Written by L&R

19 Jan 2017

We were invited to an old college friends wedding last summer. It was in the Eastern European area.

Laura and I took a week off and booked a nice little apartment in the town. It was Wednesday night, 2 night before the wedding and we decided to have a party for my old friends. We bought plenty of booze and invited everyone that had come over for the wedding.

Laura is about 5ft7 size 8-10 and has 34C perky tits. She was wearing a short black skirt and a t-shirt with a low cut neckline. She had her white lace thong and bra on underneath.

By about 9pm the place was full of my old friends and their girlfriends. We had a great time catching up. Most of them hadn't met Laura before so she was being chatted up all night.

By about 1am most of the couples had gone home and almost all the guys and single girls had left to the club. We were about to go out to the club too when one of the guys opened up the last bottle of vodka ,so we decided to finish it before to head out.

We sat in the living room . Laura on my lap , Erik and his girlfriend on the couch and Markus and Cris on at the kitchen table. A while later we started some odd drinking game that resulted in almost all of having to do about 3 shots each and we were all pretty fucked.

At this stage Erik and his girlfriend stated making out and Erick was grabbing her ass and squeezing it hard and they walked off to the balcony for a smoke and a snog.

Laura was still on my lap with her skirt almost around her waist and tits falling out of her top. I grabbed her ass and tried to finger her without the guys seeing and she didn't mind at all. After a few minutes I was fingering her pretty hard and in the drunkenness we didn't realise that the two guys in the room were very aware of what we were doing. Laura didn't mind she opened her legs some more for me to finger her. I layed her back on the couch,pulled her thong aside and played with her pussy.

Erik and his girl walked in and sat down to watch us. There was no going back from here. Two guys and a couple were watching me finger Laura and she was too horny to care. She came to orgasm pretty fast and sat up with her face flushed and pussy soaking wet.

It was an awkward pause in conversation for a while but a few more shots in we were back chatting and messing around. After around 3 am Erik and his girlfriend left leaving just the tree guys with Laura. We went back to the living room to finish the bottle when Cris asked if Laura would dance for us and give another performance. She asked what she meant and he said well you should return the favour shouldn't you?

She didn't say a word. She pushed me on to a chair and knelt down in front of me and put my cock in her mouth and asked Cris if thagts what he wanted! The two guys sat and watched Laura sucking me off. After a good 15 minutes she pulled her thong off and put me inside her.

Cris and Markus were wankjng off watching us and Laura asked them to come forward and took turns sucking them. She then went to the couch and fucked Markus and Cris while I watched. We all took turns fucking her took the sun came up.

Markus came first on her tits as she was sucking him then Cris fucked her hard till they both almost came together and jizzed all over her stomach and tits. I then fucked her hard and added to the load on her tits.

She was glowing with cum , he tits and pussy bright red. We all had a shower and went to bed around 6 in the morning!

Names NOT real . Obviously