Written by Me again

29 Nov 2010

After realising that the events leading up to my first story (Girlfriend's first time cheating) turned me on I made no secret to L that I didn't mind.

Well the incident with her old Headteacher had really got me imagining her with another man and it drove me crazy and i found myself longing for her to tell me more. The school that she left in the summer were having a staff night out and some of the girls had invited L to join them.

L went after being persuaded by me that it would be good. When she was getting ready I watched her paint her lips pink, put on her tights that make her legs look so damn sexy, with the short, blue dress that makes her tits look lovely.

She did not return home until 4am and took a shower straight away. I was drunk and tired and didn't really speak to her until the morning. When I woke up I asked her if she had had a good time and she smiled and nodded. Then she siad words that grabbed my attention "Honey, do you remember when you said that it excited you thinking about me sleeping with other guys?" I said yes and she showed me a text on her phone. It read "That was great, if you ever fancy more, let me know." It was from a guy called James from her old school. I asked her what happened and this is what she told me.

They had all met in a bar in town and it was just the girls. One of the girls kept mentioning the Head and L was worried that he had told people about what had happened. But nothing was mentioned and they moved on. In the 3rd bar, the lads all jolined them. The headteacher was there with the other 2 male teachers. The Head and the other were older and not particularly good looking but James is a handsome chap who all the girls have a thing for.

After a few drinks, L and James got chatting by the bar. It was flirtatious and fun until James said "So the head reckoons you are really good in bed and I should have a go."

L went bright red and ran off to the toilets ashamed and close to tears. As she came out of the toilets James was waiting for her and told her not to be embarassed and that he was only kidding. L said that she didn't think the Head would tell anyone and that she felt like a slut. James said that she should not feel like a slut although she was very sexy. L liked this and carried on talking to him. Nothing more was mentioned until they were all in the club. Jmaes was buying L drinks and getting closer before he asked her to dance. L usually hates to dance but agreed. As soon as they made their way to the floor James grabbed hold of her and was rubbing against her. She told me that this was arousing her and didn't reject him when he went to kiss her. Their tongues darted into each other's mouths and his hands began to roam. She felt conscious of being spotted so she walked him to a booth in the club. There they kissed more and he got braver with where he put his hands. They wandered up her dress and stroked her through her tights. She said that she was getting so wet that she stroked his cock through his jeans. She said that it was not a particularly large cock but shw wanted it.

When she next went off to the loo, she doesn't know why but she took off her tights and put them into the bin. When she returned she whispered to James that now he could stroke her more easily. He wasted no time and now she felt fingers against her pussy as he worked them into her thong. When a finger slipped inside she said that any possible resistance to him had gone and when he offered to take her back to his flat she agreed.

The flat was right in town and so after a quick walk they were there. Once inside he said "So the Head reckons that you just get straight down to it." L grabbed him and kissed him and their hands were all over each other. He soon had her dress pulled down so that her tits were exposed and he had a good suck of her hard nipples which she loves. She pulled off his shirt and worked on getting out his cock.

They made no attempt to get to the bedroom as soon they were both naked. james then asked her to suck his cock like she had the Head's. She wasted no time and took his smallish but thick cock into her wet mouth. He was writhing around in ecstasy as her tongue worked his glans. He didn't want to cum yet so told her to lie on her back. He got between her legs and roughly shoved his cock into her wet pussy. She groaned loudly as always as he pumped hard and fast into her. She loved this especially when he pulled backj her legs to get deeper into her.

After a few minutes he pulled out and tiold her to ride him. This is always a treat as she rides cock like her life depends on it. She rode him and told me that James could not get enough of watching her tits bounce as she rode him. After 5 minutes or so he uttered "I'm cummin." She climbed off and tried to get her mouth round his cock. She was too late and got splashed all over her face. She tasted some and scooped more into her mouth.

James just laid there panting whilst L scrambled for her clothes. "Don't bother," said James "I want you again." L started to play with James and he played with her clit trying to make her cum.

They fucked again and then he called her a taxi and like her Head kicked her out again.

After hearing this I was rock hard and immediately went down on L. I moistened her before fucking quicker than ever before. I emptied my load into her and told her that I loved her.

As she was in the shower I got her phone and text James that he and the Head should get together with her for a 3some. He replied and said that he would love that. When she got out of the shower I showed her my handiwork. She said that she will if that i what I want.