23 May 2019

Well the game has been upped at work. ?.

Tuesday just gone, I knew it was just going to be a Danny and I in the office. With this in mind. I dressed to try and impress ?.

Any way Tuesday morning I get showered ? and put my new office skirt suit on short blue dress with matching blouse ?.

Usual no knickers but also I didn’t put my bra that day.

After getting to work and cracking in for a few hours. Danny doing the same with a little small talk in between. Which was flirty and aimed at my lack of bra. ? And me slutily bending over and flashing my pussy at him while getting folders.

I went to go and make my lunch. Danny came down with me. As we’re both stood in the kitchen chatting he comes over to me and grabs my butt. ?. And starts kissing my neck.

This instantly gets my juices flowing. As he’s stood behind me he runs his hand down my shoulder and round to my butt the up and under to my now wet pussy.

Slipping a finger inside me.

He whispered in my ear “fuck you're soaking already” and laughed ?.

With that he asked me if I am game to which I kiss him on the lips.

Taking my hand he leads to the loo just off the kitchen area. We start kissing quite passionately. While he plays with my pussy. I get his cock out and start wanking him off.

Not long before he turns me round and and lifts my skirt up. As I lean over I grab the hand rail in the wall and put one leg ?? up the radiator.

He slides in side me and goes straight into a hard and fast pounding. Must have only been 40 seconds before I heard his breathing get deeper and quicker. Then bang! I could feel him cum inside me. Felt amazing ?.

We sorted our selves out and headed back into the kitchen to grab our lunches.

Needless to say the afternoon was a good laugh and plenty of banter ?. And some more slutty flirting off me ? xxxxx