Written by Genuine Photographer

21 Oct 2016

It's been a while since I wrote on here, for one good reason and that is not much happening, well that is until a few weeks ago whilst walking with my camera.

I have had the odd photo-shoot which has been nice, not all sexy ones but a mixture of clothed and topless, even had one in Hertfordshire the other week, when I was visiting family so I thought I would put up a casting call up on the site I'm on and a very nice 18 year old answered, we shoot clothed to topless she had lovely pert boobs, but I suppose she was only 18.

Back to why I am writing, living in Cornwall is really lovely especially when the weather is good, I often go for a walk and normally take my camera and a couple of lenses, this day was no different, it was about four weeks ago, the wife was busy and I had to go to Bodmin to see someone, on the way back I decided to stop at a place that had been recommended for the more scenic style shoot, just outside St Austell.

I parked the car and went to the clay trail it's very nice area and you can see right across St Austell bay from the top, it is very popular with walkers and dog walkers, I had a cold drink with me so I stopped and sat on the style to take in the view across the bay, as I sat there in a world of my own a lady spoke and said "isn't that a lovely view", yes I replied it sure is, she had a dog with her hence why she was there, we got chatting about all sorts really, she was so easy to talk to and it got round to photography, do you do much she asked, yes I really enjoy it, what do you take, all sorts landscapes, buildings, various stuff and I even shoot models, "Oh" she went with sort of a disapproval, I thought that was the wrong thing to say expecting her to make a quick exit, but she didn't and to my surprise she said, this would be a good place for that, what do you think, yes I love this place and with this background it would be nice.

I would put her around mid 50's, slim with a good figure with good sized boobs, so would you like me to model for you she asked, yes that would be niceif you want, so we changed places and she sat on the style with the bay in the background, as I was shooting her she asked if I wanted more to be exposed, your choice was my reply, I don't mind I'm feeling sexy today, I took a gulp and sure enough she removed her top revealing a black lacy bra, her boobs were better than I first thought, she posed for a few like that then removed her bra, now for a lady of her age they were very firm indeed, with some rather nice erect nipples, we shoot a lot in different positions, then off came her skirt revealing stockings, my oh my she looked so sexy posing and bending over the style, good enough to fuck.

We carried on shooting and I could see she was enjoying it and getting really aroused, to my surprise she turned and said "would you fuck me please" I said where she said right here over this style, so I put the camera away she soon found my cock and worked on it, I'm not the biggest guy in the trouser department, no 8" or 6" come to that, but it's what you do with it, and boy did she enjoy it, we had two good fucks and we dressed and went back to the cars together, I took her phone number for the photos and I have got to meet her to return them, we haven't decided when yet as w are both married it's a little awkward, but we will maybe even up the clay trails again who knows.