Written by Dixon

3 Aug 2009

Last weekend I travelled down to Wiltshire for my sister's 50th birthday party. She nd her husband aren't usually my idea of fun, but it was expected so I decided to go for a laugh. My sister is one of those who loves to trace family trees, and always keeps in touch with people so I thought I might meet some interesting people at least.

I got there a little late so it was lively when I walked in, but I grabbed myself a drink and some hog roast and sat at a table near some cousins and started chatting to various people. On this table were a couple of young ladies I didn't know but would like to, both lookers but a bit young for me. Then my sister came over and reminded me who they were: they used to live next door to her 15 years ago. Little girls at the time, now obviously VERY grown up! Sue, the younger, was heavily attached (every other sentence began with 'My boyfriend...) but her older (25 yo) sister was very flirty and, as a bonus, nearly falling out of her low cut top!

As a 48 yo I decided I had no chance of pulling either of them so I just decided to have fun, a few drinks and catch up on some family gossip. As the evening wore on, and drink flowed, Rita (OK I changed the names) got more flirty and, when it turned out we were at the same hotel in town, got quite provocative, too. not that I was complaining. As I said, her top was low, and I was enjoying the view of 25 yo tits a great deal. A few dances later and I thought I might be onto something.

All things come to an end, and when the party broke up I suggested to the sisters we share a taxi to our hotel, so off we went. When we arrived Sue went off to the room saying she was dead on her feet and I asked Rita if she wanted a nightcap. To my disappointment I was turned down, so I said OK, I'll have a shower and turn in. As a last resort I said 'I'm in room 12 if you change your mind.' and headed for the lift.

Fifteen mins later I'm just getting out of the shower and I get a knock at the door. When I open it, there's Rita saying 'Sue's dead to the world and I'm not tired, so is that drink still on?' She came in and sat on the bed as I got a bottle of whisky out of my bag. I then said 'hang on while I get dressed', as I only had a towel on. 'Oh, don't bother' she said, 'I don't mind'. I started to put two and two together at this point so i said OK and took a glass over to her. As I stood over her I could see right down her cleavage again and this time she looked up and said 'You've been enjoying the view all night, haven't you?'

I cannot tell a lie! 'Very much' I said. 'Good' she says, 'I'm quite pleased with them.'

'Mind if I see more?' I asked. In rely she stood up and pulled her top off over her head. I didn't need any more excuse so i lowered my head and started to kiss the tops of these amazing boobs bulging over the top of her bra. as I'm doing this sahe reaches behind her and unfastens it so I can get my hands on them, kissing and teasing her tight, hard, pink nipples. I then feel her hands feeling for the knot of the towel before if falls to the floor exposing my very hard cock.

'VERY nice' she says, 'bigger than my Ex'. 'Let's see what you've got then' I say and undo her jeans pulling them and a lacy black thong down to her knees. She sits back down on the bed allowing me to pull her jeans, thong and shoes off exposing a trimmed black bush with pink lips showing and looking very wet.

I knelt down between her legs and kissed her thighs fron knee to cunt on both legs stopping just short of her lips before easing her clit with my tonge. It's ages since Ive had such a young woman and I'm loving the fresh sweet taste and smell of young pussy. Soon she starts to buck and force herself against my mouth groaning like mad. Suddenyl she say's 'Oh God, just fuck me!'

Needing no more encouragemant I stand over her and position my bell end at the entrance to her tunnel and thrust my length right in. Shit she was tight! It was like being a teenager again, hot wet cunt tight around my cock as I pounded her. At the back of my mind was the thought 'I probably won't get another chance to see her again, so go for it' so I just fucked her like it was the last shag I was ever going to have. After missionary i tirned her over and did her doggie style. Then she came on top and rode me as I played with her tits before more doggie.

At this point I thought 'In for a penny' and all that and rubbed my cock aganst her arse. I expected her to stop me, but she just pressed her arsehole against me so I pushed forwards and slipped my cock inside for my first ever anal fuck. SHIT! No one told me how tight it was! Only my tip went in but it felt amazing. this got me so worked up I felt myself building up for a spurrt. I told her this and she said 'Come in my cunt! No more encouragment needed, I pulled out of one hole and slid into the other. £ more strokes and I unloaded my spunk deep inside her lovely slim body.

Pouring with sweat and now thoroughly knackered we lay on the bed and kissed and played with each other until we fell asleep. When I woke up I expected to be alone, but no, there she was, still sexy and, as I found out, still wet, so i played with her clit to wake her up for a quickie before breakfast.

My next problem was how to face Sue who was awake by now texting Rita asking if she was coming down to breakfast.

Want to know how THAt meeting went?