Written by 2for1

4 Jul 2012

Night-time fun in the canteen

When I was 20 and on vacation from university I took a job in a local bakery which offered good money for a night shift. It was only a small outfit and the late shift numbered only about 20 guys. There was a small canteen that was open through the night and manned by two ladies – Roz very mumsy and in her sixties who treated everyone like a wayward son; and Eileen, in her late 50s who was big in every sense of the word.

There was always a lot of sexual banter in the canteen which Roz and Eileen took in good part. One night I made a particularly juvenile joke when they served toad-in-the-hole. Eileen laughed good-naturedly. As I was leaving she stopped me at the door.

‘Can you pop back in your break at 3am,’ she said. ‘There’s some heavy lifting we need doing and we don’t want to put our backs out.

‘Sure,’ I said, ‘see you then.’

A couple of hours later, as promised, I made my way to the canteen. Eileen was waiting for me at the counter. Roz was nowhere to be seen.

‘Come round t the manager’s office,’ she said.

I followed her through the kitchen to the small office at the back where Eileen produced a key and unlocked the door.

‘She has to leave us the key for the first aid box and things like that,’ she said.

I was a little alarmed when she locked the door behind us and pulled down the blind on the door glass panel. To my astonishment she leant back on the desk and began unbuttoning her white overall.

‘It’s not the prettiest sight in the world,’ she said, l ‘but I’m sure you won’t mind doing me a favour.’

By now the overall was open at the front and she was displaying a large white bra which struggled to contain her sizeable tits, large white panties and a pair of tan hold-up stockings She reach behind her back and undid her bra so that her magnificent tits with swollen chocolate brown nipples flopped out., She took my hand and clamped it around one tit then reached out and cupped her own hand around my cock which was beginning to swell inside my white work trousers.

‘I think you can guess what I want,’ she said almost shyly. ‘I don’t mind all the sex talk in the canteen but you have to realise I haven’t had been fucked for years. Get your cock out and do the honours will you?’

She rolled down her panties and stepped out of them. As she steadied herself on the edge of the desk she opened her legs wide and lifted them off the ground. I could see the swollen pink lips of her cunt through a forest of dark public hair which covered almost all of her abdomen and seemed to disappear up her bum. I had my cock out now and though I never expected to be turned on by this very large 50-year-old I was hard and straight as a flagpole.

‘Mmmmm. That’s a lovely big fat one,’ she murmured, ‘I had a little fiddle with myself just before you came down so I’m nice and wet for you. Don’t mess about. Just stick it straight in and hump me.’

Despite her bulk Eileen’s fanny was tight and I had to push my knob in firmly before I was able to slide the whole shaft in to the hilt. She gasped.’

`Jesus I’ve missed that. Give me a good seeing-to babe.’

I held her thighs up and began ramming my cock into her. I was fortunate that I didn’t suffer from premature ejaculation and after three or four minutes of solid shagging she was bright pink and sweating.

‘Oooh God. I’m gonna cum soon. Fuck me hard lovey,’ she pleaded.

I humped her as hard and as fast as I could until she suddenly went rigid then jerked with her eyes tightly shut.

‘Oh fuck. Yes. Oh you dirty fucking bastard. God., Yes, yes,’ she wailed.

When her orgasm had subsided she opened hey eyes and said quietly.

‘You haven’t spunked yet have you?’

‘No,’ I said breathlessly.

‘It’s alright babe I’ll suck you off she said bending down and taking my cock in her mouth.

Even if she hadn’t had sex for years she certainly knew how to suck a cock. By using her tongue and her mouth and cradling my balls in her fat fingers I was soon at the point of no return.

‘I’m gonna cum any minute Eileen. Watch out,’ I cried.

Her reply was muffled as she took my cock further into her mouth. My spunk erupted from knob in six seven large spurts. She swallowed it all.

‘Wow kid,’ she said when she stood up. ‘that was fucking brilliant. You will do it again some time won’t you?

And we did – three or four times every week until I went back to university. Even now I call round to her small council flat in town and relive the moment.