Written by Tod

21 Jul 2008

I called for Fleur at seven thirty, she was ready and we drove off. We went to out usual out-of-the-way pub and had a couple of drinks the off to our favourite place to fuck. Fleur is thirty-eight, blonde, with a great figure and loves sex. Arriving we got into the back of the car and got down to it. Fleur stripped quickly, I followed suit. We kissed a few times then I started on her lovely tits, 36c and still pretty firm.

Sucking her nipples soon got her going and I transferred my attentions to her cunt. She loved oral and had my tongue in her cunt while she sucked my cock. I just carried on for I knew from experience that when she wanted my cock up her she'd tell me. It usually happened after I began sucking her prominent clit which made her come.

I soon had her spreadeagled over the back seat and got between her legs to push my cock into her cunt. She always gasped at this point and thrust herself up at me. I was soon fucking hard, which is what she likes, knowing that, like this, I could last forever.

She had a lovely tight cunt and always got very wet, occasionally she even came while she was being fucked, which was a bonus. I was in her for about an hour, I'm not saying that I was fucking all the time because I needed rests, but she loved the feel of my cock up her cunt even when I wasn't fucking. So did I if it comes to that! Eventually though I came, shooting my load deep inside her. Then I flopped.

Once I had recovered my breath I could feel my spunk oozing round my now soft cock. Fleur squeezed her cunt rhythmically as she often did and getting me hard again demanded more fucking. She got that too, but she knew from past experience that it would take me ages to come again. It didn't faze her, it was her opinion that a man was there to satisfy her desires and if she wanted fucking again that is what she expected.

The second time I just fucked without any real force, just sliding in and out of her without tiring myself. Two hours later I came again, her cunt turned even sloppier! She waited until I recovered then rolled me off and reached for her knickers and put them on. This was something else I had become used to, she loved the feel of my spunk oozing out oif her cunt for hours afterwards.

I cleaned myself up an dtook her home. I went in with her and her mother was sitting watching television. 'Had a good time?' she asked Fleur. 'Yeah, twice, I'm full of it!' she lifted her skirt and showed her knickers to her mother. Desiree said looking at me, 'Got any left?' I laughed, 'Why, do you want some?'

'Dunno what you're laughing at,' she responded, 'You must know by now that my old man ain't interested!' Now Desiree was fifty-seven and, even now, a desirable woman, no pun intended. I had looked at her before and decided that I wouldn't kick her out of bed, I said, 'You want fucking, Desiree? You only have to ask.... but not tonight, my wife will want fucking when I get to bed. Maybe next time!'

'Is that a promise?' she asked. 'Sure, if I can fuck you here, I'll fuck both of you one after the other!' 'Can't ask for more than that,' she replied.

Wait to read the sequel!