20 Jul 2015

This is a true story about some fun I had with a workmates girlfriend, Lucy.

I've been friends with Lucy through my workmate Chris for as long as they've been a couple, about five years I think.

Lucy is tall with a great figure, long legs, nice boobs and dark hair. Very funny and sweet to talk to but with a mischievous side to her!

It always surprises people when they find out Chris and Lucy are together. Chris is probably Lucy's first boyfriend and she's never known any different. He basically treats her like crap and for some reason she puts up with it. Chris never lifts a finger around the house and expects Lucy to have dinner ready on the table when he gets home. Not a nice guy!

Anyway, Lucy and I chat online when we have the opportunity or if we see each other at social gatherings. We catch up with stories and make each other laugh. There's always flirting but nothing too serious. Lucy would often drop the odd hint about not having much of a sex life but I never thought anything of it.

A few months ago a group of around twelve of us had gone out for the night, Chris and Lucy came along as usual with Chris being his normal vulgar self, insulting Lucy in front of everyone and generally putting her down. As we moved from pub to pub Chris drank more and more until he could barely stand. At around 11:30 the group convinced him to get a taxi home and let Lucy stay out for the night. He was surprisingly OK with this and tumbled into the taxi and left.

Lucy seemed relieved, she opened up a lot more and actually had some fun in the next few pubs and bars we visited. As often as we could we would stand or sit next to each other and chat, gently nudging and prodding each other as we joked around.

By around 1:30am the group had dwindled down and there were only four of us remaining. The other two, Tom & Katie, got up to make their way to the taxi rank and I offered to walk Lucy there as well. Lucy lives on the other side of town and would be getting a taxi on her own. I only had a fifteen minute walk home from the club.

Tom & Katie said their goodbyes and disappeared in the first taxi to arrive. Lucy and I had to wait a little longer for hers and we chatted outside while we waited. She thanked me for looking after her and apologised for Chris' behaviour earlier in the evening. I told her that Chris should be the one to apologise but we both knew that was never going to happen.

By this point the taxi had arrived and I was preparing to say goodbye, before i had the chance Lucy grabbed my hand, walked over to the car and opened the left rear door and jumped inside, "Come on" she whispered as she shuffled over behind the drivers seat. I hesitated for a second and got into the car beside Lucy. The driver asked "where to?" and I gave my address, I was expecting Lucy to give her address but she didn't say a word.

The car drove on and in the darkness I felt Lucy put her hand on my already excited cock, she was trying to wank me through my jeans but the denim was too tight.

"Let me do it" i said and I reached over and put my hand between her legs on top of her jeans, she shifted down in her seat and opened her long legs to give me more freedom and I began to rub the inside of her thighs and along her pussy. The driver seemed oblivious to what was happening and was content listening to the radio. We didn't have far to go in the taxi so I thought I might push my luck and unzipped Lucy's jeans, she let go of my cock and unfastened her top button for me.

I slowly slid my hand into Lucy's pale pink knickers and she let out a sigh under her breath, my fingers brushed over her trimmed pubic hair and found her pussy, she was soaking wet! So much so that her pants which were now resting on my hand had become drenched in her juices.

I ran two fingers over her clit making her squirm in the back seat of the car before moving them further down and sliding them inside her. It was difficult to get them in deep because of the angle but she seemed to be enjoying it as she looked me in the eyes and squeezed my cock with her left hand and gripped my wrist with her right.

We were seconds away from my place now and we had to get composed before leaving the taxi. Lucy fastened her jeans while I paid the driver, I fumbled about in my wallet to give her enough time to get ready. With my fingers still wet with Lucy's juices I handed the driver a tenner and we left the car.

As soon as we got through the door to my place we were all over each other (it seems funny now that I had fingered her before we'd even kissed!) Lucy pulled my hand to her mouth and sucked her juices from my fingers. We French kissed and groped at each other in the hallway before I led her into the living room.

Lucy turned to me as she began undoing her jeans "We haven't got long, fuck me doggy style and I'll cum faster!"

I had no complaints, I took my cock out of my jeans as Lucy bent over on the sofa, her knees on the cushions and her hands on the headrest. Her knickers and jeans were pulled down to her knees. She looked back at me while her hand moved between her legs to feel how wet she was

"Put a condom on, you can finish in my mouth" she smiled

I would have liked to have to cummed inside her but this was the next best thing.

With the condom now on my cock I ran my thick helmet against her wet pussy, pushing the tip into her slit and moving it around her swollen lips.

Lucy was gasping "put it inside me...fuck me!"

With one hand on her hip and the other on her shoulder I pulled Lucy towards me as I slowly guided my thick cock inside her. She let out a loud moan and gripped the sofa as I filled her wet cunt.

I started giving her long, slow strokes of my cock while I occasionally spanked her arse. Lucy's hand moved back between her legs again as she started to play with her clit. She was really moaning now and I knew with the combination of my cock and her masturbating she was going to cum soon. I picked up the pace and started to fuck her with faster, harder strokes of my dick, making my heavy balls slap against her.

I couldn't resist seeing if Lucy was into arse play so I let a stream of spit run from my mouth down her arse crack. She made a loud cry of pleasure as the blob of spit ran across her arsehole. I moved my hand from her shoulder and started thumbing my spit into her virgin arse.

The mixture of the fucking, masturbating and my thumb in her arse must of sent Lucy over the edge as she suddenly declared "I'm gonna cum!"

Lucy looked back and let out a loud "Ohhhhh!" as her body twitched and convulsed from the orgasm tearing through her body. I had to take my thumb out of her arse and hold both hips to keep her in place! This wild, noisy orgasm was sending me over the edge as well and I hadn't forgotten what Lucy had said about finishing in her mouth.

I continued fucking her as hard as I could until I was ready to blow. I pulled out and ripped the condom off as Lucy turned around to meet my cock, she nearly took the whole thing in her mouth as I reached my climax and emptied my load into the back of her throat. Lucy expertly sucked my cock dry until the last of the cum flowed from my balls. She took her mouth off my cock and showed me a quick flash of the spunk in her mouth before swallowing the lot!

We relaxed and had a little more fun wanking and fingering before Lucy had to go. With any luck I'll get to fuck her again...