Written by Jack

20 Jul 2008

Earlier this year after a good night out and the consumption of far too much wine Gloria and me were talking dirty in bed, you know, semi fantasy talk etc, when I said that a pal of mine had emailed to say he fancied a break and was going to take up an open offer of visiting us. We live an hour north of Benidorm in Spain, we sort of fell asleep after sex but I mentioned a day or so later that I had a horny dream involving Gloria sunbathing on our terrace and gradually undoing her tie up bikini bottoms and giving Simon a good view of her fanny, but said that the horny bit was it was all done unintentionally with Gloria pretending to be asleep and oblivious to it all. Anyway, she took to the idea and we counted the days to the visit. As it happened, the weather was unseasonally wet and we never got onto the terrace for the first few days. Eventually the sun sort of came out but Gloria didnt look like she wanted to play and Simon turned his chair round to face the sun. It needed some intervention so, with Simon facing the opposing direction, I undid firstly her top, then pulled the bottoms undone, then pulled them both away and chucked them in the corner. Gloria didnt move or stir so I got up, tapped his on the shoulder and said, mate, turn round and have a look at this. I turned Gloria over, rubbed cream over her and gradually opened her legs, eventually wide apart showing her fanny to be soaking wet, Gloria for some reason still pretended to be oblivious to being naked and wouldnt open her eyes but within 5 mins had in her words the most intense orgasm of her life. After that we couldnt keep her clothes on. She wore her transparent lingerie all day, sat playing with herself with legs wide open at any given time of the day. I really dont think she has wore underwear since, loves going shopping with outragiously short dresses and skirts and showing it all off to anyone. Me, well I love it - Jack