Written by Riverstar

25 Jun 2007

All this happened a long time ago but I have never forgotten. Sue and I had been together off and on for about three years before we bought our first house, but unfortunately it was not to last so when we sold up I needed to find somewhere to store my share of the furniture. I had always got on well with Sarah, Sue’s mother who was recently widowed and until recently had been conducting an affair with a neighbour. Sarah kindly offered to store my furniture in her garage so on the appointed day I hired a van and moved everything into the garage, Sarah suggested that after returning the van that I return in the evening and she would cook me dinner which I did. Although she was thirty years older than me Sarah was still attractive and I knew that she fancied me as when we danced together she always held me tighter than really necessary.

The evening started with a beer for me and a G&T for her followed by wine and a meal, Sarah then suggested we dance and as she held me tight my cock started to harden and the tighter she held me the harder it became. I could not help but to grab her ass and pull her pelvic bone tighter and tighter into my cock grinding all the time. Please don’t go said Sarah I want you to fuck me, I’ve wanted you to fuck me for years and I must say I had also often thought of it.

Taking her by the hand to the bedroom I slowly removed her satin blouse, unclipping her bra the most beautiful tits swung free, I had often wondered what they looked like now I knew. Beautiful large brown nipples which I could have sucked on all night. Slowly she unbuttoned my shirt, I then slowly removed her trousers and she did likewise. We stood facing each other in our underwear my cock straining to get out, kneeling I removed her knickers revelling the fanny I had often imagined it was beautiful but quickly she pulled me to my feet and knelling she removed my pants and taking hold of my cock which by now was the biggest I have seen it began to suck it.

I was by now desperate to get a good look at her cunt and taste her juices so sliding on to the bed parted her legs to reveal the perfect cunt with the most beautiful lips which tasted of heaven. We seemed to spend for ever just licking and sucking each other before she said fuck me for which I needed no encouragement. We fucked for ages and it was the most beautiful fuck I have ever had, coming with explosive force I fell back exhausted and watched my come trickle from her cunt and into her ass and I traced a line with my finger from her cunt to her ass hole. “I’ve never had it up there” said Sarah nor have I, I replied, grabbing my cock which was now coming back to life Sarah said lets try. God knows how many times and in what ways we fucked that night but it was a record I have never broken.

We met a few times after that with Sarah always wearing a summer skirt and no knickers so she could flash at me when I was driving but it all came to a end when I moved away and we lost contact which is a pity as I still dream of that night thirty years later. I did meet Sue the ex a few times she never said anything but I think she suspected