my tits into his face, put his hands on my ass and really started to ride him. In a matter of seconds he blew his load. He wanted to pull it out to save me some trouble, but I didn't let him. I took it all in and waited for his last aftershock before I got off the ride. We got out of the cubicle and noticed there were people in the dressing room now who heard everything, which made it so exciting for me even when I didn't cum. The lad was still shellshocked and didn't know what to say to me. I chatted to him for a couple of minutes, not even noticing I was still completely nude, thanked him for the cum and got dressed and walked off, his semen still inside me. I haven't met him since and didn't even ask for his name but that was all I really needed, and what he needed.