Written by t-bird

11 Oct 2008

my girlfriend Ange is 25 years old and has a fantastic body. to paint a picture of what she looks like , she\'s blonde,5 foot 4, has a petite frame, perfect little titties and a small strip of dark pubic hair.i\'ve been seeing her for 12 months and have our sex life is good. i love hearing about her stories involving previous boyfriends and get mega turned on when she tells me all the dirty things she used to do before she met me.

ive been asking her for months to do something really naughty when she\'s out on a girls night in town. she\'s recently warmed to the idea once i promised her that i wouldn\'t be angry with her whatever she did. she went out a few times with her girlfriends over the course of a month and i would always wait up for her to come in.

the third time she went out she promised that she would come back with something to tell me so i waited up watching porn and checking my phone for text messages. she went out wearing a reallys short black dress, dark tights and 4 inch heels. she was going out with her friend lisa who was a bit of a slut so i was hopeful something significant would happen. i got a text message at midnight telling me she was having fun, that she was getting really drunk on wine and that she probably wouldnt be back until really late. i texted back to remind her to be naughty and she texted back asking me whether i was really sure as her and lisa were being chatted up by a couple of good looking but immature twenty something fellas.i replied immediately in the affirmative and lay in bed with a huge hard on and a feeling of real apprehension.

i must have fallen asleep around one but was woken up around 4.30 in the morning by my girl creeping up the stairs. she was really drunk and climbed straight into bed after taking her heels off.

i was immediately wide awake and nudging into the back of her as she got herself comfortable. i whispered in her ear \"so were you naughty?\" and began running my hands up and down her legs which were still covered by her tights. she giggled and said \"yeah babe, ive been a naugthy little girl, hope you dont mind?\" i moved my fingers into her tights and under her cotton knickers and could notied that they were soaking wet!

she continued to giggle and it wasnt long before i teased the stoty out of her. she told me that the lads she and lisa had been with had bought them loads of vodka shots. the lads were called tony and ian and were both 21 years old. they went with them to a club and lisa ended up snogging ian on a couch. Ange was dancing with tony for ages and he ended up giving her a little kiss after a little bit of persuasion. she didnt really fancy him but said that he looked like he had a really good body.

lisa was keen to go back to ian\'s so she agreed and they all went back to his flat to continue the party. they hadnt been back long when lisa disappeared upstairs with ian and Ange was left alone on the sofa with tony. she explained in detail how they started kissing, slowly at first and then rally passionate tonguing which smudged her lipstick. they hadnt kissed for long but tony was groping her tits in a rough and ready manner. she began rubbing his body under his shirt and noticed how muscular he was. he bagan to rub her pussy through her tights and she began to get wetter and wetter. she responded by playfully touching his cock through his jeans. he had a really stiff cock and before she knew it he has opened his jeans and freed himself up. she began to play with his cock which she had fully released from his pants. he had a really big dick which must have been about 8 inches and really fat. she couldnt hep herself as she was really turned on and she slid down the sofa and to inspect him fully. his cock was a good inch bigger than mine, wider and had a really large purple bell end that popped out of his foreskin as she massaged his balls.

he was grunting loudly as she began to suck the end of his cock, pulling on his balls and slowly wanking his shaft.he reached over and roughly fingered her pussy at the same time, making her cum almost straight away. she described how she had only been sucking him for about 5 minutes when he moved her head to one side and took his big tool in his hand. he started tugging himself furiously and held her head about a foot away from his oversized bellend. he began moaning and proceeeded to pump 5 long squirts of cum over her neck and face. she was drenched in it and even got some of it on her hair. he laughed and went to the bathroom to clwan up. ange composed herself wiped her face on the cushion and ran out the house before flagging a taxi back home.

i was so turned on when she told me i shot mt load in my pyjamas!!!