Written by sp1derman

8 Jan 2013

This is a true story of how i found out my wife's secret fantasy and made it come true.

My wife Lisa has never talked about trying another man's cock, but one night while watching porn together about a wife who had been blindfolded and made to suck cock. I could see Lisa getting fidgety and obviously very turned on. Later that night during sex i told her to imagine that she was sucking another man's cock and she went wild and orgasmed like never before. The next morning she never said a word?

This is when i got the idea. I know Lisa is very attracted to my friend, she has never said anything, but i can see how she changes around him. The only thing she has ever said about my friend was when one weekend he stayed over at ours after a drunken night out and slept in our spare room. Lisa happened to check on him the next morning and he was out cold on the bed naked. Lisa told me what she had saw and couldn't believe how muscular he was, but more importantly the size of his cock!

This is when i decided to put my plan into action. I arranged a night out with my wife and invited my friend. We went out to a local club and drunk way too much again i invited my friend to use our spare room. I told my friend of my plans and he was well up for it.

My wife and i went to bed and after a bit of playing around i asked her if she wanted me to blindfold her? She agreed but was very aware of not waking up our alleged sleeping friend!

I tied the blindfold tightly around my wife's eyes and tied her hands behind her back...She was already soaking wet with excitement, that's when my friend quietly crept into the room. I knelt down between her legs and started tasting those flowing juices, after a while i secretly swapped place with my friend. There i was watching my friend tongue fuck my wife and she didn't even know, but was loving it!

I then sat her up and slid my cock deep down her throat, i thought i was going to explode there and then! My friend had now got an enormous hard on and it was mighty impressive.

I dragged my wife to the edge of the bed and lay her down, i slid my cock into her and turned her head to the side. I started to slide my finger into her mouth and told her to imagine it was another man's cock and she went wild. I removed my finger and gave my friend the wink and he slowly approached the side of the bed, he lowered his cock towards my wife's mouth and offered it towards her, he then slid his length right down the back of her throat. My wife panicked at first as she realised i was fucking her and she had got another man's cock in her mouth. I removed her blindfold and she could see it was my friend. She moved her head away and asked what was going on. I gave her the nod of approval that i was fine with it and she slowly turned her head back towards my friends giant cock and wrapped her lips around it. I couldn't hold it anymore and exploded inside her. My firend flipped her over with ease and entered her from behind. My wife was loving it and orgasmed wildly shortly followed by my friend who fired his load all over her back.

I think we will be having more weekend fun night's out from now on!