Written by Phil

4 Aug 2016

The girl of my dreams when I was a teenager made everyday worth waking up for, I picked her up we went for a drink and then parked up for some groping I knew immediately their was something wrong and asked her, I've met someone else and want to finish with you, I was flabbergasted, I pleaded with but to no avail. I dropped her off and returned home.

I still lived at home and my parents knew their was something wrong but left me alone. On lonely night's I would lay thinking of her and wanking, also I thought of them in the back of his car with her skirt around her at and his fingers inside her knickers while she wanked him off, this to my surprise turned me on and I made my own stories up about them.

Time passed and I had moved on to other girlfriends, but still thought of her, one Sunday the phone rang and it was her, I m in your town with a friend but she's going home would you fancy a drink, I knew this would be a disaster but we met, we went to a local pub, I sat opposite her and asked what had happened with the boyfriend, she said it was a big mistake, I told her of my fantasies (I had nothing to lose). Was I Wright yes we had sex anywhere we could,was it groping or fucking just wanking, remember this was the 1970,s. My erection was growing, she crossed her legs and I could see the tops of her stockings and a glimpse of her white knickers. It was starting to get late and she said would I take her home, I agreed and we set off we drove through the middle of town and as I looked over her dress had moved up and I could see the hem of her white petticoat.

I immediately put my hand up her dress to her knickers, she moved forward in the seat and opened her legs. I pushed her dress up above her stockings to her knickers and rubbed her, what if someone sees I think you wouldn't mind.

Being watched turns you on, yes how did you know when I thought of the places we used to go it dawned on me when we were apart and I wanking thinking of you with him that we always stopped at fairly public places but I never realized it at the time.

As we drove we passed buses and lorries and I slowed so they got a good look and I told her the next one we passed I want you to look at him and smile, she did and by now I was ready to come,the sight of her sitting in the car with her stockings and knickers on show was by to much, as you can imagine my driving was by more eratic.

We arrived at one of the places we used to park at, but this time I parked more publicly, it was dusk so some light was available. We got in the back and I moved her knickers over and slid inside her, something I'd never done as I fucked her I asked her why did you come back ,for this.I came inside her she seemed quite happy with this. We sat and talked for a while and I told her how much I had missed her but have moved on since then, I told her I'm sure you'll find someone to fill your fantasy but I couldn't be that person as I could not trust where you were. But when you just want to have open sex I'm happy to see you, my erection had come back she took her knickers off and wanked me into them. I dropped her off and drove home..

Time passed and I thought of that Sunday many times, then out of the blue I got another call from her with a suggestion of something we might both like, if you're interested I'll let you know.