Written by trainman

20 May 2013

Yrs ago I had a girlfriend, A, who gave me the key to her house ...... we both worked and she'd stay at my place sometimes, we'd stay at hers others, you know the drill.......

I'd got out of work and round to hers early one evening, before she'd got home, so decided to take a shower ....... being me I couldn't resist a slow wank as soon as I got my clothes off, wandering round her house naked, stroking my cock n playing with my tits and balls.....

looking thru her lace curtains at the other neighbours, knowing they couldn't see me but getting stiffer as I did so........after a while I was up in the bathroom when I heard the front door slam and her voice downstairs ........ 'I'm in the bathroom' I said and heard her coming up the stairs ........ the door was open and I looked up, stiff cock in hand to see her standing there smiling cheekily as she said ' What have you been doing you naughty boy?' then laughed as she came into the room ......... she took hold of my cock and began slowly to roll the foreskin back and forth, sometimes pulling it all the way back til I thought it would tear, holding it there til I got sooooooo sensitive then wanking it forwards.....she cupped my balls in her other hand and leaning down began to lick then chew my nipples.....

it was so horny standing there completely naked and her fully clothed, she still had her coat on as she fondled and wanked me...... I was ramrod stiff then said 'I need to pee' so she led me over to the toilet, I lifted the seat and she positioned me in front of it never once letting go of my cock ......... then standing behind me she carried on slowly wanking me forcing my cock downwards to the bowl, licking and biting my shoulders and fondling my naked ass with her left hand ...... it was exquisite torture, the feeling of a full bladder needing release yet my stiff cock angled so that was really difficult, til I couldn't wait any longer and said 'I'm going to pee'...... she didn't let go even then just kept hold of my thick stiff shaft, pointed it down as she felt the pee travel thru it and burst out into the bowl in a strong stream ....... when she thought I was done she shook it off several times then turned and walked away grinning, leaving me with a hard on.

She was a bad girl!!!

I once tied a long black leather belt she had round both our waists as we fucked so we couldn't pull apart ...... we fell asleep like that, despunked.

She came round to see me one Sunday afternoon ...... we started playing around in the lounge, she sucking my cock before I could get naked .... she told me she had some new black leather boots in the car downstairs ...... I told her to put just her Mac on and go and get them ... she had to go outside naked cept for the coat n shoes ...... she came back into the lounge wearing just the black leather boots......I bent her over the arm of the sofa, spread her ankles, spat on her pussy and fucked her hard n fast til I spunked all over her white ass cheeks watching it dribble down onto the black leather boots.

I was such a bad boy!!!

leave me a note ...... I'll tell you about her again......and some of my other girlfriends