Written by Jason

12 Oct 2012

If you read my first account of my becoming cuckold to Brenda's lover Chas, you will know that we left things on a satisfactory note, she being well serviced, me fairly happy that things wre sort of under control: Well, after a couple of weeks things fell apart on two fronts - Chas' employers were not happy with the time out he seemed to be taking at work, and his missus (who he said could'nt care less) did start to care very much, so the result was goodbye Chas...

A week went by before Brenda got impatient again...she admitted she was'nt overly impressed with Chas, he had one or two annoying habits in bed it seems, but did deliver Brenda her orgasmic pleasures. So, back to the drawing board...over the years I had got to know Cedric-or Ced as we knw him at the cricket club. A divorcee, he had often been said to put it about a bit...

Nowt to lose, so I got into conversation with him at the club bar making it clear that I was Mr.Fixit looking for a stud for Brenda. Well, Ced must have thought Christmas had come early, and pledged full support to my status as senior cuckold. We spent an hour swapping notes, me laying out Brenda's expectations, and him extolling the virtues of both his experience and his manly attributes.

So I reported back with as much detail as I felt wise: Age? Brenda was'nt too happy that Ced was late fifties - Chas had been ten years younger - but I assured her he appeared to be in good shape, and she had the final say-so anyway.

So it came to pass; Ced turned up for drinks at 7, smart casual with chocolates and a big smile. Skipping the initial pleasantries it was'nt long before we all three retired upstairs. Brenda let Ced take the lead: Shirt off to reveal a fairly manly chest, then over to Brenda to demonstrate some artistry in getting her out of her clothes. Sitting on the bed, she was invited to divest Ced of his slacks and pants...a look of mild dismay as his flaccid cock hung meekly between hairy thighs, but forgotten as he cupped her breasts in his hands, moulding them skillfully, massaging her nipples and kissing her neck and shoulders befor easing her back on the bed and working his tongue slowly down over her tits, belly-button and finally her vagina and all it's erogenous elements, spending some time licking and sucking before his fingers explored deeper.

Lifting her round on the bed he then went '69'...I noticed his floppy cock had now come alive, the purple head still peeping through his foreskin, but incresed in length and girth. Brenda must have been delighted that she now had something to work on, and took his cock greedily in her mouth, sucking with 'mmmm' noises for several minutes before Ced pulled away - and what a magnificent sight - a rigid 7 inches of shiny manhood with a smallish helmet thickening into a substantial shaft, denying all my first impressions! We had already discussed the need for condoms, but whilst Brenda was'nt on the pill she was past child-bearing age, and we took for granted that Ced was'nt carrying anything nasty. So it was down to business...taking missionary position his cock slid effortlessly into her moist cunt, and within seconds Ced was thrusting quite robustly; I hoped he did'nt cum too soon and leave Brenda still building up to her orgasm, but he seemed well in control and kept up a good rate of shafting, but with liitle to suggest she was warming up...

So it was he eased gently out of her, returning to use his fingers and tongue to help things along. In the course of doing this I notice his cock soften a little, losing it's initial hardness, but being the pro he was he shifted his position and returned it to Brenda's mouth, pumping it in and out quite robustly, before withdrawing, turning her over to the doggy position and re-entering her beautifully exposed cunt, a sliver of her juices mixed with his saliva slowly seeping over her mound of venus...but not for long..his rejuvenated cock slid staight in, bringing a gasp pf pleasure, before he re-started his urgent thrusting, this time with almost instantaneous results, her back arching as she succumbed to her first orgasm in 3 weeks...Ced kept on thrusting, asking at one point if she wanted it 'up her'...she was too far gone to reply, so he just kept on going until it was clear he was about to shoot...at which point he stopped, waited about 10 seconds then pushed in hard, grunting each time he repeated the thrust, until he all but collapsed over Brenda's body, his cock slipping out almost at once.

They kissed and cuddled for nearly half an hour before they cleaned up, Brenda's efforts to nurse his cock back to life having failed in the meantime, but after he had left she pronounced herself satisfied.

Two weeks on and he still visits while I am at work...during our last meet at the club he asked if she would take anal...I had to tell him that in all our married life she had always considered that a big no-no, but he was welcome to try. How he got on with this ground-breaking

(or sphincter-busting) exploit I have yet to find out, but for the moment Brenda seems happy with her new stud...