Written by Jandstt

17 May 2009

A little story for you all who are interested!

Each year my wife goes away with a group of girls for the weekend and for the last 2 years it has been to the Villamora area of the Algarve. They generally only go for two nights and in fact she is there now. I have just got off the phone and she has told me about what she did last night, naughty girl!

Anyway, last year she went away with 4 other girls, all in their forties, for a few days away. My wife stayed in an apartment with 2 bedrooms and shared with 2 of the other girls. On a second night there they were all ina bar, late late on, and one of the girls she was sharing with left to go with a guy she met earlier in the day. She didn't turn up again unto the next day! The other girl who was sharing was tired and went off to bed.

My wife, who has a real lovely body, was chatting to a guy who, she says, really fancied her. She said she had to return to her room as she was tired and the guy offered to walk her back. When they got back to the apartment the guy asked if he could come in, to which she said no as her friend was in the one of the bedrooms. Anyway, he eventually persuaded her to let him in for a coffee.

They sat on a settee in the lounge area and he started to kiss her and touch her tits. She told me this made her really wet and she knew she really needed fucking. She took him to the bedroom, whilst her mate was asleep next door, and they both stripped naked and got on the bed. She loves sucking cock and said he had a lovely hard on, which she took right down her mouth.

He was desperate to fuck her so got her on all fours and instead of slipping it into her pussy , he opened her cheeks, spat on his hand, wiped it on her arse and stuck it in. She said it felt so good she couldn't stop him! All the time her mate, who would not approve, was in the bed next door.

After a while she had cum a few times and said she found it really hard to keep quiet! He came all over her arse, which she loves.

It was now almost morning and she let the guy out and right after her mate woke up to go for a run! She didn't know anything about the anal sex going on as she slept!