Written by rogered

26 Feb 2009

Tina's been at it again - I wrote before about her meeting this guy when we were on an off part of our relationship. Well she'd done something like that before. We have this on/off thing and have done for the last couple of years.

We broke up for a while and didn't see each other for a few months. Tina's a very highly sexed girl and can't do without cock for too long. Anyway she joined a dating site to spite me more than anything. She met a couple of guys one of whom was a Geordie guy. They'd gone out for a drink - had a giggle and arranged to see each other again. She wasnt quite sure if she fancied him but he was good company and was happy to go out a second time. This time there were lots of inuendoes and a bit of sexual tension was apparent. He was touching Tina whilst they were sitting in the bar having a couple of drinks.

Now Tina only needs a couple of wines before she gets tipsy and with that she gets horny real easy. She was enjoying herself and this guy was good fun. He wasn't tall but he was quite stocky - she loved his accent more than anything.

Anyway he was driving and he dropped her back to hers. She started getting out when he asked her if he could get a goodnight kiss. Tina suggested coffee so he parked up and came in with her. He made himself comfy in the lounge whilst she made the drinks. As she took them into the lounge - he stood up and took them from her. "Where's my kiss then?" he asked. Tina thought she might as well check out his kissing and leaned in. He was a bit shorter than her but he pulled her down to him and wrapped his arms around her. She noticed that he was strong and muscular as he held her tight to him. She liked that and kissed him back quite hard. He pushed his tongue into her mouth and Tina couldn't resist sucking his tongue. He was tight up against her and she felt his cock stirring as he pushed his groin toward her. He was hard and pushing his cock up against her pelvis. They broke apart and Tina knew she was at decision time. She hadnt had a fuck for a while and she was home alone with a guy who obviously would do her given the chance.

She was interested in how muscley he was and asked him to show her his arms. He undid his shirt and revealed his thick muscled arms. Tina was loving it and could feel her pussy getting moist at the prospect at getting some in a short while.

They started kissing again and the Geordie guy boldly rubbed his arms up her side and onto her breasts. He flicked open a couple of buttons on her shirt and reached in to feel her breast through her bra. Her nipple was rock hard and he squeezed it making her gasp. He was pushing his tongue into her mouth again and she couldnt resist giving it a lick and a suck. She'd made up her mind! She grabbed his hand pulled him up from the sofa and led him up the stairs.

In the bedroom she pulled at his belt and unzipped his jeans. He wasn't wearing any pants so she could feel his stiff cock inside his fly. He was pulling at her shirt revealing her bra. Then he reached around to her zip and pulled down her fly before slipping her jeans down her legs. They broke apart and Tina jumped on the bed as Geordie boy stood by the bed revealing his cock. He was a thick boy - a good seven inches of wide cock with big balls hanging down. He was stroking his dick slowly in her face. She leaned in and took a lick. His bell-end was coated in some of his leaking pre-cum. Tina licked it off and then sucked the end hungrily into her mouth. Geordie boy gasped as she took all of his length and pushed his hips foward to face fuck her. "Get on the bed" she told him. he lay down and Tina got to work sucking his cock and balls. He pulled her long blonde hair away so he could get a good look at her in action. His cock swelled in her mouth making it feel enormous in her mouth. She wanted to make sure he didnt spew it all at once as she was up for it in her pussy by now.

She let his cock slip out of her mouth and it slapped his stomach as she let it go. "Get on yr knees" he told her. Tina loves this and dutifully obliged sticking her arse up in the air. He got behind her and slowly rubbed his thick bell end along her slit. He reached around her hips and found her clit with his hand and started playing with it making her gasp as the shots of pleasure went thru her. Slowly he pushed his hips forward and squeezed his big lump inside her pussy stretching her cunt nice and wide. He only gave her an inch at first and asked if she wanted more. Tina told him to give her all of it and Geordie boy pushed it all the way in. Tina gasped as he stretched her tight little cunt and pushed her arse back into him as he started pumping. With her clit being rubbed and her pussy getting pounded Goerdie boy started getting vocal telling her what a dirty slut she was getting some on a second date. He rammed her from behind then started pulling her hair. She love this and started getting close. From nowhere a massive come hit her and she screamed out as he continued pumping away. It was too much for him and he yanked his cock out and sprayed his jizz all over her arse and back. He dropped a big load over her back and started rubbing it all over her. Tina turned around and sucked his cock clean. He was gasping as she sucked and licked him - she was hoping she'd get more of that in a little while.

They rested for a while but then he was up for more. Tina got on all fours again and he did her a second time before screwing her really hard in the morning.

She never saw him again but I often like her to recount the story when we're screwing. it always makes me blow to think she could be fucked so easily.

I get off on hearing about the blokes she fucks and am trying to convince her that an extra cock would be good for us - what do you think - would it change our lives for the good or the worse?