Written by Carolsearching

30 Apr 2012

As readers here will remember, Dave and I have been taking a stranger into our bed to fuck me while he watches. He loves to see me with another guy inside me, especially when I have an orgasm as I invariably do because of the enhanced erotic excitement I feel because Dave is watching and enjoying it so much. Dave usually goes down on me first to get my fully aroused before the stranger moves in to fuck me. Then of course, Dave fucks me afterwards, again invariably with another orgasm due to the excitement of it all.

I’ve also related the account of the occasion when I revealed this aspect of our life to my five very close girlfriends, and of the unexpected events that occurred as a result. Dave and I have never met the husbands of two of my close friends but this aspect had an unexpected revelation which left me, with a dilemma.

We find guys to fuck me from various sources. The most reliable and well controlled is that of the conference hotels, about which I’ve written here. We very occasionally find a guy from an online website that we sometimes view. The third source of “fuck-buddies” is advertisements in newspapers in our own and neighbouring areas. The account which I describe here results from the last source, and it had a much unexpected outcome some time later than the actual sharing our bed, and me in particular.

We met Brian by appointment in a pub car-park. The problem of how to recognise each other was (as was usual) by telling over the phone (or by text) the colour, make and model of the car which we expected to arrive at the pub’s car park. To avoid confusion we swapped the first characters of our car’s registration plate. If I were to und the guys in the pub asking “Are you the guy who wants to fuck me?” it would be likely to arouse something of a stir, so we always use the car-park thing.

Having been identified by Brian who knocked on our car window and, when it was lowered, he asked “Are you the person I’m meeting?” Affirming that I was, we went into the pub for a drink so that all could eye-ball the others. He was clean and dressed in clean casual clothes. I had deliberately sat next to him, and I noted the clean fingernails and the slight aroma of an aftershave, both always a good indication of personal hygiene. After we’d had one drink together, chatted for a little while and reminding him that Dave would be present, and I’d had an imperceptible nod from Dave, I touched Brian on his arm and asked “Would you like to follow us home, that is if you’re OK with this?” He answered “Be pleased to, thank you”. Polite too I noted. When we got home, I felt a need to start. I’ve got an active imagination on these occasions, and the thought of this guy inside me was already making me a little breathless and wet below in anticipation. Dave asked me “Do you want to go up, or would you rather have a drink down here first?” I said “I’ll go up, give me five minutes and then come up”. I went out of the lounge, tripped up the stairs and took my clothes off. I went into the on-suite and cleaned my teeth, and put a touch of perfume behind my ears. Pulling the duvet off I got into bed, pulled the sheet down and got below it, pulling it up to my neck. Dave and Brian came into the bedroom and Dave directed Brian to get undressed saying “I’ll get Carole ready to receive you”. I suppressed a giggle at the thought that ‘receive’ had, for Dave, become another word for ‘fuck’. Why did he use these expressions? Dave kicked his shoes off, pulled the sheet down, and then went down on me, spreading my long legs to allow him to get his head in between them. He tongued and sucked my clitoris and I shut my eyes savouring the pleasant arousal that his ministration caused me. We’d done this so often that he knew exactly the moment when I started get the increased sense of impending orgasm. He moved from between my legs and moved to the side of the bed as Brian moved over me, reached down to position his cock against my vulva and it slid down under his guidance to enter my vagina. I was acutely aware of him inside me as I glanced sideways at Dave to see that he was transfixed at the sight of another man sliding inside me. I turned my attention to Brian concentrating on the wonderful feeling of he moving inside me. Each time be pulled back I could feel the bulbous end slip free and then re-enter me then move back inside me again. Dave’s work on me had taken me towards an orgasm and in spite of the short break before Brian entered me I was soon convulsing in an orgasm. I reached down with my hands to hold Brian into me and panting a little moaned “Go deep inside me and hold it there while I get my breath back”. The trembling in my legs quietened and I said to Brian “It’s your turn now, fuck me, fuck me hard”. I wanted to come with him so I slid a hand down my stomach to massage my clitoris to bring be back again to full arousal and the combined sensation of his cock moving fast and hard inside me, together with my own stimulation of my clitoris got me back to another orgasm just as he thrust as far as he could into me giving a cry as he came inside me. As his breathing slowed I was aware of his penis shrinking before he withdrew from my body. As Brian moved off the bed, Dave got on the bed to replace him, but initially he knelt at the side of me, and reached between my legs and finger-fucked me working on my g-spot until I was moaning again. Dave then turned me face down, straddled my legs and lifted my hips up so that I was on all-fours before he entered me. Dave fucked me hard and deep but as he moved towards ejaculation he thrust right in, causing me to give a cry of discomfort as he cock caught on my cervix before forcing past. Dave has sensed that I was not close enough to a climax before he had his, so holding deep inside, he reached around and worked my clitoris and I could tell by the feel of his fingers slipping along my vulva that there was a lot of lubrication from Brian’s semen. When I was approaching my own orgasm I cried out “Fuck me, I’m coming” and he resumed his hard, deep thrusting inside my stomach, coming inside me with a loud cry that echoed my own cry as I too had an orgasm. He held me against him for a few moments my legs still trembling then he eased backwards and I rolled sideways. As I usually did after several orgasms I curled up to let my body catch up and my emotions to normalise. After a minute or two I sat up with a wide smile and said “You were great Brian. Thank you”. “What about me?” Dave said with mock consternation. “You’re always great lover, but you must be getting insecure if you always want to be reminded” I said with a laugh. “Come on, you boys go downstairs and pour a drink for me while I clean up. You can have one yourselves too, as a reward”. I went into the bathroom and mopped myself before putting on a dressing gown and going downstairs.

We had a drink, and I hinted that Brian should go by apologising “I’m sorry Brian, but you two have worn me out and I now need sleep to recover, so I’ll have to say goodnight to you”. I knew that if Dave didn’t offer Brian a second drink he’d get the message and leave. I was right. I’d gone into the bathroom for a quick shower and when I came out, Dave was sitting up in bed. “I took his phone number in case we are stuck with finding someone”. “Whatever” I replied, not too interested now.

And that was how we came to meet Brian.

Virginia, known as Ginny to her friends is one of my five close friends. We’ve never met her husband, but knew his name was Jim. About a month after Brian fucked me, we had to change our shopping day. We were walking down an aisle with a half-filled shopping trolley when I heard the sound of Ginny behind me as he had turned out of another aisle “Hi there Carole” she said. I turned to return the greeting but was brought to a halt when I saw the guy who was with her. It was Brian who had fucked me not all that long ago. Fortunately he was standing a little behind Ginny because his expression would have prompted a question from Ginny. He looked as shocked and Dave and I felt. Brian collected himself and vigorously shook his head at us, before Ginny said to Dave and me “You haven’t met Jim have you?” I managed to collect myself, and moved to shake his hand saying “I’ve heard a lot of nice things about you” suppressing and nervous giggle. Introductions were reciprocated, Dave pulling himself together magnificently. Ginny and I had a few words together but I could see that Brian/Jim and Dave were making heavy going of making casual conversation together. The thought occurred to me that Ginny might suggest that we went for a drink together after shopping, so I brought the meeting to a close by telling them that we’d arranged to have a meal with some friends after shopping, and had to get going as we hadn’t much time. Ginny said “You get on then, we’ll be going for a meal ourselves soon so we can catch up then”. Dave and I scuttled away, grabbing things off the shelves to get out of there as quickly as we could.

Up to now, fortunately, there has been no more unexpected meetings with Brian/Jim. If Ginny ever found out about our three-some, at best I’d lose a close friend, at worst it might break up their marriage. I recalled, though, that Ginny had been one of those who’d said that she might have an affair if she were absolutely sure that her husband would never find out.