Written by 'Green fingers' Dave

28 Nov 2014

This is the story of an event that happened about 18 years ago when I was working for a company based in Glasgow. It involves a woman called Rachel who is simply the hottest sexiest and most wicked woman I have ever had the pleasure of coming across (no pun intended lol) … it makes me horny as fuck just thinking of that night remembering an earthquake of explosive urgent lust and a night of the best sex I’ve ever known.

As I say all this all happened about 18 years ago when was working for a company that did interior and exterior landscaping. I am Dave; the business was owned by a family who did not know the difference between a gate post and a railway sleeper but it did not matter really because the contracts were managed by Rachel who not only knew all about landscaping work but she had a way with the customers and the best legs and the tightest arse I’ve seen anywhere.

Rachel managed a crew of twelve men; we were deployed on various contracts and she was responsible for organising the work rosta and allocated men to jobs. The pay was crap and the bosses were wankers but Rachel was a dream to work for as well as being a dream to look at … a wet dream that is!! We all fancied her like hell and when she came into the yard wearing her shortest skirts or one of her tight clinging jumpers … well we were like a load of dogs around a bitch in heat.

We all wanted to get into her pants …though there was a lots of chat about whether or not she actually wore them the dirty bitch .. she never had VPL so we reckoned she often went commando !! Rachel knew she was a looker and she knew how to use her looks to get us to do shitty jobs or to get jobs finished on time … I was a team leader and often she’d call me into the office, sit me down and teeter over in her high heels ..clack clack clacking on the hard floor .. perch on the front of her desk so that her thighs and hips were at eye level and she’d flash her big blue eyes and flutter her lashes and breathe deeply in her lacey bra and before you knew it I’d agreed to do three days work in an afternoon… She was a bitch like that .. but you couldn’t help but love her all the same.

I often wondered whether or not if I’d reached forward and grabbed the by the waist she’d have slapped me down or pulled my face into her thighs…. but I needed the job and truth is we reckoned she was basically a tease.. all perfume and expensive blouses but not someone who’d follow through and deliver the goods!

I had a girlfriend at the time and many’s the night I’d be fucking my g/f doggy style ..slamming her head against the headboard and dreaming it was Rachel on the end of my pistoning cock. Rachel also had a partner- he managed to keep her in nice clothes and so she wasn’t going to jeopardise that just for a bit of rough with one of the lads was she??

How wrong could I be !!!

It was the end of May and we’d just completed a big outdoor landscaping project that had paid the company rather well. It was late May and we were having a department night out on the Thursday to celebrate the success of the contract!

So there we were the whole gang of us about to go out on the lash at the company’s expense…with Rachel coming along to look after the company cheque book and to make sure we all behaved ourselves...... well that might have been her plan ....I had other ideas!

We met at a bar in Glasgow at 7pm. Most of us had whipped home for a shower and a change of clothes; I was in clean jeans and a clean shirt and i’d shaved an put some “smellies” on … I was ready for a night out on the pull .. and my sights were set on Rachel!!

When she arrived in the bar she looked a million dollars; she had on a tight short skirt that flattered her shapely legs black stockings (as I was later to confirm lol) with seams that ran up the back of her lovely legs before disappearing tantalisingly under her hemline; a silky red blouse that was struggling to hold back her gorgeous tits and polished stilettos with 4 inch heels..she looked awesome...good enough to eat ..which funnily enough was part of my cunning plan!

Later I discovered that Rachel’s partner was away on business in London so she had taken this evening as a rare chance to play....well “the cat was away” and we all know what happens then!

The evening was great fun, Rachel and I sat side by side during the meal and she kept the drinks flowing all on the company’s tab.. ...wine with the meal and then beers at the bar afterwards.

As we sat side by side she was very “tactile” ...very “touchy feely” squeezing my hand and brushing my shoulders; every now and again she’d brush her foot against my ankle under the table … I kept thinking .. “she’s doing that on purpose” … and then I thought “No she wouldn’t dare; not in front of all these people from work”; it seems silly now but I was genuinely unsure about how seriously to take Rachel’s “signals”. (Bearing in mind what happened later on that makes me sound really stupid!)

By the end of the meal we’d both / all had quite a lot to drink. As we moved from the table to the bar the “touchy feely” had continued and I was increasingly confident that she wasn’t just flirting .. she was giving me a big green light....

Her encouragement mixed with Dutch courage so when she got up to go to the toilet I was up and on my feet in an instant ..thinking back it must have been seriously uncool but we were all quite drunk and I was past caring about what anyone else thought. As she head off to the bogs she caught my eye and gave a big obvious “cartoon style wink” … (like Jessica Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit”) …. it was so obvious it was funny and even I couldn’t mistake the “come on”

The Toilets were at the back of the restaurant; there was an open fire door to a small dark yard at the rear. I made sure that Rachel saw that I was outside and I waited there until she came out of the bogs.

I tried to be all cool and nonchalant as I leant on the wall casually .... but my heart was racing as she came out she “click-clacked” her way over to where I was leaning she started to talk to me .. just rubbish stuff but she got close to me and stood still so close I could feel her breath; I leaned forward and put both hands on her hips and pulled her into me. I pulled her hips to mine and I swear she felt the hardening in my jeans. For a moment she leant her head and shoulders away as I squeezed her arse and pulled on her hips and then we kissed and the pretence had gone .. it was hot and urgent and passionate.

I slid my hand into her blouse squeezing and pulling her hard nipples. Then I started to rub my hand over her bum lifting her skirt up over her hips and sliding my fingers underneath her panties. My hand reached around and I felt her pussy; hot and very wet. I could feel her panting and squirming as my fingers found her clit and squeezed and pinched her love flaps.

And that’s when I knew I’d got her.

Any guy will tell you that’s the “sweetest” moment .. it’s the knowing that you’ve backed “a winner” that really counts … don’t get me wrong I still wanted to fuck this delicious creature I wanted her stuck on the end of my dick and I wanted to bury my balls between her legs … but in that moment I knew there’d be no fight ..it was only “when” not “if” … having waited so long for this I decided to take my time... I decided to play a little with my prey ..like a cat with a mouse … (sorry for the obvious “pussy” pun lol )

Without a word I removed my hand from her panties and took her back inside.

We sat back down next to each other. Discreetly (well at least in my drunken state I THOUGHT I was being discrete!) I slipped my hand up her skirt; fuck me ..her panties were sopping wet. I squeezed her pussy thru the nylon and licked my fingers savouring her sweet pussy juice.

It wasn’t much later that the party broke up and we all wandered off. Rachel didn’t care what people thought and made no effort to hide the fact that we got into a taxi together .. just the two of us... the guys laughed and hooted as the cab drove away .. lots of advice being shouted … “Give her one from me Dave” and “Fuck her brains out mate” as well as “ Tell her you won’t fuck her unless we get a raise” and “Rachel go easy on him love he’s a fucking virgin!” ….. which was my personal fav !

The taxi headed back to Rachel’s flat. Rachel had told me earlier that her partner was away on business so I knew it’d be “game on” as soon as we arrived.

Why wait? In the taxi I pushed her skirt up her legs and started fingering her with one hand as i delved inside her sexy black lace bra to free her beautiful tits.. I nibbled her nipples and squeezed those fleshy tits as Rachel moaned and squirmed with desire.

It was obvious that the taxi driver was watching us in his mirror; I pointed this out to Rachel .. if she had not been turned on before the thought of flashing her pussy to a taxi driver sent her wild.

When we got to the flat we had three flights of stairs to climb. Being a gentleman I let Rachel go first.. I wanted to watch those legs and see if I could see where the seams disappeared to !! The movement of her legs as she climbed was hypnotic.

About half way up I stopped and grabbed her hips, spread her legs and made her lean forward to rest on the step above so I could slide my hand between her legs from behind.

I pushed my fingers underneath her panties pleased to see she had knickers rather than just a string… and I rubbed all round the rim of her clit. Her tits were hanging out of her blouse as she leaned forwards.

I make her spread her legs wide as I thrust my fingers right up her pussy rubbing back and forward until she was groaning and moving in time to my plunging fingers until she came on the steps.

As soon as we were inside the door of her flat I took off her blouse and pulled her full breasts out of her bra cups; I fell on her sweet dark nipples suckling and chewing and nibbling whilst standing in the hall. While my mouth and one hand was busy with her boobs my other hand reintroduced itself to her pussy; I could feel her juices to start to run down her thighs again.

Still locked together we moved to her bedroom where I pushed her back before raising her skirt and diving head first between her thighs.. I wanted to eat her out, to drink her sweet love juice and breathe deeply the scent of her aroused sex. As I chewed her lips and pulled on her swollen clit her juices ran down my chin and she groaned with lust.

I let Rachel remove my shirt and trousers my hard cock springing free from my boxers. I pushed her back onto the bed and positioned myself above her and between her wide open stocking clad legs and thrust my cock inside her pussy in one easy movement.

After a few minutes of fucking like bunnies, I withdrew and moved so that Rachel could suck my hard cock which she did with great skill; I rode her mouth and all the while Rachel was in heaven sucking on my dick like a vacuum squeezing my balls with one hand and frigging herself with the spare hand. Then we switched again and I pulled her on top of me and let her ride my dick like the cock hungry bitch she was. As she bounced on my hard dick I pulled her hips down onto me and called her a cock hungry bitch and a cum slut; the more I cursed the more she loved it until with a final gasp I gripped her hips and pumped my cum deep inside her.

Spent and exhausted we fell asleep arms wrapped around each other. God knows what time she woke up but it must have been very early coz as I stirred I could hear her in the shower; I was a bit miffed …I wanted to spend the day in bed with this delicious creature I had woken with an aching cock and I wanted to spend the day screwing Rachel from breakfast ‘til bedtime but it seemed she had other ideas and wasn’t playing ball!

She managed to avoid my playful lunges and my suggestion that she’d “be much more comfortable back in bed!” so while she finished off her hair and make up I went for a shower

When I came out Rachel was dressed and ready for a day at the office. She looked stunning dressed in a cream blouse and navy skirt, short enough to show off her legs but not so to be tarty and a pair of polished navy heels; sheer stockings finished off her outfit “Sexy board room diva” meets “MILF” meets “ready to fuck PA”

I couldn’t take my eyes off her .. or my hands .. I was still damp from the shower; she pushed me off telling me I’d crease her skirt.. ha bloody ha! I wanted to do more than crease it I wanted to pull it up over her hips spin her round in her heels and bend her over her dressing table stool before feeding my hard cock between her fleshy love lips …. In all honesty a few creases were neither here nor there!

I dropped my towel and flashed her my stiffening cock; I caught her gaze and stroked my cock all the while holding her gaze. Slowly she crossed the room and walked over to me taking my semi erect cock in her hand We kissed and she wanked my now rock hard cock whilst I explored her suspenders through her skirt rubbing her wet pussy through her damp thong.

Something told me Rachel was having second thoughts about rushing out to work….. “It's breakfast time and my pussy needs some cream” she said with a really dirty little chuckle in her voice before she sank to her knees and took my dick in her mouth.

I happily fucked her mouth as she played with her clit then it was time for the dressing table …She stood and I turned her around and bent her over the dressing table before thrusting into her from behind. My balls were slapping against her arse as I fucked her as hard as I could playing with her nipples and pulling on her suspenders. Shuddering she came for the second time that morning I felt her juices mingled with my sweat running down her thighs; she has a wardrobe mirror and as we fucked I could see myself standing behind this “fit as fuck” woman in her suspenders tits all over the place as I pistonned into her pussy I fucked her harder pulling her onto my rock hard cock until I could feel my climax build.

I came hard and deep and pumped my come deep into her sweet juicy pussy; when I pulled out Rachel span around and sucked the last few dribbles of cum from my rapidly deflating dick. What a dirty bitch; I told her …..and she loved it.

Unfortunately we never got the chance to re run that evening’s entertainment. When we got back to work the rumour mill was running at full speed and everyone at work knew what had happened.

I did not stay at the company for long after that evening; a better job came up (though not with the same fringe benefits!!) and I moved away but I’ll never forget that night with Rachel …. One hot lady and a one dirty bitch! Would love to do her again one day!!