Written by newguy625

27 Jun 2012

True story happened earlier this year. I had been messaging a girl from another site backwards and forwards for a couple of weeks and it was all going pretty well. I had admitted to owning a shop a few miles away from where she lived and she joked about popping in someday to surprise me ...... truthfully I thought nothing of it ! She knew that I opened late on Thursday evenings and one week she had text some flirty fun as usual and I had apologized for being slow to reply explaining that I was on my own that day. Shortly before closing there were a few customers in and I noticed a lady, very well dressed, browsing around - she was late 40's to early 50's ( my favourite age ) and looked really quite posh. Her skirt, black tights and high heels totally done it for me and I will admit to being totally distracted while I sorted the other customers. I made a passing comment to her that I would be with her shortly to which she just smiled and said " there's no rush ", her perfume was gorgeous and she certainly had my attention ! As the other customers left I approached her again asking if I could help, but much to my frustration she said no she was happy browsing. I returned to the counter but couldn't take my eyes off her .... and she knew it ! Next thing I knew she bent over to lift something off the bottom shelf and her skirt rose up showing off her amazing legs, but best of all the sexiest pair of black lacy hold ups - I was beside myself and was growing harder by the minute as she held the pose tempting the life out off me ! Then she knelt down and as her knees bent the hem of her tight skirt again rose up exposing her stockings tops. I had to act and went over asking if she was sure she didn't need help - she commented that it was true I did indeed " have a thing for stockings" - I knew at that instant who she was and she leaned forward and kissed me, her tongue entering my mouth straight away and her hand slowly rubbing my bulge. She stopped and told me not to talk but to lock up the shop and turn the lights out which I did in a flash, returning to find her playing with her nipples through her blouse as her coat lay on the floor. We kissed and my hands were drawn straight to her legs, pulling her skirt up over her stocking tops and rubbing her clit through her black lace panties. I eased them to one side and she parted her legs allowing me to slide my fingers inside her soaking wet pussy. She started to moan and opened her blouse pulling her breasts out off her black lacy bra , she had gorgeous nipples and boy did she love having them sucked. She said in her poshest sexy voice " I want your cock out now " . Instead, I lifted her onto a counter and buried my tongue deep in her pussy, pausing only to lick and tease her clit. She was loving it !!! I carried on licking her clit and eased two fingers into her pussy, she was moaning really loudly and getting so incredibly wet. She begged me not to stop and as I increased my thrusts and licked faster she came hard all over my hand and face - it was the horniest experience ever !! After she composed herself she knelt in front of me and gave me the most sensual oral sex ever, slowly wanking my cock and taking every inch of me in her mouth !! She sensed I was close to coming and started to rub harder cupping my balls with her other hand - " explode all over my stockings " she said ,very matter-of-fact, I couldn't hold back after that and did exactly as I was told, covering the black lacy tops with every last drop.