Written by Toni

26 Oct 2009

having just turned 34, im still quite trim tall and slim but I\'ve been going jogging for the past month or two just trying to get into shape and improve my cardio etc.

I even bought a new tracksuit and sports bra, but sunday morning after a busy week it was still all sitting in the wash basket..but it was a lovely morning so i looked for some shorts..but came across my gym skirt,a little devil in me said go on its dark and it would be fun, so just to up the stakes i wore a pair of lace fronted white knickers too.

I was also a little windy as i ran down to the beach and up the cliff path...the wind off the sea was wipping my skirt around, a quick look around and i stepped out of my knickers. Ive never felt so alive for years. I walked a bit then ran and could feel my labia swelling and i was getting pretty wet.

Once back home and showered i decided to trim my mound, make that shave it all off.I own a realy tiny size 8 beige skin coloured thong, so on that went and a small shaped pale blue denim skirt. My heart was throbing as much as my not so little clitty.

I did the washing up and ironing, dancing gently as if i was at a club alone. All the time my pussy was craving some relief, but i was enjoying the wanting and longing.

But lunchtime id snacked and headed out in the car to the supermarket and sports shop, standing infront of the mirror by the trainers i could see my thong was wet which seemed really rude somehow. I could see how puffy my lips were and the indent of my sex crack.

I needed seeing to and i started texting some male friends of mine being very suggestive.Once home two mate were there waiting at my flat, both thinking the other wasn\'t invited i guess.

i ended up with both mates in bed, but i will finish the story off properly.tomorrow.sadly ive got to dash out. xx Toni