Written by Flowerman

30 May 2009

Due to the recession, I got laid off from my Delivery Driving Job. So I set up my own business of garden maintenance. I got quite a few customers now. One of my customers is a very nice attractive lady, a very large bust and aged about 50 living in a nice four bed-roomed detached house. Her back garden was a jungle. She gave me the keys to her garden gate at the side of the house and asked if I could start in the morning. I arrived the next day at 8am and the house appeared deserted. I got on with clearing the garden of rubbish. At about 10 am the back door opened and she appeared dressed in a dressing gown and asked if i wanted a cup of tea. I said yes. Ten minutes later she brought a mug of tea out to me and as she put the mug down on the floor, her dressing gown fell forward and her breasts were exposed, with nice large nipples. She made no attempt to cover up. I got an eyeful of a lovely pair of tanned tits.She then went in saying she had to get ready for work and told me her name was Carol.

After about half an hour I needed a pee. I went up to the back door, opened it and called out. Carol appeared, dressed in a red basque, which was very figure hugging, pushing her boobs up so they wobbled as she walked. She was also wearing a black g-string, black stockings and high heels. She then told me she worked from home providing entertainment for gentlemen. I said to myself"She's a fucking prostitute, fucking at home". I told her every ones got to make a living somehow. I told her about myself and she told me she had been in the business for 30 years, but now she only worked 3 or 4 days a week. She had another couple of properties close by and a large villa in Spain near Marbella. She told me she had entertained a few well known people in Spain. I asked what she did. She said, "Darling, if the money's right anything. I have had every orifice in my body penetrated by pricks, fingers, tongues and few other things". She told me she was expecting her first client, so could I go into the garden after using the loo downstairs. I went back outside and continued with my work.

I worked solid for 3 hours and decide to have a lunch break. I went into the house very quietly to go to the kitchen to boil the kettle. I went to the bottom of the stairs and heard a noise. I walked part way up the stairs and could hear Carol. She was moaning and I heard the sounds of slapping and a males voice "You are a naughty girl, daddy is going to punish you" Carol said" Daddy, don't put that big thing in my bottom" She then let out a moan. I then heard the male "I'm coming, take it in your mouth". After 5 minutes I heard a muffled conversation and the words ' same time next week, then Carol' I quickly went downstairs and sat in the kitchen.

Carol then walked in, in a school girls uniform. The shirt open at the front with her tits exposed, one stocking up, the other down and her blond hair in pig tails.I told her she looked very naughty dressed like that. She then said to me"Pete, how do you want paying, cash or a fuck?". I was flabbergasted.What would my wife think, I had never strayed. I looked at her and thought 'Fuck, she has got a good body and she would be a good fuck' Diane, my wife wouldn't know if I came home with less money. She told me she had already had two men and had a couple of hours before her next job.Carol said"How about the money for today, I pay with my body and tomorrow I pay cash". I said "Fine". She asked how I wanted her to dress, as anything goes. I told her being stark naked would be fine. She told me to follow her upstairs to the bathroom.

Once in the bathroom she told me to strip and join her in the shower. I stripped and entered the large two person shower. She was already soaping herself and asked me to do her back. I was semi erect. She turned around and asked me to clean her boobs and in between her legs. Her boobs looked great all wet and shiny. I massaged them with both hands. She told me they were 44DD. I moved down to her pussy and found it was nice and smooth, no hair, She told me her customers preferred a smooth cunt to lick and kiss. She then took hold of my prick and wanked me. I told her I was near to coming. She turned around and told me to fuck her arse, as a cunt fuck without a condom was a no no. I had never fucked a woman in the arse. With all the soapy water, my erect 6 inches slid into her arse hole. I pumped away for about 20 seconds and came up her. She then asked me to wash her arse. I soaped my right hand and then washed her arse, making sure I fingered her hole to wash out my spunk. This seemed to get her excited. We got out of the shower and dried each other off. I got in between her legs and found her clit and started to lick it. She told me to finish her off in her bedroom, as the first client had given her an orgasm as he fucked her, but the second failed to excite her and she liked to come as well.

We went into her bedroom and lay on the bed. I then finished sucking her clit bringing her off. After 5 minutes she said I had better go as she had another customer coming in at 5pm with a business client and she was going to entertain them both together. I packed up my things and went home. I will continue later with what happened the next day.