Written by Helen

3 Dec 2015

My hubby and I were staying at the Marriott in Newcastle recently, him on business, me for relaxation. We had breakfast and he went of to his meeting whilst I decided to go and have a swim, sauna etc. as I was the only one in the place I decided to put on a bikini instead of a swimmer. I was swimming about for 10 minutes when a couple of young guys came into the pool. They weren't that attractive but had good bodies. After a while I got out of the pool. I noticed them watching me as I went up the ladder. I went into the steam room feeling quite happy that Id attracted some attention. Moments later in came the 2 guys. It was quite steamy as you would expect and I could hardly see them, but what I did see was them stepping out of their shorts before putting their towels around them. They sat down opposite and started to chat to me. I asked if it was always as quiet as this, to which they answered it was, but it gave a certain amount of privacy. I had my towel round my waist and they could see the bikini top above it. Do you always come into a steam room fully clothed they asked me. I said I usually kept my swimmer on in the steam room. Their immediate response was, why? All I could do was shrug my shoulders. Look, you'll feel much better with your top off, one of them said as he came over to sit next to me. Once again I shrugged my shoulders. This seemed to give him permission to puts his hands behind my back and undo my top, which fell to the floor. That looks far better he said. I bet you've also got bottoms on haven't you, he asked. I nodded. He took my hand and pulled me to my feet, pulling the towel from my waist and putting his hands into the waist band of my bottom and pulling them right down and off. His head was now opposite my dripping wet pussy and he said how nice it looked and immediately started to lick it. His friend was now standing beside me, his towel laying on the floor opposite and showing off a fantastic hard on. We kissed and I knew I had lost control as the kissing became more passionate, particularly because his friends licking was having the desired effect.

There was nothing I could do no other than enjoy myself. My new kissing friend, went round behind me and started to kiss my neck and massage my boobs. His friend was now laying on the bench opposite. I was in seventh heaven as he bent me over and as he did I was positioned so that I could get my lips around another beautiful cock. As my lips went round this cock another cock pushed deep inside me. I came in seconds and was now oblivious to anything else happening around us. I came a few times before he came inside me. I needed more and straddled the man on the bench, pushing down onto his cock, letting out a cry as he entered me. My boobs were now being manhandled quite roughly, but I was enjoying it. We managed to keep going for another 10 minutes or so. The guys suggested we should go and get showered in my room and continue our enjoyment there. We did just that and I'll tell you what happened later.