23 Jul 2015

Following on from Part 3 , Dave had locked us in the Scout Camp First Aid room, after undressing he had lifted me on to the examination table and climbed between my spread legs , as I was meeting his thrusts with some of my own lifting my bum up to meet them , we were kissing , whispering to each other , me telling him how much I loved his lovely thick cock as he filled me with it. Dave told me he hadn't been able to stop thinking about me after our session last night and had to keep diving in the river to cool off, luckily for us nearly everybody were relaxing down at the Bonfire after a hot an tiring day.

Dave was rocking the table with his thrusts , but I was still urging him on to fuck me my finger nails digging into his tight bum between holding him to me his hairy chest rubbing against my hard nipples as I could feel my juices running out of me down between my bum on to the table and coating Dave's cock. Then Dave knelt up and told me to sit up to face him as he wanted to suck on my boobs and see my pretty face as I rode him , we held each other as he gazed at my boobs as I wriggled on his cock as my bum rested on his muscly thighs, he bit my boobs marking them and nibbled at my nipples which I so love.

I was getting so turned on now I told him I wanted to feel him cum inside me again as I was getting near to having another cum, I began lifting myself off his hard cock with Dave holding my bum running a wet finger over my bum hole , which always adds something extra as I cum , he was lifting his body up to meet me and we were both soon groaning as our mouths met to kiss as we had cum together. We stayed holding an kissing as I felt Dave's cum escaping from me onto his cock and balls , he lay me down on the table and sunk his head between my legs to lick our combined juices from my wet pussy as my fingers played with his hair and face.

We cleaned up ,dressed and kissed again as Dave asked me for my phone number and if I would like to meet him again sometime before unlocking the door, as he went out the door I gave his bum a squeeze and locked up making our way back to the Bonfire. I had just grabbed a bottle of lager when Paul ( Lisa's husband ) came over to chat to me holding a beer, he said thanks for not telling Lisa what happened earlier with the sponges , he said you can certainly run as if it wasn't for Chris I don't think we would have caught you and that must have been 200 yards you ran , I laughed and said I was trying to make it to the river.

He said well Lisa has gone to bed early do you fancy a walk, I said yes ok as he got up to go thru the trees I followed a minute or so later , we got out of sight as he put his arm around my waist to tell me, I was the sexiest woman here at the camp if not the school . He told me all the guys were talking about me earlier after seeing my body especially my shaven pussy and my big boobs, I think you have a even bigger Fan club now.

We arrived at the pool in the river where I had been the night before and I asked Paul if he fancied a swim , he said yes and we both stripped as hand in hand we went into the cold river, until we got used to it we held each other ,Paul said you have lovely nipples as they were hard with the cold water as he sucked on them saying you have some bites on your boobs here ! Was that from earlier I just said yes , what will hubs say when you get home , I told him he was away with work ,he said that's lucky.! We began to feel the waters chill and Paul led me up onto the top of the riverbank where the grass was mown short pulling me down onto the grass.

He told me he had always fancied me and envied my hubs ,though he added I think Lisa quite fancies your old man, as he said perhaps we should get rid of the kids one night and go out as a foursome and see what happens , I said you are naughty laughing ! Paul pulled me on top of him squashing my boobs against his chest saying you do fancy me don't you Wendy ? I said maybe ! as he gave my bum a hard slap as I felt his cock straighten between us .

I said Oh you like to slap a girl then ! Only you, he said as I wriggled my pussy over his now hard cock , he said you have a great body and certainly know how to suck cock Wendy, I told him what my hubs thought of Matt as he said yes I agree but I went along with him when I knew it was you he was talking about, he asked me what I thought of Matt though as he saw me kiss his cock at the end earlier today. I said you must not tell him or though , he said ok, I said well he has got a nice big cock that he knows how to use ,a nice fit body as well as good looking and I quite like his cocky confident manner even if he is a bit of a prick ,but don't tell hubs as he would flatten him if he knew he has fucked me a couple of times now.

Paul asked Oh right ! what would he think if he knew I was about to fuck you, I said he would probably be ok as he likes you Paul ! He said well that's ok then, Phew !! , I moved up Paul's body till my pussy lips were on the tip of his cock, I pushed myself up my hands on his shoulders before sinking back on to his hard cock. He said you have a lovely pussy Wendy as I began to ride him up and down his hands holding and pulling at my nipples and boobs as he looked up at me saying I bet you never knew you would get this much cock this weekend , as i shook my head, biting my lip as I enjoyed the feeling of his cock inside me .

I shuddered on his cock as I told Paul I was cumming , he said you have no problem cumming do you, I nodded again ,feeling breathless for a moment, as he asked me to turn around as he told me you have a great bum Wendy , all us guys had agreed on that and laughed, his fingers gripped my waist running down and over my bum as I rode his hard length once more , he ran his fingers over my wet pussy then I felt him coating my bum hole to make it wet. As I rode him I was getting so wet with him touching my bum , I felt him pressing against my tight hole causing me to make some MMMMMMM !!! sounds, as I pushed backwards I felt his wet thumb press inside me , making me say Oh Paul ,Oh Paul as I collapsed onto his legs for a few seconds as he wriggled that thumb inside me.

I got up and began pumping faster on his cock as he fucked me with his thumb as his other fingers touched me all over , again I told him he was making me cum all over his cock , as I was sure his cock had grown bigger inside me , I asked him if he was near to cumming , he said yes close !! I said Oh Paul ! me too as I rode him faster and harder I heard him groan and felt him pumping his creamy load inside me which set me off my pussy soaking his hard cock as he removed his thumb from me I lay back on his chest as his fingers explored my pussy and boobs ,he whispered in to my ear how good that was.

We lay awhile cuddling and chatting ,stopping to kiss now an then I moved down his body to lick his cock and kiss it as I cleaned it up for him , telling me how his Wife Lisa would never do that for him , I told Paul I will run out of g strings to wear as they are all getting soaked with cum and will have to wash some to wear home and laughed adding not that I am complaining, we dressed, walking hand in hand, making our way back to the Bonfire still glowing through the trees . this time I went first and got myself another drink as I sat down Paul appeared nearby to chat with some of the other men there all sat in a circle .

I chatted to a couple of other Women who had their teenage daughters with them , looking up I saw some of the guys from the group Paul had gone over too, looking and seemed to be talking about me , I was wondering if Paul had said anything to them, or if it was just because I had made a appearance once again. It brought back to my mind what Paul had said about me now having a bigger fan club than before making me wonder if they were hatching another plan or was I being paranoid ?????

If you want to hear more let me know and I will do my best to type up Part 5 and you will see what the result was , Wendy xxxxx