Written by Jo121

14 Apr 2009

I am in my 30's, slim build, not bad looking and I'm not very well endowed but I've got by!. I've been told I've got a lovely pussy!. I had gone back to college to study massage and aromatherapy and neededed people to practice on. My dad's mate said he would volunteer one day and turned up that evening so I could work on him. He's in his 50's but extremely fit for his age.

It was rather embarrasing at first especially when he started to undress right in front of me!. "You can leave your boxers on, just get on the couch and cover yourself with the towel" I said "oh well too late everythings off now" he said as his boxers came off! Oh my god I thought he's huge, stop looking I thought to myself you're here to do a professional massage not ogle the client!.

Anyway things were going fine and he was complimenting me saying he was really starting to relax and enjoy it, "great" I said I must be doing something right I thought!. I started massaging his legs and could see something twitching but shrugged it off but then his cock just got so big I could hardly miss it. Pretend you haven't notice I said to myself but just then he must have realised I'd noticed and said "oops sorry, massage just makes me so horny, last time I had a massage it was in Thailand and the girl was naked". "Oh right" I said a bit taken aback but also a bit turned on. "I'd love you to get your clothes off. How about if I paid you a bit extra, would you consider it?". "I don't expect you to pay as I'm only practicing". "Yes but you're doing a great job and it wouldn't feel right taking up your time for nothing. I'll pay you the going rate for a massage and if you get your clothes off I'll give you some extra".

Oh my god I thought, I'm doing massage and getting paid for it and I didn't really see the problem doing it naked so I said Ok and stripped off!. I was rather embarrased at first but it was a huge turn on and I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially when his hands starting brushing against my pussy!. He started to brush his hand a bit more and I realised it wasn't an accident he was touching me up!.

When I'd finished he got up and said "now it's your turn" and laid me down on the massage couch put a little oil on his hands and started massaging me. It was lovely "I didn't expect you to do this, your the client". "yes and you want the client to get his moneys worth don't you". I was so relaxed and it made me jump when his finger entered my pussy and he started pushing it in and out slowly, I groaned it was heaven!. He then started using his tongue which I love, oh my god I thought I'm gonna cum and I did several times. It was absolutely amazing!. He's never asked to fuck me, I think he just likes to play with me which I don't mind one little bit and he's now a regular client!. I just love being a play thing.