Written by Petgab

5 Jun 2008

My partner Julie (42) and I (45) have recently rekindled our love of the outdoors. Cycling and long walks at the weekend have given us both lots of energy and brought a new spark to our love making.

On the holiday weekend at the beginning of last month we had decided to complete another of the hillwalks from our guide book covering the lowland hills and lochs in Scotland. As we live in Glasgow it is never more than 40 minutes to drive to our starting point, and with the weather being sunny and mild our decision to go was made early on the Saturday morning.

Julie is the love of my life, and an absolute babe, and she knows how to get what she wants - when she wants.

Our starting point was to be at the Garadhban Forest, and make our way up the Conic Hill and then aiming to reach Balamaha by lunchtime. Julie had her little khaki walking shorts on which shown her great arse off to it\'s best. Her small pert tits looked welcoming through her white lycra t-shirt, and I found myself walking for most of the 1st mile with a nice erection in my shorts.

Julie had noticed this and said that there are loads of places to stop within the woods, and that I should get my cock out and fuck her from behind. Her offer was very tempting, but I knew if we had shagged at that point in the walk we would never get to Balamaha, so I playfully spanked her bottom a couple of times and told her not to be naughty.

2 hours later we entered the little village. Throughout the walk the many guys we passed smiled at us both and had a long look at Julie\'s sexy body. Gazing at her cunt lips which were prominent and pushing out into her shorts, and looking up to see erect nipples jutting through the light material, and finally to see her gorgeous face and lovely shoulder length blond hair.

We had lunch at the pub, which was busy, and had to share a table with two young guys (about 24/25), who also had been hiking. They sat opposite us and clearly their attention was focused into eyeing Julie up and down, and in particular admiring her tits.

We talked about the joys of the outdoors, and the freedom it gave. One of the guys (Alan) said that he loved to go camping with his girlfriend as there was nothing better than screwing under the stars, and that you could really release yourself and make as much noise as you wanted whilst fucking.

Slightly taken aback we all laughed, and Julie squeezed my thigh under the table. I rubbed the inside of hers, and as I did so she responded to Alan saying that she loved nothing better than fucking outdoors. She then told the guys that I had knocked her back from a shag earlier in the walk and that she was feeling really horny and a little frustrated. I moved my hand up to her pussy mound and immediately she gasped. Julie\'s pussy was on fire, and I noted the guy\'s reactions, there mouths opening wide as she softly groaned.

\"And so if Brian (me) doesn\'t fuck me soon, I will have to find a volunteer? Or two??\"\", Julie retorted.

Both guys agreed to volunteer to assist a damsel in distress should I not come up with the goods. We all laughed, but again my thigh was squeezed but this time just a little tighter.

As it happened we were all heading back towards Drymen and so as Julie and I paid our bill we said to the guys we may see them in the pub there? As Julie and I set off along the road and track the guys gave her a quick peck on the side of her cheek, but I noticed Alan pat her bottom as he did so.

I suggested to Julie that she was a dirty bitch and that she needed to get over my knee for a bare-botty spanking. Julie agreed that she had been bad, and when we get back into the forest that she should be punished. By now we were almost running to get to the start of the woods. About a half mile in we found an inviting opening to the right and made our way in about 30 metres. We stopped at the base of a large tree which had recently been cut down, the stump offering comfort from the forest floor.

Looking around us to see the coast was clear I pulled Julie towards me and we deeply kissed whilst at the same time unbuckled our belts and let our shorts drop down. Julie kneeled and grabbed my cock sucking it deeply into her mouth. Fuck she was good and I almost came straight away, but I pulled on her long hair and told her to bend over and lean on the tree stump as I was going to spank her. This she did. As I spanked her once I would then run my hand under her bum checks and open her pussy lips feeling her wetness. I did this several times before she begged me to fuck her.

I lifted her top over her head before entering her from behind. I pulled at her teats, squeezing then tightening hearing her gasp and groan in delight. Julie was pushing her bum back against me dictating the rhythm and pace of our fucking. I watched my cock (7\") slide in and out of her wet cunt, I was covered in her juice, and it glistened in the sunshine that reached the forest floor. Julie\'s face was reddening and she was now pushing harder. I spanked her bum and she pushed even harder. I pulled out and asked Julie to suck me again. She did, but as I looked up, standing in fron t of us both were Alan and his mate.

Alan had his cock out and was wanking what looked like a monster of about 10\" and was lovely and thick. \"Julie look\", I said. She did, said Hi, and carried on sucking my cock. \"Julie, look at the size of Alan\'s cock\". \"fuck yeh!\" she replied. \"Do you want it?\" \"Fuck yeh!\" she replied. I beckoned Alan over to stand be side me and Julie reached with her left hand to grasp it\'s length and started wanking it. God it was thick but tapered and I could imagine Alan\'s cock stretching Julie, and I knew she would love it.

I asked Alan if he wanted to fuck her, and Julie if she wanted to be fucked by him. Both said yes. So Alan and I positioned Julie over the stump again and bent her over. I entered her first and as I humped her from behind she continued to wank Alan from behind. I pulled out and Alan slowly pushed himself into Julie\'s gaping cunt, gently at first then building up pace and strength he powered into her. I had to cover her mouth to stiffle the screams of pleasure. I turned Julie\'s face to my cock and wanked towards her mouth. Julie licked my tip with her lips and I was at the point of no return and spunked all over her cheek and, hair and shoulder.

Alan pounded away until he too was cumming. He pulled out and sprayed his spunk all over Julie\'s gorgeous arse. Julie turn to face us both, sat on the log and strated frigging herself to another climax. As she did so Alan\'s mate came over and with his small cock in his hand wanked over Julie\'s pussy, squirting his cum over her fingers as she brought herself off.

This is the first time we have ever done this involving others. I hope it is not the last time.