Written by Just Bob

12 Nov 2009

I dated Jayne in the early 80s. She was short, very short, less than five foot tall. Hence the nick name short stuff.

While watch an afternoon ball game together she started to tickle me. I told her to stop but no she kept it up. So I grabbed her hands and held them tight till she stop squrming to break free. Jayne promised to be good so I released her. Not but two minuts later the tickles started again. I pulled her over my knee and gave her ass one sharp smack with my free hand. She was stunned as I rolled her over on the bed I told her not to move. In my closet were some old neck ties. I used four of them as rope lashing Jayne spread eagle on my bed. She went along with being bound with little resistance. Next I pull her shirt and bra up exposing her 34B tits. Her nipples were very sensistive that day and I was sucking and biting them till they were rock hard. I slipped my free hand into her sweat pants and rubbed her pussy though her cotton panties. I could feel het getting wet. Then she started to come I pressed on with great instnsity. Jayne exploded in orgassm I did not let up. She bucked and screamed never has she com like this.

The phone rang, it was Steve, he asked what I was doing so I told him Jayne came over, with some smoke, to watch the ballgame game and she was misbehaving so I had tied her to the bed, pulled her her shirt up and was playing with her tits. Jayne yelled at me don't tell him that! NO way Steve exclaimed! Well come over an take a look for yourself. Steve said he would be there in ten minutes. Jyane asked is he comming over? My reply was no he was going out with some friends to the pub.

Well I blindfold Jayne telling her she was in for an erotic treat. Removed her clothes and releasing and resecuring her arms and legs one at a time. I put a pillow under her butt, lifting her pussy up for better access. Parting her bush with my hands I began to lick her slit. Next two fingers were inserted working her G-spot. On the brink of orgasm I stopped got up. Jayne ask why I stopped, and my reply was to go and get something to drink. almost ten minutes had passed since Steve called.

Steve was at the door when I got down stairs. Quietly I let him in and told him that Jayne was blindfolded, bare ass naked and tied to my bed. My plan was to send Steve into the bedrooom and continue on with Jayne where I had left off while I watched. We finished the beers and phase two began.

Steve started to fondle her tits and quickley focused his attention on her pussy. Jayne was about to come and shouted out come fuck me! Stick your cock in me now! I handed Steve a condom and went downstairs for another beer. When I returned I watched Steve between Jayne's leggs slowly pumping in and out of her. He had a mouth full of tit and a hand on the other. Jayne said faster, fuck me, Fuck me deep! Steve picked up his pace and Jayne exploded again. He rode out the tidal wave then withdrew. He took off the condom and I motioned to her face. (blow job) He place his cock on her lips, Jayne did not need to be told what to do> Jayne opened her mouth sucked and licked Steve untill he came. She swallowed very drop. Wtihout a word Steve and I went downstairs for another brew. Leaving Jayne well fucked, naked and still tied to the bed.

Steve left and I returned to Jayne. I pulled he pussy open and played with her clit just before came I pushed my own cock in her just the head in and out a few time till she begged me to bury it in deep. I teased her a little more then all the way in. I hit bottom she screamed from me banging on her cervix. I kept on fucking untill my load was let loose in her.

She never knew she had a threesome...