Written by Alan

4 Apr 2011

Thank you for all the posts about the first part of my storey –posted on 29 March. Here’s what happened next.....

Having left my house undetected and called a taxi I went to a nearby Travelodge, where I spent the night. To be honest I didn’t sleep that well as visions of what I’d seen earlier kept flashing through my mind and whilst my guts were wrenching at what I’d seen Jan doing, I couldn’t help feeling turned on. The next day I called Jan in the evening making out that I was already in the States and asked her how she was and how the ‘Girl’s Night’ went. She told me she was a bit tired as the ‘Girl’s Night’ went on a bit longer than expected but everyone had a really good time. “What time did you finish then”, I asked, “Oh about 2 o’clock “, she said – that was over 2 hours after I’d left so they must have carried the Orgy on some more I thought trying to imagine what they were getting up to and talk sensibly to my wife at the same time. That evening I caught a flight to Washington and to be honest after a couple of glasses of wine I slept quite well.

Over the next few days I was quite busy with work but kept wondering what Jan was up to, then I had an idea…Why didn’t I check her hotmail account and see what email traffic she had been getting? At first I found that her password had been changed – suspicious. Then I started thinking the password has got to be something she’s not going to forget. After a bit of lateral thinking I worked it out (combination of the kids names and birthday’s!!). Great I thought now let’s see what the Slut has been up to. After looking through all of her inbox and sent email I found a load of emails about previous Girls Night’s etc but there was nothing that was incriminating - so I gave up snooping. Then after mulling things over I suddenly thought to myself “ I wonder what’s in her deleted folder?”. Eureka!!! Jan’s deleted folder was full of emails giving more raunchy details of the so called Girl’s Night’s. Rather than hang around on Jan’s email account I decided to copy all the emails, log out and then paste them into my laptop.

I started reading the emails with the earliest messages. The long and short of things were that Jan had been fucking other men with Linda and friends for about 2 months. However, the most interesting and intriguing emails were one’s that had been sent in the last few days.

Whilst Jan had told Linda, Emma, Rob and George that she had a great time at our house, regretted nothing and fully intended to continue the ‘Fuck Club’ as she called it she was starting to feel that she should really let me know what was happening. Great I thought I wonder how this is going to pan out. In a follow on email Linda asked Jan how she thought I might react and if I could be trusted. Jan responded that she was fairly sure that I could be trusted, but she was unsure as to how I might react initially and she really didn’t know how to tell me and was afraid of doing it face to face. Linda then suggested a potential solution.... “ Why don’t we make DVD that you can give to Alan, tell him you are going out and that he is to call you after he has watched it all?”, she wrote. Linda then went on to say it should ensure that you don’t have a massive argument at home that you both may regret. Jan’s response was “Let’s do it, I can’t think of a better solution, it might be fun!”. The last email was sent only 6 hours ago…Linda basically said she had borrowed a high quality DV Recorder, lighting and screens etc from a friend who was into photography. She also said she had arranged for Rob and Paul, another Guy she knows to be trusted in all respects to take part, could they do the film tomorrow night at our house? Fucking hell I thought what is going to happen? I waited a few hours went and had a beer and a bite to eat and then logged onto Jan’s account; again nothing in her inbox or sent box, but in the deleted folder was a response from Jan to Linda’s request….. “Great, tomorrow it is, see you at 8.30pm Love J xxx”, was all that was said. I then looked at my watch and thought in less than 12 hours time my wife was going to make a Porn Film that she intended to give me and there’s nothing much I can do about it. The next morning when I woke up after another restless night I called Jan (it was early afternoon in the UK ) and asked her how she was and what she was getting up to. She told me she felt fine and said that Linda was coming round for a few drinks later that day. “What another Girl’s night “ I exclaimed jokingly. “No”, she said in a rather nervous voice, we are just going to have a few glasses of wine and maybe watch a DVD – Watch! I thought you’re going to make one and if my guess is right it’s not just any old DVD. I wasn’t due back in the UK for the next 3 days and the following 24 hours just seemed to drag and I couldn’t help wondering what my wife had been getting up to. When I got back to my hotel I logged onto Jan’s email again and there was an unread email from Linda, I immediately copied it and pasted it into my laptop. The email was quite short and went as follows ” Darling, Great night last night you and the boy’s were fantastic. There’s no way Alan is not going to understand what you like! PSA link to an uncut video on my Cloud, Lots of Love L P.S. You are one horny Bitch”. OMG I thought and without hesitating I hit the link that was in Linda’s email. It immediately took me to a folder in Linda’s Cloud and there was a Windows Media File with yesterday’s date – I then right clicked and started downloading the file into my laptop. Here’s what I saw....

As soon as the media file opened I realised it was being filmed in our lounge although most of the furniture had been removed or moved; to one side was a sofa and in the middle of the room what looked like a large foot stool which I didn't recognise and that was it. The camera then panned around and Jan came into view, dressed in a long black silk dressing gown, "Hi Alan, I really want you to know that I love you very much but I think you’ll agree some things have gone stale and I don’t know how to talk to you about it. But this short film will show you what I must have to make me truly happy.", was all that she said. The screen then panned out slightly and as Jan turned away walking to the sofa she let the dressing gown fall to the floor. Wow - She looked fantastic, no panties and around her tiny waist was a large panelled silky black 10 strap suspender belt, which was holding up black sheer seamed stockings and on her feet were 4” black stilettos. As she turned to sit on the sofa I saw her black ¼ cup lacy bra, which pushed her 37dd tits out to maximum effect showing off her dark nipples, god she looked one horny bitch I thought to myself. A few seconds later I saw a naked guy, who I was fairly sure was Rob from the Solicitors, walking towards her. I could only see his back he was, slim, athletic, tanned and his whole body glistened with oil. As he got closer to Jan she smiled at him and pointed both feet towards him and said "do you like my new jewellery Rob?", she then swung both legs outwards and held them open with her hands. Her pussy was already dripping and I then caught my breath; I was expecting to see a smooth shaved pussy, but I was not expecting to see a fully waxed oiled and pierced clit!! “Oh I can see you like my new pussy ring", she said to Rob, as she toyed with her pierced pussy.

He then bent down and kissed Jan's cheek, then started sucking and gently biting her nipples. One hand was massaging her large tits, whilst the other was working on her pussy. As Rob was doing this he slightly opened his legs revealing a pair of massive hairless balls and a huge glistening cock. Jans hand then appeared around his cock with a good inch gap between her fingers and thumb as she pulled back the hood to reveal an enormous purple cock head. "Mmmmm thats good", she said in a low but husky voice. "That’s is very good", she then said as she skilfully brought Robs huge weapon to its fully erect state. God he was big, his cock stuck out like a huge truncheon, whilst his completely shaved and oiled body just shone in the bright light. Here was one fit and athletic stud who just waiting to use his massive cock and then spray his load.

A few minutes after this he pulled Jan up and laid her on the stool in the middle of the lounge. Standing with his legs by her head he bent over her and started licking her pussy out and flicking her clit ring with his tongue. This sent her wild as Jan had her first orgasm. Jan then reached up and pulled Rob’s massive cock into her mouth and holding the shaft with both hands she started to milk him. At this point I had an enormous hard on as I watched a bloke lick my wife out while she sucked his cock and wanked his shaft with both hands. Although Jan could only get about half of Robs huge dick down her throat it was obvious from his moaning and groaning that she was working his cock well, How he didn’t come I don’t know .

Then the camera panned out and to my surprise a slim, tanned and totally hairless guy walked up to Jan and Rob – I assumed this was Paul, who Linda mentioned in one of her emails. Now when I mean totally hairless, I mean everything apart from his eyebrows. As he turned side onto the camera and faced Jan it was obvious why he'd been chosen for this movie, he wasn't quite as big or as thick as Rob but he was still really well hung, at just under 9 inches semi erect. At this stage Jan got up on the stool and leant in front of Paul on all fours and stated to suck his cock to full size. Rob on the other hand got up on the stool with Jan, mounted her with his feet either side of her thighs and slowly started to feed his huge cock into her dripping cunt. Then there was a close up as he started to fuck her and Jan started pushing back as she had her next orgasm. Rob was now driving his entire length in and out of her stretched pussy and his balls and the inside of her thighs were covered in pussy juice and pre cum as the fucking got faster and faster. Jan on the other hand was having orgasm after orgasm as Rob's monster cock stretched her pussy to it's limit. Jan was spit roasted for a few minutes and then she slowed right down, lent over to the sofa and put something in her mouth. She then went back to sucking Paul’s hard cock, only when she pulled off there was a condom on his shaft, which she continued to work down his shaft as far as it would go. Clever trick I thought, she’s done that before.

Jan then got up and told Paul to lie on his back on the large stool, which he duly did. Then facing the camera with her back to Paul she straddled him and put the tip of his cock up against her red swollen pussy lips and in one go dropped down his entire length in one go. After riding him for what can only have been a few seconds Jan then pulled off and I then got another shock as I realised she was now feeding his big dripping cock into her ass. This took her sometime but after working a few inches in at a time she soon had his entire 9 1/2 inches in, balls deep. I then saw her pussy ring bouncing up and down on her clit as she drove Paul’s 9.5 inch cock in and out of her ass. Whilst I was really shocked I couldn’t deny it was a fantastic bit of cock riding as both Jan and Paul were moaning with pleasure. The next shock came when she beckoned Rob towards her and started to guide his 11 inch monster into her pussy as well. How she took both of those big cocks at the same time I’ll never know but as soon as they were both in, all 3 of them started a frenzied fucking session as Jan was getting well and truly hammered and by the look of pure pleasure on her face, she was enjoying every second of it.

Rob could not keep this up for long and fairly soon I heard him say I’m coming, I’m coming and his leg muscles started to tense up. The camera then swung round to a close up as Rob pulled his massive weapon out of Jan’s pummelled pussy and he immediately started to spray cum all over Jan, firing a load right the way up to her face and then finishing off with a load all over Jan’s pussy, ass and Pauls balls; Paul who was still fucking Jan’s ass couldn’t take much more and it didn’t take long before he started to tense up and groan that he was coming. Jan then jumped off his cock, pulled off the condom and started to wank him off whilst sucking his purple cockhead. Paul’s hips then started bucking up and it was obvious he was pumping his load into Jan’s mouth. It was also obvious that he had a really big load as fairly soon Jan couldn’t swallow anymore and a massive load of cum gushed out of her mouth and down his cock and her hands, there was loads of the stuff and it just gushed out everywhere. After Paul had finished shooting his load Jan then set about licking up as much cum as she could off both Rob and Paul.

Jan sat down and started licking Rob’s cum off her tits and as she finished the last few drops she faced the camera and said “ Hi Alan, I hope you enjoyed my little show, I certainly did see you soon bye”, and then she blew the camera a kiss as the file ended.

For the remaining 2 days in the States I watched Jan’s movie numerous times and each time I had an amazing hard in next to no time and couldn’t stop myself tossing off whilst watching my wife being fucked.

If you want to know what happened when I got back to the UK please post me.