Written by Alan

29 Mar 2011

I’ve been with Jan for 22 years although we’ve only been married for 18 years. We are both fully employed, myself as an Engineering Director of a multi-national Company and Jan as Legal Assistant in a firm of Solicitor’s; both of our kids are currently at University and nearly off our hands. Our marriage is ok but to be perfectly honest over the last year we have had stacks of stress and our sex life has without doubt suffered.

Added to this over the last 6 weeks or so I have been having doubts as to whether Jan has been cheating on me. To be honest I didn’t really know why as I hadn’t found any real evidence to support my doubts; other than Jan seeing more of Linda, a colleague from the Solicitors who is supposed to be a bit of a man-hunter with about 4 blokes on the go, according to Jan. Having met Linda I had my doubts about this as she’s a fairly normal girl, married, in her mid forties and a bit of a flirt, who has always struck me as all mouth and no action. Anyway as I’ve said Jan has being seeing more of Linda, but mainly on a ‘Girls Night Out’ from work and that was usually another Girlfriends house where they would gossip, drink wine etc – I know this to be true as on a number of occasions I would have to go and pick her up from one of the Girls’ houses at some ridiculous hour.

Anyway, a few Monday’s ago I was due to take the evening flight to the USA for a 10 day business trip (the Company I work for is a US based multi-national). The long and short of things is that when I arrived at Heathrow I received a call saying I was needed in the office on Tuesday and I was to fly out on Tuesday Night. So, I got a taxi back to our house which was some 40 miles away and thought that I would surprise Jan, who I knew was holding a ‘Girls Night’ at our house. No problem I thought I’ll just walk in and introduce myself and if it’s all just girly chat etc I’ll make my excuses and go and watch the TV in our bedroom until everyone had left. Just as I was walking to through the dinning room and about to push open the Lounge door I heard what sounded like Linda’s voice saying “ Go on fuck her fuck her hard”. I immediately thought they are all watching porn on the TV, I’ll look through the gap between the lounge doors and see what’s going on, this could be fun. There is no way I was prepared for what I saw. In the middle of our lounge I could see a naked man facing our coffee table and either side of him was a pair of stocking clad legs wearing high heeled stilletoes. As I carried on looking I could see there was a woman lying on one of our large cushions which had been placed on the coffee table and the naked guy was fucking her really hard and fast. Just off to the left was Linda, dressed in nothing but a thong, hold ups and high heels. And then sitting on the sofa slightly further to the left was Jan , dressed in black basque, stockings, suspenders and stiletto heeled shoes drinking wine and by her side was a naked man who was also drinking wine; I didn’t recognise him at first but then realised it was Rob, one of the Partners at the Solicitors.

Linda was leaning over the two fucking on the coffee table with one hand through the guys legs massaging his balls, she kept saying “ Go one fuck her, come for me, fuck her”. Then, the bloke whose face I couldn’t see picked up the pace as he grabbed the girls thighs and started fucking really hard and really fast; after about a minute he cried “I’m coming I’m coming”, to which Linda replied “ Pull it out, come all over her, we want to see you come”, then her hand went between his legs and threw a condom across the lounge. The next thing I heard was a deep aaaaah from the bloke as he was obviously shooting his load and then Linda bent down to either suck his dick or lick his come up, I don’t know which, I couldn’t see. I then saw the girl who was on the coffee table sit up, it was Emma, one of the Secretary’s at the Solicitors and the bloke who was fucking her was George, one of the Firm’s Senior Partners!!! After this shock I realised I had a raging hard on and my hands were stuffed down my trousers. George then got up and walked to the sofa, his cock which was going soft at this point was dripping with cum and saliva. Emma on the other hand just lay there as Linda massaged a mass of come into her clean shaven pussy.

Eventually Emma got up and sat down in one of the arm chairs and continued to massage George’s come over her stomach and pussy as she drank a glass of wine. Then Linda beckoned to Rob and said, “Come on Rob let’s see what you’ve got”, and with that Rob stood up and walked to the coffee table. He was semi erect, fully waxed from the chest down and I gasped as I noticed how big he was, really thick and at least 9 inches, and his cock lazily swung from side to side as he walked; he then sat on the cushion facing towards the dining room door and then both Linda and Jan went down between his legs. I never knew my wife could behave like this; both her and Linda were both full of lust as they worshiped Rob’s huge cock and gorged themselves on it. One would be taking as much of his shaft down her throat as she could while the other licked his balls and ass hole. This carried on for quite a few minutes by which time Rob was fully hard and I reckon his glistening cock must have been over 10 inches long. Rob then said in a lazy manner, “I need to fuck”. At this point Linda and Jan skilfully rolled a condom down his huge cock – he was that big the condom only went just over half way down his cock! Then looking at Jan Linda said, “Go girl ride him”. With this my wife then stood up and straddled the huge dick as she faced away from Rob. I then got another shock as I realised, just like Emma, she was now fully waxed! I then saw my wife lower herself onto Rob’s monster cock; she struggled at first to get the cockhead into her pussy at first and I thought there’s no way she’s going to take it, he was a good 4 inches longer than me and much thicker. But with Linda helping to guide the cock and Jan holding her pussy lips wide open take it she did. After she had got about the first two inches into her pussy I then got another surprise as she rose up until just the cockhead was in her pussy and then in one big thrust took all of the monster cock, balls deep. Rob now had his hands on her small waist and started to move Jan steadily up and down and as he did so pussy juice was being pumped out on each thrust; Jan then had her first orgasm. After a few minutes, Linda, who was now between Rob’s legs licking his balls and Jan’s pussy sat up and said “ Come on girl let’s see what you’ve got, ride that big cock, come on ride him”. With this Jan stood up and started riding the big cock as hard and fast as she could, to which Linda kept saying, “that’s it girl ride that big cock make him come, go on ride him, ride him hard, make him come”. At this point I shot my load into my boxers and felt completely inadequate as Rob’s huge cock continued to dish out lustful pleasure to Jan.

Then all of a sudden Jan stood up and Rob’s dripping cock was left waving about between her legs, I also noticed that his condom was split and there was band of rubber just below the head of his cock. A whole load of thoughts then rushed through my mind, had she sensed the condom had split? Had she just had too much of his big cock or had he come and I didn’t notice it? I was wrong on all counts. Then Linda said, “Wait his rubber has split I’ll get another”. “No, I want to feel every inch of that cock right now” ,Jan said , as she gently pushed Rob off the coffee table and then got up on it herself on all fours. “Now give me every inch of that big dick of yours I want to feel it all”, she said over her shoulder to Rob. With this Rob stood up on the coffee table with his feet either side of Jan’s thighs and then bent down and mounted her sliding his whole length up her pussy until his balls were slapping against her clit. As soon as he’d given her a whole length he then started fucking her really fast, she howled with delight as she pushed back at every thrust. Personally I felt sick but really turned on and I couldn’t help admiring what was without doubt an expert cocksman at work.

After a few minutes Rob started grunting in a low voice and I saw his big balls start to contract. By this time both Emma and Linda were alternately licking Robs balls and ass hole. The he said “I’m coming, I’m coming”, one of them pulled his massive cock out of Jan’s pussy and then the two of them milked him dry as he sprayed spunk all over their faces, tits and Jan’s arse. I had never seen a bloke come so hard it seemed to go everywhere and there was loads of it; however, Linda and Emma cleaned the lot up.

I then thought well that’s it and started to think about disappearing when Linda said “ I want my turn now” and as I looked again she was leading George, who by this time was hard again to the coffee table. Linda sat him down and then both Jan and Emma started to lick and suck his cock and balls. Linda then said “Put a rubber on him girls”, as she got up on the coffee table whilst rubbing her pussy really hard. Linda then pulled her thong to one side and put George’s cock up against her ass hole and with one small push she took the first two inches up her as she exhaled and said yeeeees. After about two minutes of riding George’s cock Linda said “ Jan I want more, get me Rob”. With this Jan went over to Rob who was now half erect again and started to suck his giant cock and lick his balls and ass; this had the desired effect and in next to no time he was fully hard again and over 10 inches. He then sidled up to Linda who was still being ass fucked by George; Jan then rolled a rubber onto his massive cock and slowly started to feed it into Linda’s waiting pussy. Once in Linda then started to ride both cocks and both George and Rob in turn started to power fuck Linda. At this point Linda was screaming her head off in pure pleasure as she had orgasm after orgasm. The first to come was George, Emma just pulled him out of Linda’s ass, pulled the condom off and emptied the spunk down her throat. Shortly after this but to be honest I really don’t know how long, Rob started grunting that he was coming; immediately Jan said “Hold it I want to milk you” as she pulled him out of Linda’s pussy and discarded the condom. Then with both hands she gave his huge cock two great big pulls, after which he shot his load, not as much as before but enough to spray cum all over Linda’s pussy and ass and Georges now flaccid cock and balls. At this point both Jan and Emma buried their faces into Linda’s crutch as they gorged themselves on a cocktail of cum, pussy juice and sweat. At this point I thought I’d seen it all and decided to leave before I was discovered. I grabbed my suitcase and went to call a taxi, I don’t know to this day what then happened later that night but if you want to know more of what happened in the following days post me.