Written by The Storyteller

28 Aug 2017

Rita is a widow who lost her husband to cancer 8 years ago and has lived a quiet, even shy, existence since then. She lives in the Victorian terraced house where she and her late husband spent most of their married lives. There was a time when everybody knew everybody else in the street, including their business, but times change and the street was now full of young professionals who have a different attitude towards life. The one exception was Rita’s friend Joan, who lives next door with her husband, and with whom Rita feels she has a lot in common.

Rita is 67 years of age, although she looks a lot younger. After her husband’s death, Rita started going to Zumba Fitness classes once or twice a week, in an effort to lose a bit of weight, and she found that this helped her feel better about herself. She did lose a bit of weight, but she decided she didn’t want the body of a stick insect, so was content with being ‘nicely rounded’. Her doctor had told Rita that regular exercise was good for her in many ways and she also read that the vitamin D gained from sunbathing would help her mental attitude, so she liked to spend some time soaking up the rays in her small back garden.

Her house is a typical Victorian terraced house, with a small garden, a passageway along the back, and another row of houses in the next street backing onto her. Rita quickly realised that her small back garden was quite private actually due to the height of the walls, and it was only the few houses either side of her and those immediately behind her who could readily ‘spy’ on her while she was sunbathing. With her new positive mental attitude, Rita decided she would be a bit more daring when sunbathing, so she bought a two-piece swimsuit from M&S, and she found that wearing this made her feel even more invigorated. After a while, she decided to be more daring by sunbathing topless, which eventually progressed to naked sunbathing, which made her feel really ’naughty’.

One sunny summer’s Saturday morning, Rita was sunbathing naked in her back garden, she found that late morning was a good time to get some overhead sun, and she enjoyed being ‘daring’. All of a sudden, the curtains of the back bedroom in the house immediately behind her were thrown back to reveal a young man standing in all his glory, naked. He stretched his arms out, suggesting he had only just woken up and, after a few moments, Rita wondered whether he was looking down at her. She realised that, as she was wearing sunglasses, he probably couldn’t see which way she was looking, he may even think she was asleep, so if she remained still, she could continue looking at his athletic body.

His manhood looked a nice size hanging down, and it became clear he was looking at Rita when his cock began to rise, eventually standing proud. Rita was amazed she could still have this effect on a man, especially one so young. All of a sudden, he seemed to come to his senses, and he closed the curtains hurredly. Rita was so disappointed, watching the young man’s erection had aroused her too, and she had started to feel damp between her legs, something that had been almost alien to her for many years.

After a few moments, the curtains opened cautiously and Rita decided she should let him know she approved of his erection, so she removed her sunglasses and smiled, he smiled back. He stood in his bedroom window, apparently admiring Rita’s naked body for some time, which made her feel even better about herself. She decided she wanted to stimulate herself, so she started to stroke her breasts, progressing to opening her legs so she could explore her private place with her fingers. He began masturbating his very erect cock, they were both smiling as they enjoyed this non-verbal exchange. It wasn’t too long before she orgasmed, her vaginal juices covering her hand and, as she recovered her composure, she saw that he was ‘shooting his load’ too. Rita thought that his orgasm seemed to go on forever, shooting his seed high into the air, and she wondered what it would be like having that inside her.

They finished off smiling broadly at each other, blowing kisses and he eventually closed the curtains. Rita decided she should go inside to clean herself up, as she reflected on the sight of a young man becoming so excited at the sight of her body. That night, she masturbated again, imagining he was inside her and she had the most amazing orgasm.

The following morning, Rita awoke bright and early at 7.30 am, she wanted to ensure she saw her ‘new neighbour’ when he opened the curtains, so she put her dressing gown on and, by 8.30 was sitting on her patio with a cup of tea. She seemed to have timed it nicely as she hadn’t been there too long before the curtains of the house behind opened revealing the young man in all his glory. She ‘toasted’ his body with her cup of tea, which he seemed to take as an invitation to come over for a drink as he gave her the thumbs up and arrived at her back gate in about 10 minutes.

They went inside and sat at the kitchen table getting to know each other. His name was Terry, he didn’t say how old he is, but Rita guessed about 30, he said he is divorced and didn’t have time for relationships nowadays as he is ‘married to his job’. They touched briefly on the previous mornings events and then, out of the blue, he said “I want to fuck you”. Rita was taken aback initially and then, remembering her orgasm in bed the night before, she found herself saying “well I hope you’re not intending to have me over the kitchen table, I want some comfort upstairs”. She was just thinking did I really say that, when he took her by the hand and led her towards the stairs.

Immediately they entered her bedroom, they were all over each other, kissing and fondling each other. It occurred to Rita that what was happening seemed to have been ‘decreed’ as she was wearing nothing under her dressing gown and he was wearing next to nothing, all of which was cast aside with increasing passion. She sucked his cock to full erection before he stopped her going too far and went down on her, licking her clit and fucking her cunt with his tongue. Rita orgasmed like never before, she remembered her very satisfying love life with her husband, but this was lust, pure unadulterated sex and it felt so different. Eventually, he kneeled up and, seeing his face bathed in her vaginal juices, she realised how heavily she had been orgasming.

Rita had never been ‘taken’ by any man before, even her husband had been gentle and respectful before he fucked her, but Terry wanted her and wasn’t going to take no for an answer. He plunged his cock into her very willing cunt and fucked her vigorously. The orgasm she enjoyed on his tongue rapidly returned and she was so hoping it would go on forever, when she felt his cock start to twitch, he gasped and thrust himself deep into her cunt and bathed her cervix in his hot sperm.

As they lay together afterwards, he apologised for not pleasuring her properly, he said he had not been with a woman since his wife left him over 5 years ago and he had cum too quickly. Rita said she had enjoyed it nonetheless, but she hoped it would be better the next time. They stayed in bed for the rest of that morning and they fucked again at lunchtime. Terry was much more controlled the second time and, by the time he was ready to cum inside her again, she was truly ready for him.

That was the first time of many for both of them. Although he said he was ‘married to his job’, Terry always found the time when he was at home to give her a good seeing to. Despite her close friendship with Joan next door, Rita never told her about her visits from Terry, although Joan had noticed the new sparkle in Rita’s eye which gave away her true feelings.