Written by Sheila

5 Mar 2018

My hubby Colin has encouraged me to write in to your web site because of an experience I had about 15 years ago before we had met each other. Colin is my second husband and we married three years ago. I have a son from my previous marriage who’s now in his late twenties. When I told Colin about my experience it aroused him greatly and he thinks that others may also find it erotic. Colin describes the experience I had as lighting the touch paper to a new lifestyle.

The experience that I had was when I was in-between marriages and to put it bluntly completely off men and sex. I kicked my first husband out when I could no longer accept he was gambling and drinking heavily not to mention having affairs with other women.

I decided to go back to work full-time as a care assistant in the health profession. At 36 I was unqualified and only able to really accept low paid jobs. The sheltered accommodation I worked in was a block of apartments occupied by both female and male residents.

One of the residents was a very charming chap called Ronnie. He was about 75 or 76 I think but quite spritely and young at heart. He was always quite jolly and often cracked jokes (which were a bit cheesy) but it made me laugh.

I’d be working there for about 6 months when it happened. It was never planned but just sort of unfolded on the spur-of-the-moment. Ronnie had been feeling under the weather with a bout of flu but was recovering. I called on him one evening to see if he’d had eaten his evening meal. When I entered his room (knocking first) I found him in bed with the sheets covering him up. Both his arms were under the blankets and he looked a bit sheepish. Sensing my presence he seemed to be pre-occupied in fiddling around under the bed covers. I enquired if he was okay and as he tried to sit up a magazine fell onto the floor by the side of his bed from under the covers.

Picking it up I glanced at it and could see it was one of those adult glossy magazines that showed off pictures of ‘reader’s wives’. Poor Ronnie looked quite embarrassed as he watched me flicking through the well thumped pages. I told him it was okay reassuring him that I’d often found similar ones under my son’s bed at home whilst cleaning. My ex-husband had been pestering me to pose for pictures like these. I gone as far letting him take some candid Polaroid instant snaps of me in stockings and suspenders but I’d drawn the line on them being published.

Slowly I sat down on Ronnie’s bed and brazenly asked him to show me which photos he liked the best. This invitation seemed to break the ice and he pointed to a few images. I suppose this is where it should have concluded matters but strangely I started to get very aroused and feeling quite damp in-between my thighs. I couldn’t believe this was happening and I can’t recall my exact words but I think I said something teasingly like “Are you feeling a bit frisky?”

After a few seconds silence Ronnie nodded his head in response to my question and without any forethought I inched the sheets back to reveal his naked chest and jutting out from his pyjama bottoms in full glory was a very healthy erection. Age had not swivelled his manhood at all as he was a very well-endowed man. For the first time in my life I saw my first circumcised penis. The dome was purple and swollen with an angry snarling appearance. God only knows what anyone would have thought had they walked in so I quickly walked over to his door and locked it.

Returning to the bed I told him to lie backwards as I reached out and with my fingers wrapped around his hardening girth I started masturbating him slowly. After a few slow strokes he asked me to stand up and move closer to him. I was at first a little unsure why but I quickly realised his intentions. I was wearing my uniform outfit which consisted of a dark blue nylon tunic (company issue) and an ordinary black skirt. Being winter time I was wearing tights and panties underneath my skirt though the heat coming from my inner thighs was intense. Ronnie’s hand went slowly up the back of my leg and underneath my skirt as I let him rummage around. Then slowly he manoeuvred his hand in-between the gusset of my tights and started rubbing my pussy. My legs felt like jelly as his fingers probed me. This must have had a profound effect on him as I heard a slow groan coming from him as I sensed he was close to the end. I placed my knee onto the bed opening my thighs wider allowing me to lean forwards taking his swollen penis into my mouth. This was obviously the moment of no return for him as I sucked him till I could feel the warmth of his cum in my mouth. In doing so I took every drop of his seed and swallowed it quickly.

I’d always enjoyed sucking my ex-husband off and even before I met him for birth control reasons I would do this for boyfriends I dated.

This whole episode must have lasted no more than 5 – 10 minutes because I was soon out of his room and sitting down in the staff room enjoying a tea-break. Looking around at the others I wondered what an earth they’d think if only they knew!!!

The encounter I experienced with Ronnie was never repeated as it was very risky and if caught would have resulted in instant dismissal.

What it did was ignite in my inner sexual desires and later that night in bed at home alone I masturbated – something I’d not done in years.

This all took place 15 years ago and I soon realised that I desired sex quite frequently though it was not easy bringing up a teenage son at home enjoying such a lifestyle. It was to be several years later in 2011 when I met my hubby Colin and at 46 to certain extent I settled down.

In those in-between years after Ronnie and meeting my hubby I enjoyed several casual sexual experiences with different men I met. I went back to taking the pill as I didn’t want any unnecessary accidents. Such was the variety I look back with some degree of intrigue and hypocrisy as some were married and cheating on their wives. From my late 30’s to my 40’s and with a sky high libido I must have slept with many different blokes from all walks of life. I experienced my first black guy – a soldier I met whilst staying with a girlfriend who lived close to an army barracks. In fact that was a frequent hunting ground for me especially with young squaddies looking for no more than a quick shag. The depths of such depravity once resulted when my friend and I took 4 squaddies back to her home (but that’s another story).

Colin is no different from many other men here who enjoy the experience of knowing their wives are seeing other men. From my time as a singleton I have kept in contact with a few old lovers and from time to time I will with Colin’s blessing visit them when the occasion is right.