Written by steve0764_1

15 Mar 2017

It wasn't until today that I started to fantasise about our cleaner. She is quite a short woman, around 30 with big tits and a nice round arse. She always comes round once a week for a couple of hours.

As she was bending over to clean something, her jogging bottoms slipped down to reveal a nice thong and a two peachy arse cheeks. I couldn't take my eyes off her. She suddenly stood up and turned around and said "have you seen something you like?"

It was obvious had been caught looking at her so I had to confess that I had been. She said that he had hoped that I had as she had been trying to get my attention for a while now. She walked towards me and blatently started to rub my hardening cock through my jeans. I took this as an invitation and slid my hands down the back of her jogging bottoms and cupped an are cheek in each hand.

We started to kiss passionately and I moved my hand to rub her pussy through her thong. She was moaning in a low voice, mumbling that it had been a long time since someone had touched her. I moved her thong to one side and ran my finger along her wet slit. Feeling for her, I found her clit and started to rub gently. After a few minutes, she moaned again, so I slid a finger into her sopping pussy, quickly followed by another finger and started to move them in and out slowly.

As I was doing this, she continued to rub my cock, now unbuttoning my jeans. Feeling for my hard cock, she pulled down my boxers and started to wank me. The feeling was incredible as she moved her hand up and down.

She whispered in my ear that she wanted to suck me. Who was I to argue as she kenlt down and started to lick my shaft from top to bottom, cupping my balls in her hand. I had to take a sharp intake of breath when she finally took me in her mouth. It may have been a while she she had done so, but you could tell that she had definatley done it before.

She moved her mouth expertly up and down my hard cock and I soon felt a finger probing my arse. Now this I love, so I let her continue to do so making me even harder if that was possible.

I wasn't going to last that much longer so I warned her that I was going to cum soom. This seemed to encorage her more as she sucked my cock hungerily and I felt her finger move into my arse a bit more. It was no good. I couldn't hold out any longer and started to shoot my cum into her mouth. At the same time she pushed her finger into me making me cum much harder. God she was good.

As I finished cumming she let my softening cock from her mouth and kissed me passionately pushing her cum covered tongue into my mouth.

She told me that it was her turn next week so I had better get some pussy licking practice in with my wife. If I get the chance I want to fuck her from behind grabbing hold of her tits as I stick my cock into her pussy and arse.

Only time will tell, can't wait for next week