Written by Julian

28 Mar 2009

‘OK honkie, where we gonna take your slut bitch. Your place or ours?’ The gang leader asked while he was still feeling my wife’s pert little bottom, while another one of the gang lifted my her dress. ‘Ooh nice mama,’ this other guy said as his efforts revealed the two inches of pretty lace and a hint of white shimmering satin from her full slip. We gonna enjoy you bitch. Classy, very classy. ‘ The lout was about 18, but his eyes glinted with worldly wisdom of the worst kind

Helen looked terrified as I struggled to speak. ‘Neither,’ I said at last. I gulped before saying: ‘there are some green railings half way up the hill, on the right. Down that little track, there is a little building.’

‘Oh yeah, yeah,’ the gang leader said impatiently. ‘You lead the way with de bitch and we walk behind you honkie. We like watching yer bitch on her high heels walking. Dose stockings real cool, tease my big black prick.’ I didn’t reply. . ‘ Has any one else ever fucked the slut?’ He added, speaking as if my embarrassed wife wasn’t within hearing. ‘No I stuttered.’ ‘Well we gunna make up for dat den. She wasted on you pussy boy.’

The gang opened up and we walked out onto the pavement. Helen’s high heels meant we could not walk very fast. It was very late now and there were not many people about. A few cars hooted as I walked along with my teetering wife. Still my brain only heard the sound of my pretty young wife’s click clacking high-heeled shoes and the accompanying feminine rustle of heavy satin and lingerie under her staff nurses prim and proper dress. Occasionally I heard lewd comments about us from the gang of black youths and two old men who were following us.

It seemed like hours before we reached the turning into the rough track that led to the

Old council shed and yard. I guessed that the council must have forgotten that they owned it because it was so neglected. My wife had to slow her pace because the rough track was not easy in such high heels. I heard the scuffing sound of the uncouth young blacks booted feet, tramping along behind us. It was a public footpath, so there was a little lighting and the sky is always bright in London. You cannot see the stars.

My heart sank when we got to the yard. It was full of winos and dossers, all drinking and a fire had been lit. Their faces were even more repulsive as they wailed into the empty space of the night. Both of us turned and looked at the black gang behind us. ‘Keep moving sluts, ain’t no turnin’ back now’ the leader said, while the others laughed at us.

I was too nervous for my tiny prick to get hard. I also feared that what we were doing was very wrong. I took hold of Helen’s little hand. She gave me a brief wide-eyed glance, then looked back down at the track cautiously making her way to the wall of the building. I cast my eyes toward the down and outs. There were about fifteen of them in ragged smelly clothes with horrible worn out faces and broken bodies. I thought how easily a person could fall from on high and how hard it was to climb up.

The gang were close behind us when we got right up to the building. I’ll take over from here bitch boy,’ the leader said, pulling me out of the way. He turned to one of his sneering friends, speaking to him in a very cold and authoritative way, beyond his years; ‘Get his clothes off him.’ Oh my God, I thought, I hadn’t expected that. I just had time to see Helen pushed up against the wall and for the leader to start kissing my wife hard on her lips.

They made me bend and take my shoes and socks off. Then two of the yobs pulled my jacket and trousers off. It took only a minute or so before I was stripped to my white briefs. My little prick was suddenly soft inside my tight white briefs. Seconds later, my circumcised cock head was exposed, standing up for them ‘Errol, Errol, look at de little motherfucker’ said the big guy who had stripped me. The ring of yobs parted enough for me to see that Errol, the leader had his hand up my wife’s dress and she was squirming at his touch. The yob was pointing between my legs and calling to Errol, few yards away, ‘Look the little mother fucker is a Jew.’ Everyone was laughing at me and the humiliation combined with my wife’s exquisite vulnerability was stirring with the humiliation.

‘Come ‘ere bitch boy, wan yer to see what we do to yer wife’s pretty little cunt.’ Errol said in a nasty commanding voice. I was pushed toward him and made to stand only a few feet in front of my beautifully dressed staff nurse wife. Then I heard the gang members moving and felt hot breath behind me. I looked over my shoulder and saw the two old men behind me. The black one still had his broom. Their dirty clothes were touching me. I heard more movement and noticed that the down and outs were joining in the audience, hopefully not to participate. The two old men stood either side of me. I paid them little attention because Errol had got two men to stand either side of Helen. They looked menacing and had taken their penises from their baggy trousers.

She stood their primly, her cheeks glowing, her lips slightly parted, head bowed as Errol felt between her legs. He looked like he was in another world and was grunting with vile pleasure. The two old men moved closer to me. My prick was twitching more and my balls were tingling. I had wanted to get an erection watching this, but had not expected the humiliation of public display I both wanted to rescue Helen from this mad idea, and have her hard fucked by all of them, except the down and outs with their filthy hands, clothes and straggly greying balding hair.

Helen was flat against the wall. Her cape was still tied and her nurse’s cap still tied across her 34d breasts. Errol had his other hand touching and squeezing them while feeling under her staff nurses dress and slip: ‘Mmmm, nice, very nice, gonna juice you up bitch for a lot of man size cock. Maybe gonna give you a baby. You on de pill bitch?.’ Helen was silent in response to his ugly voice. The two men on either side were looking down at her and smirking. The pressure of Errol’’s big black hand was forcing my wife’s slender black seamed silk stockinged legs apart and she struggled to balance on her five inch black patent leather high heels. From the intensity of Eroll’s expression and the way Helen suddenly threw back her head, I guessed he had his hand inside her high cut lace and satin French knickers. I had seen her put them on this morning along with her matching lavish satin and lace suspender belt. The suspenders had lavish ribbons, cut to a point. She had looked very desirable and pretty, fastening them to the dark silk bands of her stocking tops. We had a lot of money, like our parents. Her lingerie, including the slip was made by a firm called Janet Reiger. Only rich folk could afford such luxuries. This would be the first time that such black louts and down and outs had ever seen such luxurious lingerie. Soon big horrible, cruel black hands would be all over her in it.

The thought of it was making me prick swell. There was nothing I could do to stop it. I heard rasping laughter close to each of my ears and saw the old men looking at my sex. Then I noticed the black man had taken his out of his trousers. It was enormous and I thought that I could smell it. Somehow, I knew it was going to go inside my pretty wife’s bald pink little slit. I pictured it, with its almost invisible labia, and proud little clit. Her hood was very small and her clit terribly exposed when she was naked, as she soon would be for these beasts. Now my prick was at its full five inches and the men were laughing at me. The black man said: ‘Well with a little dickie like dat, no wonder you wan yer bitch to get a proper seeing too.’ He looked across at his sneering old white friend, who was alternating between looking at my sex and what was happening to Helen.

Errol had both hands on Helen’s cape and undid the crossover red ties. It hung open and was soon in the hands of one of the young blacks on either side of her. Now Errol started to undo the buttons of her staff nurses blue uniform dress. The filly white ruffles at the end of each short sleeve, accentuated her vulnerable appearance, making her arms look very thin. Errol was standing slightly to one side of her, giving all the leering young men a good view of him undressing her. My thin little prick was now at its hardest and throbbing for release. I was afraid I might just ejaculate at the thought of what was going to happen to Helen. Her head was still back and she had closed her eyes. The blue of her eye shadow almost matched the colour of her dress. Her long dark mascara made me very aware of just how long her eyelashes were.

I noticed that the down and outs were all swigging from dirty looking bottles and they were calling out of obscenities. One shouted out’ Strip the slut bare and let’s all have a poke at her. Helen opened her eyes at the sound. The black Kohl around her eyes made her eyes look Doe like and startled. By this time, Errol had undone the buttons all the way down to her slender waist and everyone had sight of the shimmering satin top of her full-length slip. It had lashings of lace around the bust line, pampering and making her breasts look even softer. Under the slip she wore a Janet Reiger satin and lace bra because the cups of her slip did not offer enough support.

I watched as Errol felt her up, through the shimmering white satin of her slip and bra cups. She was squirming at his touch, but got some respite from his heavy petting when he turned his attention to her staff nurse’s uniform belt. I recall how proud my wife had been when she completed her SRN diploma in nursing course and had been awarded the belt. ‘You bitch been wide any udda boy?’ The black man whispered into my ear, dousing me with foul smelling breath. ‘No, I whispered back to him, looking shame faced. ‘Well de slut gunna know it now. My God, look at that, ohhhh.’ He and the other old man were staring at my wife, as the final buttons of her blue uniform dress were undone.

I looked at my wife, pressed hard against the wall, balancing unsteadily in very high heels. Her dress was pulled open, revealing her trim little figure in the very shimmering white satin full slip. It was dripping with about two inches of exquisite white lace all around the hem-, which came to just above her black silk stocking knees. Errol jerked her towards him and pulled the dress off of her. One of the thighs young henchmen took it off of him. The satin slip fitted her perfectly, encasing her small trim figure and showing it off to perfection. In the pathway and campfire light, the heavy satin of the slip could not hide what was underneath it. Quite clear to every lusting man’s eye was the outline of her expensive white lace and satin suspender belt and matching high cut French knickers. The bulging tight vee of those knickers, and the flatness of her crotch were marked out like a target, just as were her proud little breasts which Errol had now started mauling again through the satin cups that barely hid them. Helen was staring haughtily at the leering men, as if steeling herself to what was bound to happen. I glanced at the young men all around me. All of them had unleashed substantial thick long pricks and they were massaging them ready for action between my wife’s legs.

My prick was fit to burst, just as I felt something pointed touch my bare bottom. I froze. The old black man was behind me and touching me with something. Just as the old white man kneeled down and grabbed hold of my hard little penis and balls, I realised that the black guy was poking my bottom with his broom handle. ‘Don’t move slut or

I’ll crush your little nut sac’ said the horrible old white man. Just keep your eyes on your little wife while we help you enjoy the show.’ He said in his rasping old voice. As he spoke, I noticed he had no teeth, which is why his voice sounded so funny.

Errol was standing back now, admiring my wife in her pretty lingerie, high heels and stockings. ‘You some posh stuck up slut, walk around a bit for us, come on slut, go over dere and say ello to de hobos. ‘Oh my God. He is going to let those filthy men rape her. I had wanted young black dicks exploding inside my wife, not filthy dirty no hopers. She looked outrageously sexy and demure; all at the same time as she Helen was looking down at the floor as Errol flicked her little white nurses cap off and undid the clips that held her long wavy blonde hair in the pleat. It sprang loose and instinctively she shook her locks and the hair cascaded down over her slender white shoulders. Here eyes were big and looked soulfully in the direction of the down and outs. She looked very young and shy. Errol and the black guys laughed. One of the henchmen said to me: ‘you want your wife fucked by dirty men. Well we ain’t dirty, they so dirty they almost black.’

The old man felt my prick twitching and started to squeeze and rub it hard. Seeing Helen looks so suddenly haughty as she teetered toward the dirty down and outs was an erotic thrill. At the back of my mind I guessed the young black guys were only teasing us to make a point. I had told Errol, before we walked up the hill, that no other man had used her for sex and that I had known her since she was at an exclusive boarding school. They all had such huge stiff pricks sticking out, they would not want her spoiled and in any case they hadn’t permission to help men rape her. Still the sight of her being escorted by one of the henchmen toward the dossers was getting too much for me.

The black man was also pushing his broom handle into my bottom while the other one wanked me. Helen’s hips were pushed forward from walking on high heels, her golden hair swayed with her movements. Her sex was now almost anybody’s. Her flimsy undies were an invitation, not a defence. The sight of her little bottom pushing out from the very white shimmering slip contrasted with the sheer black stockings. As she faced the dossers direction, I saw the perfectly straight seams in her stockings, they finished erotically in little darts where they met with her high heels. It was an overpowering sight and I was going to cum. I thought how humiliated I had felt after my orgasm after I had been telling her how much I wanted black men to fuck her hard and how she would love it. I had gotten off thinking of her as a posh slut. I didn’t want to cum and then have to watch the real thing. But seeing the horrible contorted faces of those broken men as they stumbled to meet her, and to touch her, was getting too much.

The broom handle was hurting me, but combined with seeing my wife looking so vulnerable in her undies, and all the vile names all the men were calling out, I was not going to hold out. The old man was pumping me hard and a down and out was reaching to put his gnarled hand under the lacy hem of my wife’s slip, when I started to spurt my semen and sperm in a powerful little jet. The old white man looked up laughing at me, and the black man nearly punctured my rectum before pulling the broom handle out of me, and the white man squeezed my balls very hard. It had been my most intense orgasm and now I felt humiliated. My body was shaking. But at least the henchman was turning Helen around and walking her back to her position against the wall. The camp fire was now behind her, giving an illuminated view of the high cut satin and lace French Knickers and suspenders under her slip. My body was still shaking. The old men weren’t interested in me now. They both had their penises out and both were surprisingly large for men so old.

Much to my surprise, Helen looked aroused as she teetered back in my direction. She was still blushing, but doing exactly as she was told. Helen was pulled way from the wall as one of the black henchmen got behind her. Errol stood in front, playing with his dreadlocks as he spoke. ‘Now gentlemen, here we have a nice little white girl, in her pretty little frillies. Did you ever see such a posh little black man’s whore? Would you believe dickless here is going to let us show her what real fucking is about? See here dese soft little titties.’ Errol mauled both of them, then stroked the satin of her undergarments. ‘You must please these, but the real prize is de pussy.’’ The henchman gradually eased up my wife’s satin slip, holding it by the lace. The white satin moved in folds, shimmering in the light. Very slowly her black stocking tops and white suspender ribbons came into view. Her slender thighs were pressed tightly together as the full exquisite and very feminine slip was pulled high enough to expose the tight satin material of her knickers. The tight vee of satin was edged by deep lace around the leg openings and making her sex look even more pampered and vulnerable. Eros’s oversized Black Hand went between her legs, feeling her crotch in front of everybody. His thumb moved up and down, teasing her clitoris. ‘Nice clitty bitch, let me se if I can bring you on.’’ Helen was moaning softly, head bowed in contemplation of what was happening. I was feeling deep shame. Errols other hand started groping her breasts again, through her smooth slip and bra.

‘She juicing up real nice. She luvvin it ain’t yer slut?’ Amazingly I heard Helen whisper ‘Yes.’ Hearing this, the young black rubbed even harder, gripping her breasts so hard that when he moved his hands away for a moment I could see her enlarged nipples through the two layers of white satin that covered her breasts. Errol had now got so excited that he pressed his face down to hers and kissed her hard on her red painted lips. I guessed he was tonguing her. All the time his hands worked harder and harder on her clitoris while his free hand delved into her cleavage. Helen looked as if she was in another world, while the watching blacks and the old white man massaged their pricks. Glancing at those pricks, I could not believe that one of them would go into her, let alone all of them.

Now it was clear that Errol had his hand inside the crotch of my wife’s French knickers. He was finger fucking her so hard that he was raising her off the ground, with the help of the man behind her. . Her pussy made slurping sounds as the fingers moved faster. He was finger fucking her now and face looked pained. My own orgasm was humiliating, I wondered how on earth my staff nurse wife was going to cope with the embarrassment of the one that was about to engulf her slender body in front of such an awful crowd of leering lustful men. Too late to worry about that now. Helen started to cum, her body shaking in the grip of these large men. Her orgasm had not finished when Errol stood back. The guy behind her had her slip held tightly, keeping her knickers on display. Her little mound stood out proudly through the satin. Errol stood back and laughed, ‘Hey she got a bald fanny, nice and tight and I am going to fuck it.’ His expression looked serious and angry as he moved in on my wife again. His right hand aimed his ten inch fat black prick and the other pulling the lace and satin away from my wife’s crotch.

It seemed to be slow motion when as he put the big head of his cock against my wife’s little slit. Then he just rammed it into her, hard and painfully. She cried out, but he just pulled back and did it again and an again. He was holding her by her tiny waist, pulling back and hitting her sex with full force. He must have been banging right through her cervix. I hoped the coil was designed for this treatment. On and on he banged my wife, whose cries of pain had given way to whimpers of pleasure and then loud moans of head rolling ecstasy as she started to cum. The sight, feel and sound of my wife approaching orgasm was making Errol call her vile names, like ‘filthy white slut prick teasing whore.’ The worse the names, the more she moaned and the harder he fucked her. She came heavily. Errol took no notice and went on fucking until she started to cum again. As she came, Errol tensed, called her a filthy fucking slut and emptied his load deep inside her convulsing cervix. The whole thing was just as I imagined it would be and my little prick was growing hard again. I had been so distracted by what had been happening that I had even forgotten that I was naked. With so many other men waiting their turn in Helen’s pussy, I wondered how on earth she could take any more.