Written by CockMePlease

25 Jul 2008

I asked this guy to go to

the movies with me. I\'m

very picky and have to

have the best of the best.

This guy is about 6\'3, 8

pack, basically talk dark

and fucking sexy. So we

get to the movies and

find our seats. I started

to get bored with the

movie, so i leaned over

to start making out with

this sexy man i was

with. I ran my hands

down his chest and up

his shirt. I ran my fingers

back up over his perfect

abs and started rubbing

his nipples. He respons

just as i want him to. He

starts kissing my neck

and running his hands

over my tits. I feel my

pussy already pulsing.

He starts to sneek his

hands up my shirt and

under my bra touching

my perky little titties.

My nipples get hard and

i have a tingling

sensation going thru my

body. I slowly work my

hand up and down on his

thighs getting closer and

closer to his huge cock.

I focus on his nice bulge

growing bigger and

bigger in his pants. I

start to rub his bulge thru

his pants. He starts

rubbing the inside of my

thighs and rubbing my

pussy thru my panties. I

spread my legs wider so

he knows i want my

pussy rubbed. He sticks

his hand inside my

panties and starts to rub

my clit. He sees that i\'m

already wet and then

sticks his long fingers in

me. I put my hand in his

pants and take ok his

dick starving to get it in

my mouth. I beat him off

and tease the head of his

dick. I bend over to lick

the tip of his cock and

shove the massave thing

in my mouth sucking it

as hard as i can. I lick up

and down the shaft of

his dick going back to

sucking and licking. He

blows his load in my

mouth and all over my

face. I swallow his cum

and lick the rest that got

away from me. He starts

fingering me harder and

faster making me crazy.

He\'s on the right spot

also rubbing my clit

making me so wet. I take

him to the car and fuck

him so hard from so

many different positions

my pussy thanks me for