Written by Nigel T

12 Mar 2019

My GF Clair is 24 and fucking hot. She has long strawberry blond hair, a great body with an amazing ass and big but firm tits. We met in a club and there was a spark immediately but as hot as she is she is quite shy and it was about two weeks before we went to bed and a bot longer before I convinced her to stand in front of me naked. So, after a few months she told me about her ex and how he was boring and hence ex, but she opened up and started telling me how she loved sex but had always wanted to be naughty, in fact going as far as to say how she had always wished that she had the confidence to fuck a stranger, that got me thinking.

A couple of months later we went on holiday, to see her in her swim stuff and watch men stair at her made me hard, one guy in particular kept making excuses to talk to her and I knew that even though I couldn’t see his eyes he was looking at her tits. His English was crap but he would tell her how pretty she was even in front of me. He was very dark, Spanish and in his mid 50’s, I asked Clair if he was the sort of stranger she would like to fuck and she just giggled but I could tell that she had the hots for him.

I asked her to wear an outfit I thought was hot as hell, champagne coloured skirt and jacket and a white blouse, I even managed to get her to go without the bra as her tits would be hidden by the jacket. We went to our evening meal and I made sure he was at our table. As it was a self-service meal I kept winding her up when he wasn’t there, asking her if she fancied letting him fell her tits and what if his cock was inside her. I joked about her imagining his cock fucking her right now and I swear she came at the dinner table.

Over the next hour I encouraged him to flirt and when he said something about how attractive Clair was and how she looked amazing I let slip how much I loved her outfit’ especially when she doesn’t wear a bra’. Clair looked as though she was going to kill me but giggled at the same time, his eyes barely moved from her tits so when no one was looking I pulled her jacket open. Her tits were pushing against the white material, her huge nipples, hard because she was obv Horney as fuck looked as though they were trying to escape. His face was a picture.

I was now desperate to watch them fuck but wasn’t sure if Clair was up for it so I suggested he came to our room for a drink and asked Clair if she was ok with that. She looked down and then at me and asked if I was sure then added that she didn’t know. I assured her that t could be just for a drink and got an agreement with our new friend but I was determined to get them to fuck.

We went to the room with our drinks and it was a bit awkward at first, I told him to sit on the bed whilst I leant against the draws and pulled Clair so she had her back to me. I hugged her and asked him if he thought she was hot, he agreed immediately. I looked round at Clairs face to look for any sign of her not being into this and pulled her jacket off and laid it on the chair next to us. Her blouse was already undone to just above her tits but front behind her I undid a few more buttons. It was obvious that he was hard as fuck and was eager to see Clair’s tits. I undid them down to the last button, but the material still covered her breasts. I was about to undo the last one and open her blouse when she moved my hand away, undid the last button and opened her blouse, her tanned tits on show.

We were about two foot from the bed, I stood up and put my hands on her hips and moved her forward. No one said anything but she pulled her closer to him and ran his tongue round her nipples. Clair gave out a little whimper, looked back at me and biting her lip ( which turns me on like crazy) she unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor. Our new friend pulled her knickers off and, turning her round laid her gently on the bed. I just sat back on the draws and watched him step ut of his jeans and pull his t short off, go down on my GF’s pussy and listened to her cry and moan as he opened her pussy and fucked her with his tongue.

I was jealous as fuck but it was hot, I loved watching him run his tongue up her belly to her sweaty tits and gently suck her and listen to her whimper and push her tits into his face. Then he slid his fat cock into her shaved pussy and she let out a load groan.

For the next 20 min or so I listened to her go on about how big and hard he was and how he was making her cum, I listened to him groan and say stuff in Spanish, Clair chanting ‘fuck this is good’ and ‘fuck I’m going to cum’. Her big sweaty tits bounced whilst he shafted her hard, moaning and grunting, occasionally he grabbed one of her tits and fucker her hard. He pulled out and I thought he was going to cum on her tits but he turned Clair onto her side, lay behind her in the spoon position and slid his cock back into her pussy and fucked her from behind laying down.

She kept calling out that she couldn’t cope and how hard he was and how he was deep inside her. Then he turned her onto her back, lay on top of her and fucker her hard. They were going nut’s shagging like fucking as thought they hadn’t fucked for years. Then I realised that he wasn’t wearing a condom and suggested he doesn’t cum inside her.

Clair wrapped her legs round his ass and cried out begging him to cum in her ‘no, cum inside me , fuck I’m cuming’ then she let out a long half groan half cry and froze. I knew she was cuming and so was he, he gave a good few sharp thrusts and was filling my GF with his white stuff. I was gutted, it had been great to watch but impregnating my GF was tuff.

He lay on her, both of them catching their breath, then he started again and came in her again and she climaxed again.

After he left I fucked her hard and it was amazing. The next evening we shared her, taking it in turns to fuck her pussy and her mouth, her begging for more, then for us to stop and then negging for more again was fantastic, her tits bouncing whilst she was shafted by the two of us was the highlight of the holiday.

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