Written by candy

27 Jun 2008

hi there,

this is something i have never done before, but i just couldnt resist, my name is candy and i am eighteen years old, i am a student at glasgow uni and my boyfriend is in the third year, i have been seeing dave for about sim month and get a lot more freedom now that i am at uni, well last week i was as daves parents house and had been working away on my laptop, i was trying to connect to the wireless server but it wasnt working so thought i would have a look at his pc to see if i could sort it, and i came across this site, i was angry that he should be looking at something as dirty as this and i gave him what for when he came in from his part-time job, anyway, to cut a long story short, he made me read some of the stories and while i would never do any of the things people say they do, i did get very turned on, i asked him what he liked and what turned him on and he admitted he loved the thought of me sucking someone else of while he fucked me, well there is no chance of that happening, he also said he liked it when i dressed sexy and when other guys ogled me, this is was ok with to a point, se we agreed that next day when we were going shopping that i would wear a short skirt and tight top. I raided th holiday drawer and found an extremely short skirt that just covered my bum,, i normally only wear it with little shorts underneath and i tight slightly see through white top, so with shorts and a tiny skirt and top on, we headed out into town, i should say what i look like, i am five foot two, longish blonde hair, nearly a size size but more like a size nine, i have a nice bum, but great boobs, they are 32 d, well did i get looks or what, sunny day, and even with my shorts on you could just make out the curve of my bum, we went for a drink outside as it was a nice day and dave was really turned on,, kept saying how sexy i looked, we were sitting at a table and dave told me that there was a guy sitting just across from us who kept staring at my legs, trying to peek up my skirt no doubt, well whether is was the wine or the fact that i was getting turned i said to dave, watch this, i got up and bent over and kissede david, the guy would have seen right up my skirt, i went to the loo and was so horny, i pulled my shorts off and stuck them in my hand bag, i rubbed my clit for about thirty seconds and came straight away, now calmed down a bit a walked back out and did the exact same thing again,, but this time the perv would have seen my littlw white thong, i sat down and whispered into daves ear what i had just done, he was all for taking me back into the toilets and fucking me there and then, but this was far too much fun teasing him..

we got up and left and as we walked away dave put his hand on my bum and grabed a quick feel, it was funny watching dave, he had gone hard and i could see it in his trousers, i asked him if he was hard and he said he was going to fucking shag the arse of me as soon as he got the chance, i was desperate to feel him in me, but still not about let him have me just yet,

we walked went shopping and i bought a could of bits and bobs and headed back to the car, its his dads car, just a ford mondeo, but as we walked back to the car, he noticed that there were some workmen across the road from the car who were watching me walk towards the car, i told him i was going to flash them, as we got to the car, i told him just to get in and i would put the bags in the back of the car, dave jumped in and while the guys watched me, i opened the back door and leaned right int, putting my stuff in the back, i leaned right in, putting one knee up on the seat so that me arse would be showing, i could almost feel the stares burning into my bum, next thing, whistles and a cheer,, my face went bright red and i quickly closed the door and ran round to get in the passenger seat.

dave leaned over and gave me a bik kiss, while squeezing my tits through my top, then we drove off, i removed my bra, so that he could see my nipples better through the sheer of the top and spread my legs slightly and started to play with my pussy,, dave couldnt believe it, he had his cock out and was wanking it, i told him to stop, as i wanted him to save it for me,,

traffic was busy and there was no way i was sucking him off in the car while we were driving past other cars, it was after all the middle of the day,

dave and me for that matter were dying to shag, and it was about 30 minutes drive to home, dave was calling me a dirty bitch and that he couldnt wait to get me home and fuck me.. and i said why wait, in a flash, he had pulled off the main road and parked on a quiet road, near the barrowland, there was no-one about and i immediately leant over and stuck his cock into my mouth, he was really salty and sticky with pre-cum, i took it as deep into my mouth as i could, and dave had hold of my hair, forcing me down on it,, he was calling me a dirty slut and i had never felt so turned on,

after about 2 mins, he said he was coming, i grabbed the base of it and stopped sucking and said, not until you have it inside me your not, being quite small i climed on top of him and slipped it into me, there was noone about and i started to ride him really slow and deep, dave pulled my top up and was licking sucking and biting my nipples, i was grinding my pussy into him and was getting close to cumming when he gradded me and shouted out, i;m cumming, i kept on going, i just rubbed my clit on him for about a minute and came myself,

noone saw but he said the thought of it really turned him on, more to follow !