Written by Rob

1 Oct 2010

My wife and I had been married for 15 years and had a great sex life. We often talked about having sex with others and that just made our sex even hotter.

A friend of hers invited her to take a beach trip to Fla for a weeks sun in late Spring last year. She asked if I thought if would be ok as her friend was a really good looking hot lady with long blond hair.

Of course I thought it was a great idea and while you're there why not have some extra fun at some of the clubs there. She agreed and they headed to Fla in a hot looking red corvette.

I called to make sure they made it safely and she said they were at a great club and would call me later. She said the trip was fun and the red corvette really turned guys eyes even they were a little older than most of the guys there.

she sent me a text message about 2AM and said they were fine and would call the next day.

She called about noon and said she had just gotten home from a wild night of dancing and drinking. I asked if that was all they had and she said NO they had met three guys at the bar that had a boat in the marina that turned out to be a really big party boat that they chartered on weekends.

She said it wasn't long before everyone had their clothes off and danced and drank more until it was time to get in the hot tub. She just told me the guys were very good looking and one of them had the biggest cock she had ever seen in person or on some of our DVD's. Judy said that she just couldn't keep her eyes off his cock and before long he managed to work his way next to her in the hot tub and let his fingers find their way in her hot pussy. (she did say she hoped I didn't mind) With the touch of his fingers she quickly turned and mounted his big cock right there in front of the others.

Given his size he lifted her up and pushed his cock up and down holding her by the waist until her head rolled back and shot a load of cum on his cock. He asked if everyone wanted to go below deck and have some real fun for the rest of the night.

Judy said she was quick to say yes as she wanted more of his big dick and was hot enough to see where the evening was going to end.

She said it wasn't long before all three guys had managed to fuck her and she lost count of the times she got fucked and at one point her friend just took a break to watch me take on all three dicks.

I told her I was really excited to hear how much sex she was enjoying and that I looked forward to having some of her used pussy when she get home.

She called several times during the week and not one night went by that the two girls didn't have at least 2 guys in bed before the sun came up.

When she got home all she wanted to do for the next week was to have sex in the morning, noon and night.

So guys if you want to enjoy some of the same great sex let your wife havve some fun.