Written by Zerodog

30 Dec 2012

I posted on this site back in October, telling how had I had been caught wanking by the wife, and that I was going to punished for it, well this is what has happened since.

A few weeks ago I went out to meet a friend for a couple of hours, it had been planned for a couple of weeks.

I returned home just after eight after having a couple of beers, and found the wife in a nice dress and heels with makeup non etc. I asked if we were going out, to which she replied, no but James from work is dropping some papers off for me. I hadnt met him before, but wondered why she had dressed up for it. Five minutes when past and the doorbell rang, she went and answered it, and brought James into the house, he seemed a nice guy, 35ish, good looking with an athletic build. Anyway, we sat down, intoductions out of the way, and had a beer chating about nothing as you do. The wife suddenly said to me, come with me, so I followed her upstairs, where she surprised me, and told me to strip off, I asked why, but just got told to do as I was told, which I did. I was then made to put on the thong that she had caught me with, and then made me put the leather hood on. She then took me into the spare bedroom and told me stay there. I then heard her going back down the stairs, and chatting to James.

It must have been about fifteen minutes later before I heard her coming back up the stairs, by which time I was wondering what to expect. It was another couple of minutes before she came in and ushered me down the stairs and into the front room where James was sitting on the Sofa. His first reaction was to laugh, and ask if that is how I got my self off, dressing in my wifes underwear, I stayed silent, but was made to answer by the wife, and I had to say yes. She then turned a chair around and made me sit down, for some reason was cock was rock hard, James noticed it, and said "You wont be needing that at the moment". The wife then walked over to him, made him stand up, and they started kissing, and she slowly started to take his shirt off, whilst he was pulling up the back off her dress and stroking her arse,and it wasnt long before he had taken it off her and she was just stood in a matching skimpy underwear set. She then started undoing his jeans, and knelt down in front of him before pulling them down with his shorts, which released his cock, which was a nice size and nice and hard. I was so turned on, my cock was bursting. She then slowly took his cock in her mouth and started sucking him off, which was such a lovely sight, and listening to him moaning, he must have been enjoying it.

Shen then stood up, and he took her bra off, and then she moved his head to her nipples so he could suck them, which she loves. I started to rub my cock, but was told to leave it alone, and was told that I wasnt to do anything until I was told to.

She then led him to the dining table, past me, and then bent over the table, showing her thong parting her pussy lips, which were rather swollen, and she looked nice and wet. She then told him to fuck her, he moved up behind her, and before pushing his cock in to her pussy, turned to me and said, "Is this what you wank about, someone else fucking your wife", I didnt get chance to answer before he just entered her and started pumping away at her. She turned to me and said, "Does that look good, because it feels really good", I could see her juices on James cock, making it really wet. He then pulled out of her, turned her around, pulled her thong off, made her sit on the edge of the table, and then entered her again, I didnt know how long I was going to last, before I was going to have to start wanking my cock, when she told me to move over and kneel on the floor next to James's leg, she then wispered something into his ear, and he then pulled his cock out, and she said to me, "Lick it, I want you to taste me on him". Well, I hadnt done that before, and it took me a bit by surprise, but I was that turned on with what was happening, I just started to lick his cock, which obviously wasnt enough for him, as he pushed his cock into my mouth, and said "Like that aswell do you ". After a couple of minutes, he pulled it out, and I could get my breath back.

They then walked to the main floor, laid down and he spread her legs wide and just pushed his cock inside her and fucked her realy hard, I heard him say that he was close to coming, and she called me over to them, just as he pulled his cock out, grabbed the back of her head and fired his cum all over tits and face. He then moved out of the way, and told me to lick her pussy, until she told me to stop, which after a couple of minutes she did, but she smelt and tasted lovely.

I was then made to go back up stairs and wait.

I heard them talking downstairs, and then the door close as James left.

About ten minutes later she came back in the room, still naked, apart from her heels, grabbed hold of my arm,turned me around, and spanked my arse with her hand several times, saying that is for sucking his cock, and then led me into the bedroom where she laid down on the bed, opened her legs to expose her swollen wet pink pussy, and said "Fuck me, fuck me hard, and leave my thong on ". I didnt need to be asked twice and just did as I was told, whilst she was calling me allsorts of names, and asking if I enjoyed watching her being fucked by another man like that, and of course I said yes, just before I came all over her tits.

Well, that was my punisment for getting caught, I wonder what will happen if I get caught again !!