Written by John

5 Jun 2008

We lay on the bed our hands searching each other\'s bodies.Finally she told me that she had just had her first orgasm & I was the first man to kiss her pussy, which she had truely loved & would like to do it again sometime. I asked her which was her favourite position to have sex. Again she surprised me that she didn\'t know what I was talking about. Her husband always lay on top of her & worked his penis inside her until he came, then got off her, rolled over & went to sleep. Explaining differant positions that I had made love to my wife & my ex-wife she became intrigued & I felt her nipples once again engorge themselves as she was obviously thinking about all the different ways she could have sex. My hands roamed her body, one finding her clitoris delicately stroking it, making her push her hips up & down in rythem to my manipulations. Eventually I asked her which position would she like to be fucked in. Instantly she told me that she wanted to be on top, so I told her that when the time came she would have her wish, then I gently put my mouth to hers, using my tongue to part her lips, so that it could explore her mouth. My hands roamed her body. Playing with her breasts, then moving to her pussy, staying there long enough to make her become aroused a little more, then moved away to her breasts again. Then once again returning to that area that my penis would be shortly entering. Playing a little longer this time, then moving back to her breasts, then back to her pussy, moving away each time she became more aroused. My teasing aroused her rapidly until she eventually she cried out for me to fuck her.

Laying on my back I gently moved her on to me in a sitting position, intending to slowly enter her & watch my penis delicately slide into her. This was not the case, she was so sexually aroused that she tok hold of my penis positioned then came down on to it, taking it to the hilt, immediately fucking me like she had been doing this all her life. She was in a very sexual high & her movements were beginning to work me to a sexual high. On of my hands found her breasts the other went to her pussy so that it could bring her to an evengreater high by manipulating her clitoris. The instant I did this she pushed down on to me & just thrust herself against my penis, gradually starting to breath faster as I sensed her orgasm arriving. Suddenly she was a wild woman, fucking me like no other woman had fucked me before. She cried out at first in loud moans then telling me to fuck her harder, but she was the one that was doing all the work. I tried to work in rythem with her but she was so aroused I couldn\'t work at her pace. She suddenly exploded into an orgasm & as she did she leant forward her mouth finding mine & this time her tongue urgently parted my lips allowing her tongue to search deep inside my mouth.. He orgasm was multiple as she seemed to be in a very high state for several minutes fucking at my penis, eventually making me fire deep inside her & as she sensed my orgasm she pushed hard down on to me grinding herself deep on to my penis as if trying to become part of me.

Slowly the pair of us came down, eventually just layin beside each other, our hands roaming each other, every now & then kissing each other passionately. She was first to speak, telling me that she had just had the best sex she had ever had & that she had never realised that it could be so wonderful. She told me that she would always cherish what she had just had with me & I could have sex with her whenever I wanted.

Out of the blue she then told me that she wanted to try the doggie position that I had told her about. I told her to look at my poor deflated penis & reminded her that I was 65 years old & not the rampant youth that I had once been & even though I wanted to fuck her like that so that she could experience it, I needed her to encourage my penis back to a hard so it could once again enter her. She took hol of it, starting to play with it, pumping on it, even shaking it trying to get me hard again. She was unsuccessful, no matter what she tred I stayed flaccid. I could tell that she was dissappointed that she couldn\'t get me up, so shortly I said that perhaps if she used her mouth it would work. She didn\'t understand, so I explained. Telling me that I again had taught her something new she eagerly lowered her head to start working her mouth on my penis so that she could get it hard again & it could take her doggie style.

Continued in part 3.