Written by Sean

5 Sep 2017

My wife has been fucked by plenty of men besides me. She loves sex and can’t get enough of it. I love to see her satisfied. She has had long term lovers but they all eventually cause trouble. It goes good for a while and we all get off on the “no strings attached” fucking arrangement. But eventually they want her on her own or want her to go for weekends with them. Some ask her why she stays with me when I let her fuck men while I watch. They just don’t get it.

So we don’t do that anymore. We just go out and cruise the pubs and bars. She has a good body, keeps herself fit and has long blonde hair. She also dresses to impress. We nearly always find someone she likes. That’s the key, she has to like them.

The most recent night out was last Friday. We went into a bar. We went there to see if there were any single guys. She saw a guy that appealed to her and there was space beside him. We sat down with her next to him. She flirted, he bought us a drink.

She moved his hand to her thigh as she parted her legs. She doesn’t waste time. He soon found no panties, and an excited bald wet pussy to finger. He turned more towards her and worked his fingers in her. I know that because she told me as he was doing it. He built up some speed and she got wet stared to squirt. That’s what she does. She was pretty hyped up when we went to the bar so it didn’t take a lot to get her off.

She told him we had a room and asked him to come there with us. He was all over her to the hotel and up in the lift. She told him that I would be there but not to take any notice. He didn’t care, most don’t. Why would they? If they do then it stops right there.

He was a good fuck. He had a nice cock and a fit body. He knew how to please her. He filled 3 condoms. We always carry them just encase they don’t have any or some guys only have one tucked in the wallet.

I got to take pictures of a hot session. Nothing beats sitting back stroking your cock, watching your own private porno show with your wife as the star.

He left next morning after he fucked her again. We only know his name was Ben or that’s what he told us. We don’t ask for out give out phone numbers. She would definitely fuck him again if we ran into him. But as I said earlier it’s better to fuck and forget.

I fucked her after he left. I had cum when I watched him fuck her the first time last night. So I was ready to cum again. Then we showered and packed up and went out to find some breakfast.

I have joined in before when she had lovers we knew but now I watch more. They tend to get pretty involved with each other and we don’t want to scare them off.

But when I did used to join in it was so, so hot to touch, kiss and nibble her while another man gives her his cock. It never seemed make sense that it made me feel so close to her but it did.

I also liked them to cum in her. When they pulled out of her she would show me and let me play with her dripping pussy. But now we always use condoms so there is no more cum games.

Maybe one day we can find a way.