Written by Pussylick2007

6 Dec 2007

It was a Saturday morning and I was awake very early which is not like me at tall, I was feeling very horny and my husband was fast asleep snoring as usual. The kids were up and down stairs so I got up and left my husband sleeping, once downstairs I got the kids ready and put them in the car and took them to my mum's she was happy to take them as they were sleeping at her house that night anyway. I returned home and he was still flat out in bed I don't think he had even noticed that I'd been out, I went back upstairs and stripped off and got back into bed and proceeded to play with his very hard cock. I had never seen it so big and it seemed to grow even more in my hands as I ran my fingers up and down his shaft pressing lightly on the tip. He began to groan and stir I thought he'd woken up but no he hadn't. I couldn't resist putting my hand down and feeling my own ever increasing clit every touch sent a buzz through my body. I decided I wanted an orgasm and I was going to have one! By now my husband was coming to and realising what I was up to. This was my queue to mount him and fuck him like a bunny on heat, he was I bit taken aback but soon was in full flow and nearly coming himself. I kept up the pace and soon felt myself rising in one big crescendo into a big orgasm as I fell over the edge I felt his balls tighten and he shot his load deep into my pussy which only intensified my orgasm even more, hot wet juices flowed from the both of us as I fell on top of him in a heap and recovered myself. I decided this was to be the start of a very good day, I wanted lots of orgasms and he was going to provide me with them. We got up and both had a quick shower to freshen up and decided that we would go for a run in the car I dressed in a skirt for ease and left with no knickers on I didn't want anything to get in the way. We drove up the lakes and found a quiet spot and sat chatting the rain was pouring and the sound was amazing on the roof of the car, this made me want to take my husband thee and then but he was teasing me and wouldn't let me have him. He said that he was going to give me another orgasm like this morning and all I had to do was lift up my skirt and lie back with my legs spread, which I duly did and boy did I spread my legs wide I wanted him to have full access. He lent over and began kissing my pussy I pushed up hard so he could reach my clit and moved up in my chair to make things as easy as possible for him, soon he was munching down on my pussy like he'd never been fed. God I was too horny as wave after wave of orgasm hit me out of the blue my whole body juddered with excitement and I begged him to stop but he was having non of it as he drank away at my ever flowing juices. I grabbed hold of his head and pulled it away got up on all fours and asked him to fuck me hard to take me deeply very deeply, there was so much moister he slipped toward my other hole and soon i was pushing against him to enter my ass it didn't take much persuading on my part he was soon pushing deep into it and loving every minute. After a while we both came with gumption and once again were puffed out and dripping wet with juices. I decided it was time to go home to finish off what we had started but that is another story which I will tell you later.