Written by Jenny

19 Sep 2008

Hi...my name is Jenny...im 28 and married, 5ft 4, size 12, 34b, long straight dark hair and i occasionally have the urge to have sex with another girl. I do however love the other girl to take the lead and i am very submissive.

I sometimes go to the gay village for a night out with some friends even thought they are not gay...we go cause its a great night out...it was on one of these nights out that i had my first lesbian encounter.

Well, last weekend i was going to meet my friend there and after i\'d waited for a while, she txt me and said she couldnt make it...i was really fed up, but i was also very horny and up for some fun.

I decided to go to one of the gay clubs and look for some fun. I was dressed to kill with a short denim skirt on and a white top with high heels and my hair and make up was perfect...i felt certain i was going to be lucky.

I went in to a club and there was the usaul door staff on, male and female bouncers. They sometimes frisk you on the way in...and as i went up the steps to the club, a girl bouncer mover over towards me and indicated for me to hold up my arms while she checked me over and boy did she check me over !! First of all she searched my handbag and all the times she was looking at my boobs and staring into my eyes.

After shed finished with my bag she patted me down and ran her hands around my waist and up and down my back before she ran her fingers over my nipples making me jump, she said sorry and before i could think of a reply, my lips blurted out...oh its ok and i smiled at her. Her hands moved off my boobs and down my bum and she squeezed my bum and flicked the back of my thighs with her nails....god it turned me on.

Claire, as i later found out was about 5 ft 9, much taller than me and had tight black pants on with a white blouse. She had a fabulous curvy figure...about a size 14 with big firm boobs, a curvy bum and long powerful legs, she obviously worked out at the gym but was not like a body builder...just really sexy.

I smiled at her as i walked into the club and i could feel her eyes follow me in. I met some guys that i knew and had a few drinks with them and then went outside for a cigarette. I saw claire outside and had to walk past her and she said oh yes where are you off to...just having a cigarette i told her...oh, thats ok then she said. I was sooo horny, and was desperate for sex and a couple of minutes later, Claire walked over for a chat.

She was looking at my boobs and i was pushing them up for her to see...even though they are only small ! She was undressing me with her eyes and she moved towards me and said...you know ill have to frisk you again now...and i just said ok then, go for it and held my arms up.

Claire moved close to me and ran her hands up and down my back. She then pushed me against a wall and ran her hand over my boobs and slipped her hand up my top and caressed my boobs and nipples...gently pinching them. I was panting and had my eyes closed while she groped me and she then moved down and slipped her hand up the front of my skirt, pushed my thong to one side and pushed a finger into me.

She said oh my god you are soaking wet, and then she kissed me...pushing her tongue into my mouth. Claire then said why dont we go somewhere else, yes please i said and she said wait here. She went off and came back a minute later and said come on then...and we walked over to a hotel and went in.

Before i knew it, Claire had booked a room, paid for it, got the key and we were in the room. Claire wasted no time, she removed my top and kissed me while she squeezed my boobs. She unzipped my skirt and it fell to the floor, off came my shoes, my skirt got kicked off and my thong followed it...i was naked !

I moved over to claire and started to unbutton her blouse. I slipped my hand inside and squeezed her big firm boobs through her bra. I then removed her blouse and bra and she kicked off her shoes and her pants and knickers and we flopped on the bed.

She pinned me down on my back and kissed me really passionately before squeezing and kissing my boobs and sucking my little nipples. I freed my arms and squeezed her big boobs and pinched her big hard nipples while she fingered me.

Claire then went down between my legs and licked me making me wail in ecstasy, she flicked my clit and then spun round into the 69 position and i saw her shaved pussy for the first time. I buried my tongue into her and licked and sucked as if my life depended on it. Claire was licking and fingering me at the same time and i screamed to an orgasm and then she sat bolt upright on my face and i licked her until she came...screaming.

We flopped down and kissed for ages before she ever so gently rubbed my clit with her finger until i came again and then i did the same to her. It was the most incredible sex and we agreed to meet up again this weekend.

We got up and got dressed and i got a cab home. My husband was in bed when i got in and i slid in beside him and he just whispered...have a good night Jen?? I said oh yes...it was fab and off i went to sleep.

Cant wait for tomorrow, guess what im going to be doing with Claire !!

Hope you all enjoyed the story...and girls, go and have sex with another girl...it will blow your mind, i cant get enough girly sex xxx

Jenny x x x