Written by Andy66

11 May 2009

In March my wife started a project with her work in Edinburgh – and she will be there for the majority of the year – she has come home a few times – but I have seen little of her for the last 8 or 9 weeks.

Our next door neighbours are Greek and they have kids who are all late teens early 20’s. One of their children is good friends with my wife and they buy clothes together and watch a bit of TV. In the first week my wife was away the door bell went one early evening and Maria was at the door – I explained that Clare was away but she said she knew that ‘she was coming round to keep an eye on me’. I let her in and we spent a dull evening watching TV, drinking beer and making polite if uninteresting conversation.

I thought nothing of this until a few days later when Maria turned up again – I didn’t have the heart to turn her away – I’d mentioned her previous visit to Clare and she’d instructed me’ to be nice’.

Maria is about 20 short and dark – with nice tits and a nice arse – she’s nothing special to look at but the body is very good. Her parents seem very strict and a bit overbearing – that said they are good people.

Anyway I opened some beer and we couldn’t find anything on the TV – despite having a hundred and odd channels. Maria said we could always turn the TV off and talk – a good idea if we had anything to talk about. I turned the TV off and said to Maria – so what do you want to talk about. Maria said what about ‘sex’ – I assumed she was winding me up and ignored her. She then said that she really did want to talk about sex – I said okay let’s talk. She asked me a few easy questions like when did I first have sex and what was my favourite position; how many women had I slept with. I was happy to answer I have no secrets in that respect. I then asked Nicky – what about you? She said she’s only slept with her dildo and her fingers – I was surprised her parents were strict but I thought someone would have nailed her by now – those tits are fabulous.

We then talked about our masturbation habits – the only form of sex for either of us in the coming months (or so I thought) – Maria asked me if I liked been watched – I said that Clare watched me all the time and I watched her. This seemed to turn Maria on and she indicated that she’d like someone to watch her – she seemed to suggest that she was masturbating 2 or 3 times a day.

I got quite turned on by our chat and I could see that Maria was really turned (her face and chest were flushed) – it was late and I thought Maria had better go – she agreed and we had a few awkward silences before I kissed her on the cheek and she left.

I hoped she’d return the next night but she didn’t. About 4 days later she did ring on the door at about 7 p.m. She was wearing a short white skirt and a tight blue t shirt that showed off her tits and just a pair of flip flops, her exposed legs looked great – I remarked ‘anyone would think it was summer’ because the weather was wet and cold.

She was on a mission this night and after downing a couple of quick beers she suggested that I ‘explore her virgin pussy’. I did wonder if she was serious so I just said ‘well get your knickers down then’. To my gobsmacked amazement – in the middle of our living room she pulled her white knickers down and sat on the sofa with her skirt pulled up exposing a very hairy pussy to me. I wasn’t sure what to do – did I tell her to put her knickers back on and go home (believe me this did go thru my head), or just get in there and have a damn good lick. I did what any man would have done and leaned forward and kissed her on the mouth, before rubbing her pussy with my hand. She was wet. I then kneeled in front of her (and she lay back closing her eyes) and parting her pussy with my thumbs I ran my tongue along its length – she tasted so sweet and I could feel her moans as I slid my tongue up and down her length. I gently licked and explored her beautiful hairy pussy for a good half an hour licking from her hood right round to her bum as she lay on her side with her legs apart. I paused occasionally to kiss her beautiful mouth and to lift her top off (and remove her bra) to expose those lovely breasts with big brown nipples. I suggested we go to bed and she followed me upstairs – she was completely naked and I quickly stripped and joined her on the bed where we adopted a 69 position. She played with and sucked my cock while I got busy licking her a bit harder and exposing her clit – which she seemed to like. Her pussy and my face were soaking when she eventually came – screaming the place down. Immediately after she came she demanded that we have sex – this left me rooting in the spare room for a condom. I found one and opened it up kneeled between Maria’s legs rolling it on to my cock which was now rock hard. Maria then lay back and spread her legs which I forced upwards so her knees were around her shoulders. I very carefully eased my penis – which is not huge, about 5 ½ inches – between Maris fanny lips and slowly I slid into her wetness – she was tight but it felt good and I gently caressed both her face and her breasts with one hand – she looked gorgeous and she wanted me so much. I then started to ease back and forth. Maria instructed me to remove the condom – she said she wanted to feel me inside her – I complied with her wishes – withdrawing and then easing back into her. My strokes began long and slow and gradually I build up some pace and in no time we were fucking like a couple of pros. Eventually I said ‘I think we’d better stop – I think I’m gonna cum’. I eased my cock out of Maria and she finished me off by hand and I came all over her stomach – my white sperm looked lovely on her young olive skin. During our lovemaking Maria was so attentive stroking my skin and holding my hand etc. – this really wasn’t just sex it was something much deeper than that it felt close and intimate and Maria made me feel extremely special.

In the weeks since this Maria and made love most days and I am dreading my wife coming home. Firstly because this affair will have to stop and secondly I will have to face up to the guilt that I have been putting to one side. God it’s been fun though and I am not sure that things will never be quite the same again.